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Creative Communication 9/05/2011 Session One: EBooks - show and tell.

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1 Creative Communication 9/05/2011 Session One: EBooks - show and tell

2 Kindle – an electronic mobile device known as an eReader and is sold by Amazon. Kindle version 3 is the latest and can be purchased with Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and 3G.

3 eBook – is short for electronic book. eBooks are electronic forms of text that have been published in a digital format that displays on specialized reading devices, smart phones or computers. They are published in a variety of formats. Kindle 3 Supported Formats – Formats that you can read or listen to on your Kindle are listed below: Kindle (.AZW,.AZW1,.AZW2) Text (.TXT) PDF (.PDF) Unprotected Mobipocket (.MOBI,.PRC) Audible (.AA,.AAX) MP3 (.MP3) A conversion application like Calibre can convert other formats so they can be read on the Kindle. According to the Calibre manual, the following format types can be converted to a Kindle format: (MOBI): CBZ, CBR, CBC, CHM, EPUB, FB2, HTML, LIT, LRF, ODT, PDF, PRC, PDB, PML, RB, RTF, TCR, TXT. Amazon also offers a paid conversion service. There is a very good guide to both of these on the eBook reader blog

4 What can you do on the Kindle? Download and read e-books (Store up to 3500 titles) Access a dictionary/thesaurus while reading. Bookmark Write notes & email those notes or download them to your PC Highlight Search the text Upload documents (PDF) Change the typeface, line spacing, words per line and the size of the text.

5 Rotate the screen Upload documents (PDF) Enable text to speech (change voice male or female, change the speed of voice) only with some titles. Sort your titles by title, author, most recent or collections Search the text Listen to audio books Email (each device has its own dedicated email address) Browser access (experimental) Listen to MP3 (experimental)

6 The Kindle V3 Wi-Fi only is USD139 The Kindle V3 Wi-Fi & 3G is USD189 We have 16 Kindles Version 3 with Wi-Fi & 3G in our library. We purchased the 3G devices for our school due to the restrictions on our school network firewall. You should discuss this with your IT department before you decide what to purchase. You need to set up an Amazon account and will need a credit card to purchase the Kindles and the eBooks. When purchasing you must designate that you are buying from outside of USA and nominate Australia. Kindles @ Whitefriars College

7 Amazon only allows 6 devices to be registered to any one account at a time and to simultaneously share the eBooks that have been purchased by that account. If you plan on having more than 6 Kindles then you will need to have more than one account with Amazon. We have 3 accounts with Amazon and because Amazon requires a different email address for each account we have set up a series of Gmail accounts to use with the different Amazon accounts.

8 Due to this restriction of 6 devices per account we decided to establish a set of 6 Kindles based on a preselected genre. Set 1 – Classic Literature pre WW2 Set 2 – Classic Literature post WW2 Set 3 – Science Fiction and Fantasy Further sets may be crime, adventure and mystery. We used different coloured covers to easily indicate the genre/theme.

9 Kindle Covers The Kindle needs a cover to protect it. Many of the covers available come with elastic corners but we felt that these were not robust enough and chose a Leather cover from Trendy Digital (on Amazon) that encases the Kindle. The Leather Covers are mostly around USD25-35 mark. TrendyDigital MaxGuard Plus Case for the Amazon Kindle 3

10 How to order eBooks and get them onto your Kindle? You can do this from you PC/Laptop or on your Kindle by logging into your Amazon account and then searching and purchasing the eBooks that you want. To purchase via the Kindle you have to firstly register the Kindle to the Amazon account. To register the Kindle to the Amazon account that you would like to download the eBooks from you log in to your Amazon Account just as you would on your PC or laptop by inputting user name and password on the registration page found in SETTINGS in MENU.

11 Deregistering the Kindle = No shopping at Amazon! When the device is deregistered it means that the device cannot talk to its Amazon account and no account information is held on the device and therefore users are unable to go shopping. This is how we store all our Kindles as there is no need for them to be registered to an account, for them to be used. All titles and content already downloaded to the Kindle remains on the device even after you deregister the Kindle. It is only necessary to register the Kindles to our Amazon Account when we wish to download and sync any new eBooks we have purchased. To Deregister: Simply go to MENU then SETTINGS. Registration is the first listing and deregister is underlined. Remember that the eBook titles are always held in the Amazon Account that it was purchased with and can be removed from the Kindle if not needed and then added again at a later date if need be.

12 At Whitefriars a Device and account information procedure document is kept on our intranet so all library staff can access. This lists all the device information (i.e. serial number, MAC Address etc.), device name, WFC Barcode, and which Amazon account/Gmail account it is linked to. Amazon has an excellent Kindle Support Page and the Kindle comes preloaded with a Kindle Users Guide which I recommend reading when you first purchase your Kindle.

13 Cataloguing in AIMS: Acquisitions An acquisition record is made for both the Kindle and the eBook. When we purchase the Kindle or the eBook on Amazon I print a copy of the invoice to send to accounts to with the credit card statement. We have chosen to BARCODE the Kindle only as this is what will be borrowed out to students and staff and the Kindle will be preloaded with a selection of titles according to genre or theme.

14 Monograph Record for Kindle We catalogue the Kindles and these are given a WFC barcode and in each Monograph record of the Kindle the TITLE will reflect the device name i.e. Kindle #1, Kindle #2 etc. We created a medium EBOOK. In our notes we have added – Cost in USD, Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 6" Display, Graphite, Latest Generation Version 3 Cataloguing in AIMS:

15 Cataloguing eBooks The eBooks are not given an individual monograph record instead in each monograph record for each individual Kindle, a TOC (Table of Contents) is added which lists all the eBooks that are loaded onto that particular Kindle. This includes title, author and subjects.

16 Each eBook title has (Kindle) added to the end of the book title so it is immediately obvious from the OPAC that the title you have searched is on a Kindle. This is another reason we decided to keep a set of Kindles to a particular genre or type of book as it would involve a lot of work to keep changing the table of contents for each Kindle.


18 Borrowing: At this stage our Kindles have only been borrowed by the VCE Literature class. Prior to the students borrowing the Kindles: A letter was sent home and parents were advised that Whitefriars College would expect that the Kindle is given the same physical care and security as their notebooks. The parents were asked to sign a permission form to allow their son to borrow the Kindle. At this stage we have not borrowed to other students but plan to in the next month or so. The Kindles can be borrowed for 2 weeks.

19 Borrowing (cont.) : Prior to the Kindle being borrowed it is imperative that the device is checked that it is deregistered. We also turn off the Wi-Fi as this uses the battery even when the Kindle is not being used.

20 And just a note to finish on: eBook Survey for Libraries: In the Summer of 2010 Library Journal and School Library Journal (USA) conducted an eBook survey for libraries. Does your library offer eBooks? 94% of academic libraries offer eBooks 33% of school libraries offer eBooks 72% of public libraries offer eBooks Read more of the survey which has been summarised in a blog post by Sue Polanka The notes for this presentation includes a list of other resources found online that you may find useful. The notes and a copy of this Power Point will be available on the SLAV website.

21 Ron Callari Social Media, Semantic Technology, Digitial Media & Trends Writer

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