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Metal Injection Molded Photonic Device Packaging

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1 Metal Injection Molded Photonic Device Packaging
Rob Linke MIMforms LLC 1 1

2 Outline Metal injection molding defined Manufacturing process
Materials for photonics packaging Benefits of metal injection molding Future directions Conclusions and resources

3 What is MIM?

4 Metal Injection Molding
Utilizes wealth of technology developed for plastic injection molding Injection molding of metal powder compounded with binder (plastic/wax) Debinding of component (solvent or thermal) Sintering of part to final density 2 2

5 Manufacturing Process
Design of Component Tooling of Mold Injection Molding Debinding Sintering Optional CNC Machining Finishing/Plating

6 Compounding Components Goals Metal powder Wax Polymers
Sufficient binder to fill all voids Uniform mixture Metal powder at 100x D50 : 2-10 µm

7 Injection Molding Virtually identical to plastic injection molding
“Feedstock” is molded at low temperatures (150oC) with consistency of toothpaste Consists of metal powder in binder matrix (~ 40% binder by volume) Yields “green” part

8 Debinding Binder removal from matrix (disposable component)
Solvent – water or other solvent Thermal decomposition Results in structurally weak component with small amount of binder remaining

9 Sintering Sintering densification increases the atomic bonds between particles Temperature is near melting point Density of up to 98.5% Real world example – ice cubes sticking together in freezer Sintering Furnace

10 Shrinkage in Sintering
Green part typically shrinks 15% during sintering Density increases Strength increases Final mechanical properties attained

11 Post-Sintering Structure
3000x Magnification

12 CNC Machining and Plating
MIM tolerances +/- 0.5% For features <4.0 mm it is +/ mm CNC tolerances +/- 15 µm Plating Gold Nickel Other

13 MIM Materials: Kovar® Photonic and optoelectronics packages which match CTE of borosilicate glass 29% W, 17% Co, 53% Fe Properties CTE (30-400oC) ppm/ oC Density – 7.95 g/cm3 % Density – 97%

14 MIM Materials: Iron-Nickel
Photonic and optoelectronics packages 50% Fe, 50% Ni Properties CTE – 8.8 ppm/ oC Density – 7.75 g/cm3 % Density - 95%

15 MIM Materials: Tungsten-Copper
Heatsinks for photonic housings which mirror CTE of borosilicate glass 80%W, 20% Cu as Example Properties CTE – 7.4 ppm/ oC at 50oC Themal Conductivity – 189 W/m K Density – g/cm3 % Density - 95%

16 Tungsten Copper Structures
Infiltrated Tungsten skeleton with liquid Copper Vacuum Sintered Tungsten-Copper powder

17 Why use MIM? Reduce or eliminate individual CNC machining
Reduce material waste Enable mass production of intricate, highly detailed structures Reduce total cost Kovar Lens Holder

18 Machine Once or Many? CNC machining MIM
Each part is machined to final shape individually MIM The mold is machined once and parts are molded to final shape CNC MIM package cost ► production volume ►

19 Shape Complexity CNC machining MIM Each detail adds to cost (and time)
Details are machined into the mold – once Reproduced in each package during molding CNC MIM package cost ► shape complexity ►

20 Material Waste Reduction
CNC removes large amounts of metal to yield housing MIM uses only metal necessary 75% waste reduction typical Runners, gates can be recycled on-site Material waste with CNC Machining

21 Future Directions Complex designs specifically for MIM manufacturing
Custom MIM alloys/mixtures Higher dimensional tolerance MIM components Increasing adoption of MIM package use in North America

22 Conclusions MIM can be an enabling technology for photonic and optoelectronic packaging Mass production Low/no cost structures Reduced material waste Designs not possible or economical with CNC machining Greater alloy flexibility through batch compounding

23 Additional Information on MIM
Organization: CISP-Center for Innovative Sintered Products-Penn State Book: Injection Molding of Metals and Ceramics German & Bose

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