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Birth Control & Contraceptives

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1 Birth Control & Contraceptives

2 What is Birth Control? It can mean ABSTINENCE.
Things you can do to ensure that pregnancy happens only if you want it to. It can also mean using a method of contraception to ensure that pregnancy does not occur when you do have sexual intercourse. A way to reduce the risk of contracting an STD or STI.

3 ABSTINENCE is the only sure way: Reasons to Wait…
Marriage Religious beliefs; values Fear of pregnancy or contracting an STD or Infection.

4 Birth Control & Contraceptives
Why Birth Control? Why Use Protection?

5 Birth Control because…
Prevention of Pregnancy Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases & Infections.

6 Methods of Birth Control:

7 ABSTINENCE Total Abstinence Withdrawl Rhythm Natural Family Planning

8 CHEMICAL The Pill Ortho Evra Patch Norplant Depo Provera Shot
Spermacides, Foams, Jellies, Creams Nuva Ring

9 Mechanical Condom Intrauterine Device-IUD Diaphragm Cervical Cap

10 Permanent Vasectomy Tubal Ligation

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