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The quick way to track your trucks!

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1 The quick way to track your trucks!
QwikTix TM The quick way to track your trucks!

2 QwikTix TM

3 QwikTix TM QwikTix supports up to 4 Scale connections.
Workspace only shows scales configured.

4 QwikTix TM Configure the communications port
Select a pre-defined indicator device Advanced settings for manual configuration of unsupported devices Specify the device capacity for overweight validation

5 QwikTix TM Incorporate data from other ODBC sources

6 QwikTix TM Browse the ODBC sources to configure up to two additional ID columns such as Customer and Product

7 QwikTix TM Select an existing ODBC source or create a new connection

8 QwikTix TM Select the Table Select the Column for the ID
Select the Column for the Description

9 QwikTix TM A complete setup includes a name to be displayed for the ID and Description column on forms, lists and reports

10 QwikTix TM Simple security is provided to track the operator creating or modifying tickets A supervisor level is employed to limit access to configuration options.

11 QwikTix TM The active scale is highlighted in blue Begin a new ticket
Open a ticket Set a truck’s tare weight

12 QwikTix TM Select the active scale by clicking on it and the color changes Select a truck, enter new truck i.d. or take the next available number Select customer and product Save the ticket

13 QwikTix TM Opening an existing ticket for completion or changes allows sorting the list by Ticket Number, Truck ID, or the additional external configured data elements

14 QwikTix TM Modifications may be made to any of the ID fields
If the Weight Out is not complete it will be filled in from the active scale.

15 QwikTix TM Trucks may be weighed to establish a tare weight
This weight would be used in place of the Weight In on a New Ticket

16 QwikTix TM Tool for designing printed tickets.
Tickets may be configured to post to an external ODBC database automatically at completion in real time. No need to export. Sample Microsoft Access databases included.

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