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M&M Software FDT Basics. FDT Technology Overview Motivation Various Standalone Tools HART Engineering / Programming Tool.

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1 M&M Software FDT Basics

2 FDT Technology Overview Motivation Various Standalone Tools HART Engineering / Programming Tool

3 Engineering-System FDT Technology Overview Basic Idea

4 FDT Technology Overview What is FDT? FDT (Field Device Tool) technology standardizes software interface between field devices drivers and host systems.

5 DTM (Device Type Manager) is a software driver delivered with the device Standardized software interface Similar idea as a print driver FDT Technology Overview Concept

6 FDT Technology Overview FDT - Plug & Work HART Frame Application (Device Type Manager DTM) HART

7 FDT Technology Overview DTM - Device Type Manager Device Driver For a particular Device or Device Family Created and shipped by Device vendor Spec. Features (e.g. Firmware Update) Software Proxy for real Device Info on Parameter Edit Parameter (Online / Offline) Diagonstics, Documentation Including GUI ActiveX Controls Corporate Design (Look & Feel) Integrates with every FDT Container Device Type Manager DTM Symbols OR

8 Gateway DTM Communication DTM FDT Technology Overview DTM Types Device DTM BTM Ethernet

9 FDT Technology Overview FDT Container Windows Application Device Configuration Tool Integrated in Engineering-System or Process Control System Responsible for Manage DTM Catalog (installed DTMs) Engineering of Topology Manage DTM lifecycle Hosts DTM User Interface Data Persistency (DTM, Topology,...) Print Documentation User Managment Audit Trail

10 FDT Technology Overview The Simplest Case: Standalone Tools (1) Calibration Parameterization Diagnosis Maintenance Field Device Standalone Tool

11 FDT Technology Overview The Simplest Case: Standalone Tools (2) Typical Use Cases: Workshops or small installations Online connection to the device Operation mainly via the DTMs GUI User has access to all DTM functionality, e.g. by switching between different tab cards Current configuration and parameters are read from the device Parameters may be written to the device e.g. for test purposes

12 FDT Technology Overview The Complex Case: Control Systems (1) Asset ManagementEngineering Tool HMI Automation 0707 Field Device Diagnosis Calibration Maintenance Configuration Parameterization Commissioning Operating Alarm reporting Monitoring Process variables Clock synchronization Status

13 FDT Technology Overview The Complex Case: Control Systems (2) Typical Use Cases: Different Frame Applications may use a DTM in different contexts Availability of DTM functions is controlled according to the application context All settings loaded to the device are stored in a system database Online connection to the device is not always available DTM works on database only DTM functions are frequently used in the background w/o starting a user dialog

14 Device DTM Frame Application Communication DTM Start Download Read / Write Request (protocol specific FDT XML) Read / Write (comm. hardware specific) Read / Write (fieldbus protocol specific) Handover Communication Interface Read / Write Response (protocol specific FDT XML) FDT Technology Overview Communication

15 Profibus DPV1 Read Request Profibus DPV1 Read Response FDT Technology Overview Profibus XML Examples

16 DTM 1 FDT Technology Overview Nested Communication FDT-Container Communication DTM 0..20 mA HART DTM 3 DTM 4 Send Parameter DTM 2 0..20 mA Start Download Ethernet Ethernet based Protocol Send Parameter

17 FDT Technology Overview Communication uses Tunneling HART Gateway DTM Device DTM Gateway DTM DP HART- Frame DP HART- Frame IFdtCommunication Communication DTM Frame Application Communication Channel Communication to underlying fieldbus system is provided by a Communication DTM or Frame Application Channel Sys DP HART- Frame DP Sys Ethernet TCP/IP

18 FDT Technical Details Communication Each component wraps the communication frame from the component below, WITHOUT knowing the contents Routing through system topology DTM below does not have any knowledge about the network topology DTM must only support its own communication protocol Communication / routing through ANY network topology, no limitations Communication / routing is possible even if the underlying protocol is unknown by the engineering or standalone tool

19 FDT Technology Overview Scope of FDT Core Specification

20 Software Architecture (Components, Interfaces) DeviceDTM, CommDTM, FDT Container COM Interfaces and XML Schemas Mandatory Device Information (e.g. IDtmInformation) Vendor, Device Type, Version Use Cases Login, Online/Offline Operation, System Planning,... User Roles Planning Engineer, Maintenance, Operator, Observer Administrator, OEM Service State Machine for DTM Installation, Registry,... FDT Technology Overview Whats defined in FDT Specification?

21 FDT-Interfaces Typically implemented FDT Interface

22 FDT Technology Overview Scope of Protocol Annex Additional information how to use FDT for specific protocols Released CIP (DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, CompoNet) Foundation Fieldbus HART Interbus IO-Link Modbus SL/TCP Profibus DP/PA Profinet IO In work (Oct. 2008) AS-Interface Annex CANopen Sercos III

23 COM-Interfaces protect the implementation Programming language does not matter Know how is protected Business-Logic of a DTM is COM Object GUI of a DTM is ActiveX Control DTM and Container interact through COM-Interfaces DTM-GUI and DTM-Business Logic use private interfaces DTM can be run in separate Windows Processes Microsoft COM / ActiveX

24 XML Text Data transfer DTM FDT Container Device DTM Communication DTM Used as arguments in interface calls XML Schema Definition of the structure of XML text FDT specified approx. 31 XML schemas XSL Defines transformation from XML to HTML XML

25 DTMs may support offline configuration (engineering) visualize measuring values graphically send health info on device to vendor inform end user about news from vendor (Internet) update firmware monitor significant device parameter to provide suggestions for maintenance scheduling play training videos to support maintenance.... (no limits) FDT Technology Overview DTM is flexible

26 FDT Technology Overview Benefit for End-Users Only one solution for Engineering, Maintenance, Configuration... task Easy extension Uniform user operation Easy to learn and operate Independent from Communication protocols Communication hardware Access to all devices / process values End-user can use device which fits best to the task to perform in the field

27 FDT Technology Overview Benefit for Manufacturers Development only in core competence Device manufacturer develop and supply the DTMs Configuration / Engineering/ Control System suppliers develops Frame Applications Lower cost for product maintenance Standard solutions, no proprietary solutions One solution for Stand-Alone and Systems Lower cost for device integration Standard solutions for all devices Less problems to integrate the devices

28 FDT Technology Overview Ways to a DTM Universal DTM HART Common Practice / Universal Commands PROFIBUS Profiles Limited in GUI and features Generation based on DD Limited in features Quick results Individual Development Optimization for your specific needs E.g. Cooporate Design Semi-automatic Generation Company Specific Solution Many Device Types

29 FDT: One standard for all industries Process Automation Factory Automation

30 FDT Technology Overview Questions

31 Thank you for your attention

32 Responsible person for this presentation: Volker Herbst VersionWhatWhenWho 1.0New master2007-10-29Vht 1.1List of annexes updated2008-10-07Vht

33 M&M Software GmbH reserves all rights for its documents and printed information. These documents and information material may be used internally for the designated purpose. But this material, either completely or in parts, may not be passed on to third parties, especially to competitors of the M&M Software GmbH, and it may not be duplicated. These documents and information material contain confidential information and you are therefore requested to keep it strictly confidential. You are also requested to commit your staff that is using these documents and information, to the confidentiality obligation. Thank you.

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