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BYOD: The Corporate Dilemma Seeking an Approach Virtuous Insights Consulting Services Aug 2012 Virtuous Insights © Virtuous Insights Consulting.

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1 BYOD: The Corporate Dilemma Seeking an Approach Virtuous Insights Consulting Services Aug 2012 Virtuous Insights © Virtuous Insights Consulting

2 Contents 2 1. Introduction 2.Framework 3.Understanding – Employee Adoption, Complexities & Concerns 4.Assessing – Cost and Utility 5.Accepting the Adversities 6.Advocacy through Policy 7.Future Evolution 8.Conclusion Virtuous Insights © Virtuous Insights Consulting

3 Introduction 3 Television Video recorder Personal computer Mobile Phones Laptops Smart Phones Tablets Overlap in devices as a result of convergence Evolution of technology has enabled convergence of media and platform devices, which has diluted the distinction between personal and professional tools /devices. Proliferation of such tools or devices has caught corporate world on crosshairs as employees have started using their multi-tasking devices for business use which has developed into a trend described in corporate jargon as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). How should organizations approach this trend of BYOD? Virtuous Insights © Virtuous Insights Consulting

4 Understanding - Employee Adoption, Complexities and Concerns 4 Develop an understanding on employees adoption of new technologies and devices Employee Adoption Are employees really interested in bringing their own devices? The nature and purpose of such devices in day to day work is needed to be understood by company. Company needs to understand whether the adoption is role specific or is it widespread, is there any pattern in employee adoption of personal devices for business use? Numerous and varied devices are going to bring complexities in workspace and business execution Complexities Company will have to be very mindful of understanding the hardware capabilities of such devices in managing corporate data and information. Variance in the software platform of such devices and the complexities it will bring in sharing information and execution of work. Company will have to understand how and whether it would be able to manage software and hardware complexities on its own and efficiently. BYOD will throw open concerns relating to privacy, confidentiality, business continuity and economy of such move Concerns Company would have to understand the concerns relating to loss or theft of confidential information stored on such devices. Company will also have to address the concern relating to privacy of employees as such devices will have abundance of personal information. Concern also stems from the performance and breakdown of such devices which may have impact on business continuity. Company will also have to address the economic concerns which will arise with increased expenditure related to use of data, also identification of such expenses as personal or corporate. Virtuous Insights © Virtuous Insights Consulting

5 Assessing - Cost and Utility 5 Assess It is absolutely essential for the company to assess the UTILITY of personal devices in efficiency, productivity, infrastructure creation and as a non monetary benefit tool for employees. Assessing the COST is paramount for company to determine the possibilities for engagement and encouragement. Company would have to assess how much personal devices help employees in several situations to act efficiently, thereby increasing the productivity for the company. As large corporations have global business set ups, employees may be required to work in different time zones; personal devices may become crucial in efficient functioning under such situation. Allowing employees to work from home in certain situations with their personal devices, will help company in citing it as benefit to employees; and assess such benefit in terms of retaining employees and benefit for the company. Securing corporate data and information is of utmost importance and BYOD may lead to additional cost of securing corporate data in future. Company may incur expenditure to make internal sites compatible to mobile devices and assess if it will be required to invest in any apps for such devices. They will have to invest in technology solutions to ensure compatibility among various kinds of devices. Company will have to assess if it would be required to invest in training its technology support resources or recruit additional resources. Asses If company will have to share operational and maintenance costs of such devices. © Virtuous Insights Consulting Virtuous Insights

6 Accepting the Adversities 6 Major Adversities Company, be a large corporate or a small entity, will always remain laggard in adopting new technology and devices as technology and product innovation gestation period will continue to shrink thereby bringing more and more advanced devices in hands of consumers more frequently than ever. Companies will have to understand the fact whether it formally allows bringing personal devices or not, adversities will remain for the organization as employee might be using such devices informally. Companies may face the issue of data security breach if employee transfers such information on personal devices. Despite the fact that companies always limit the access to confidential information, some amount of corporate information is always lost, use of personal mobile devices may not always prove to be the reason for such loss of data. Company will have to accept that adversities will exist irrespective of whether it goes ahead with use of personal devices or completely bans such use. © Virtuous Insights Consulting Virtuous Insights

7 Advocacy through Policy: Decision Parameters and Policy Outcomes 7 Complete Rejection Company may cite its nature of business and confidentiality in managing operations as reason for complete rejection. Complete prohibition. No support policy irrespective of situation. Partial Acceptance Company may partially accept BYOD by deciding the level of its engagement and support to such activity. Support limited to a few devices and their software. Limitations on access to specific enterprise databases and information. Partial sharing of data cost. Complete Acceptance Company may fully accept such move by employees. Fully update its network management capabilities to support such activity. Full support to various software platforms and successive versions. Might tune its enterprise software accordingly. After understanding and assessing BYOD trend, company can frame a policy determined by a few parameters critical for companys business. © Virtuous Insights Consulting Virtuous Insights

8 Conclusion 8 It would be most appropriate for the company to make a decision on BYOD after carefully examining its merits and demerits. However, a functional existence of BYOD on a limited scale is not likely to pose a larger threat to the company as a significant proportion of employees would unlikely to investing in mobile devices keeping in mind their corporate application over a period of time. Such a move will give company time to understand, experiment and examine the efficacy and impact of BYOD on workforce and its productivity. Company will also come know any significant impact on work culture. It is improbable to believe that any concept with certain application will only have benefits attached to it, and hence it would be harsh to judge BYOD trend with one aspect in mind. BYOD concept in the present scenario exists as a trend, business and technology ecosystems are very mature in a liberal world and any such concept can well be tested. It the concept and its application has distinguished strength and merit then it will survive in the business and technology ecosystem. If BYOD trend survives this phase then it is most likely to evolve in future. © Virtuous Insights Consulting Virtuous Insights

9 For More… 9 If you have any query related to BYOD and how it is impacting your organization ; Or if you would like to know what approach your company should undertake and what would be the future evolution of BYOD and its impact on business performance and culture, Kindly get in touch with us at Or Call Nishant Srivastava : 91-9902070070 © Virtuous Insights Consulting Virtuous Insights

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