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1 System for Monitoring Humans under High Risk Conditions (demonstration pilot)

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1 1 System for Monitoring Humans under High Risk Conditions (demonstration pilot)

2 2 About the Project The project acronym is SMOPERR comes from the romanian language project title Sistem pentru MOnitorizarea PErsoanelor cu Risc Ridicat The project is developed in the frame of the Excellence Center for Space Applications in Medicine and Human Welfare and funded by The National R&D Programme AEROSPATIAL

3 3 Project Partnership The partnership for the implementation of the Demonstration Pilot for Monitoring Humans under High Risk Conditions are: The National Institute for Sport Science as coordinator; FUNDENI Clinical Institute (Department of General Surgery and Liver Transplantation), the Institute for Space Science and InterNET ltd, as cooperators; The Romanian Kayak-Canoe Federation as co- funds provider; Other SME sub-contractors as Donna Maria ltd.

4 4 Project Funding In the frame of AEROSPATIAL program the project: Demonstration Pilot for Humans Monitoring under High Risk Conditions won the 2002 funding competition

5 5 Project Goals Modeling of a rescue service for persons with high risk for survival (cardiovascular patients, diabetic patients, handicapped persons, aged people, etc.); Testing a pilot of the service in simulated conditions on kayak embarked sportsmen; Evaluation of the pilot potential for other social spin-offs as further applications in sports, healthcare and security.

6 6 Principle of Operation Wireless VPN GPS Satellite Rescue initiation Evaluation & Decision

7 7 Technological Support Mobile Equipment GPS positioning device; Microcontroller based evaluation module; Data logger; Mobile Phone communication device. Stationary Equipment PC compatible computer; Mobile Phone communication device. LAN support CDMA Virtual Private Network; GPRS Virtual Private Network. Application software.

8 8 Monitoring Service Tasks Real time acquisition of the GPS reported position of person and sensor based acquisition of functional parameters; Evaluation of functional parameters and alarm initiation; Alarm parameter evaluation and rescue procedure initiation; Off-line records for further evaluations.

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