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Shift-Registers and Push Button Debounce

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1 Shift-Registers and Push Button Debounce
Switching and Logic Lab Standard Laboratory Exercises

2 Suggestions and Warnings
Read for detail and comprehension Should be able to complete within normal laboratory period. Make sure you program unused pins as tri-state inputs or you may burnout EPM7128S device on PLDT-2.

3 Shift Registers Riding without training wheels
Riding with training wheels Project 1 -- Basic Component Shift Register as Behavioral VHDL Follow standard steps from project creation to exercise of device Project 2 – Push Button Debounce Count and display debounced presses Count and display non debounced presses Never let inputs float!

4 Shift Register Entity ENTITY ShftRgstr IS PORT (

5 Shift Register Architecture
ARCHITECTURE Behavioral OF ShftRgstr IS BEGIN PROCESS WAIT UNTIL Clk'event AND Clk = '1'; IF Ld = '1' THEN --parallel load Q <= Dp;

6 Shift Register Architecture
ELSE --shift right LSb first Q(0) <= Q(1); --Serial Data Out Q(1) <= Q(2); --Continue Shift Q(2) <= Q(3); Q(3) <= Q(4); Q(4) <= Q(5); Q(5) <= Q(6); Q(6) <= Q(7); Q(7) <= Ds; --Serial Data In END IF; END PROCESS; END Behavioral;

7 Vector Waveform Format File
Editing Tool Arbitrary Value Overwrite Clock

8 Add Push Button Jumper Wires

9 Bounce on Release

10 Cross-Coupled NAND gates
Requires Two I/O pins Two resistors Double pole switch Output changes on first contact closure

11 Project 2 – Non Debounce Parallel In from DIP Switches and Debounced Switches Serial Out nPb_in (Active-HIGH) 5 VDC Pb_out (Active-HIGH) pb_in (Active-LOW)

12 Project 2 -- Debounce pb_in (Active-LOW) nPb_in (Active-HIGH) 4MHz
1KHz Pb_out (Active-HIGH)

13 Debouncer Shift Register
nPb_in != Load PB_IN CLK Pb_out nPb_in = Pb_out  Parallel Load nPb_in != Pb_out  Shift

14 Bounce on Press != nPb_in Load PB_IN CLK Pb_out
SR4 0… …1 0… …1 1… …1 0… F F F F F…F

15 Bounce on Release != nPb_in Load PB_IN CLK Pb_out
SR4 1… …0 1… …0 1… …1 F…F F F E F E F E C …0

16 8 Steps to Success Create Project Capture Logic Analysis and Synthesis
Pin Assignments Full Compile Timing Simulation Programming Exercise circuit

17 Unused Pins as Tri-State Inputs
Select “Assignments” Select “Device” Select “Device & Pin Options” Select “Unused Pins” Tab Select “As inputs, tri-stated” OK

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