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Intro to Windows Azure Antimo Musone Cloud Tour Owner Microsoft Student Partner

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1 Intro to Windows Azure Antimo Musone Cloud Tour Owner Microsoft Student Partner Email: WebSite: http://www.antimomusone.com Get Started!

2 Microsoft Student Partner Technical Architect for Avanade Co-Founder of 5 th Element Project About Me

3 This session is focused on building service with Cloud Computing Well talk about how to build cloud service as application, storage and virtual machine Several demos Agenda

4 An approach to computing thats about internet scale and connecting to a variety of devices and endpoints

5 Cloud Computing Software-as-a-Service SaaS Platform-as-a-Service PaaS Infrastructure-as-a-Service IaaS

6 Cloud Computing Packaged Software Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Data Applications Runtime You manage Infrastructure (as a Service) Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Data Applications Runtime Managed by vendor You manage Platform (as a Service) Managed by vendor You manage Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Applications Runtime Data Software (as a Service) Managed by vendor Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Applications Runtime Data

7 Cloud Computing Patterns t Compute Inactivity Period t t t On and Off On & off workloads (e.g. batch job) Over provisioned capacity is wasted Time to market can be cumbersome Unpredictable Bursting Unexpected/unplanned peak in demand Sudden spike impacts performance Cant over provision for extreme cases Compute Growing Fast Successful services needs to grow/scale Keeping up w/ growth is big IT challenge Cannot provision hardware fast enough Compute Predictable Bursting Services with micro seasonality trends Peaks due to periodic increased demand IT complexity and wasted capacity Compute

8 Windows Azure


10 Global Footprint

11 99.95% monthly SLA

12 Pay only for what you use


14 Cloud services Web sites Virtual machines Mobile services


16 Demo

17 Service Package

18 Server Rack 1Server Rack 2 Virtual machine Provision Role Instances Deploy App Code Configure Network Virtual machine

19 Windows Azure Datacenter Service Package Provision Role Instances Deploy App Code Configure Network

20 Windows Azure Datacenter Service Package Provision Role Instances Deploy App Code Configure Network

21 Windows Azure Datacenter Network load-balancer configured for traffic Provision Role Instances Deploy App Code Configure Network

22 Windows Azure Datacenter

23 Windows Azure Instance Sizes Small (moderate IO) 1.75 GB memory 225 GB storage (instance storage) Medium (high IO) 3.5 GB memory 490 GB storage (instance storage) Small Medium X-Large Large (high IO) 7.0 GB memory 1000 GB storage (instance storage) X-Large (high IO) 14 GB memory 2040 GB (instance storage) Extra Small (low IO) 768 MB memory 20 GB storage (instance storage)

24 Fault & Upgrade Domains

25 Two Independent Environments

26 Stages of Service Deployment

27 Packaging & Deployment

28 Deploying a Cloud Service from Visual Studio

29 Cloud services Build infinitely scalable apps and services Support rich multi-tier architectures Automated application management

30 What is a Cloud Service? Web RoleWorker Role

31 What Can It Run?

32 All features of a worker role + IIS 7 or 7.5 ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 or 4.0 – 64bit Hosts Webforms or MVC FastCGI applications (e.g. PHP) Multiple Websites Http(s) Web/Worker Hybrid Can optionally implement RoleEntryPoint

33 Queue Polling Worker Poll and Pop Messages within while(true) loop E.g. Map/Reduce pattern, background image processing Listening Worker Role Create TcpListener or WCF Service Host E.g. Run a.NET SMTP server or WCF Service External Process Worker Role OnStart or Run method executes Process.Start() Startup Task installs or executes background/foreground process Custom Role Entry Point (executable or.Net assembly) E.g. Run a database server, web server, distributed cache

34 All roles may extend RoleEntryPoint Roles report status via RoleEnvironment

35 At runtime each Role will execute on one or more instances A role instance is a set of code, configuration, and local data, deployed in a dedicated VM Roles are defined in a Hosted Service A role definition specifies: Virtual machine size Communication endpoints Local storage resources etc.

36 Roles and Instances Web RolesWorker Roles

37 Fault & Upgrade Domains

38 Example Service Model for Upgrade

39 Fault and Upgrade Domains

40 Cloud services: Development Demo

41 Virtual machines Windows Server and Linux Flexible Workload Support Virtual Private Networking

42 Cloud First Provisioning Management Portal >_ Scripting (Windows, Linux and Mac) REST API Windows Server Linux Extra Small Small Medium Large X-Large Cloud Boot VM from New Disk

43 Disks and Images

44 Cloud Bring Your Own Server/VHD On-Premises On Premises Virtual Server Provision VM from Image or Disk using portal, script or API MyApp.vhd

45 Imaging VMs in the Cloud Cloud Identical/similar deployment instances using common OS image as start Capture VM Saves Customized Image to Your Image Library Base.VHD

46 Image Mobility On-PremisesCloud MyApp.vhd

47 Images Available at Preview Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Server 2008 R2 with SQL Server 2012 Evaluation Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate OpenSUSE 12.1 CentOS 6.2 Ubuntu 12.04 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server SP2

48 Cloud Services, Roles and Instances Cloud Service is a management, configuration, security, networking and service model boundary

49 Why Linux ? Our customers have Linux Workloads that they want to run in Windows Azure IaaS enables us to satisfy this need

50 Distributions We will support SUSE SLES 11 sp2 Open SUSE 12.1 CentOS 6.2 by OpenLogic* Ubuntu 12.04 Specific versions are endorsed Integration Components Testing and validation by partners Bring other variants at your own risk** ( at GA only)

51 Demo

52 Coffee Break (5 min )

53 Web sites Build with ASP.NET, Node.js or PHP Deploy in seconds with FTP, Git or TFS Start for free, scale up as your traffic grows

54 Windows Azure Web Sites

55 Start Simple Get started with 10 free web sites Create new sites in seconds Easily manage and scale your sites Automatic load balancing and shared storage across instances Scale out or up to reserved instances for improved performance and scale

56 Code Smart Use ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, or Node.js SQL Azure or MySQL databases Start with open source apps Develop with VS and WebMatrix Supports any Web development tool on any platform (Windows, OSX, Linux)

57 Go Live Rapid deployment for quick iteration Integrated source control with Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Git Built-in monitoring of perf and usage data Quick access to request logs, failed requests diagnostics and diagnostics

58 Multi-tenant. Daily quotas Multi-tenant. No quotas Dedicated VMs. No quotas

59 reserved





64 Supported Web Frameworks

65 Supported Publishing Methods


67 Web sites Demo

68 Mobile service Build a unique backend for your mobile apps Storage, Push Notifications, Server Logic & Authentication Support Windows 8, IOS, Windows Phone, Android*


70 Structured Storage

71 Server Logic

72 REST API to SQL type mappings JSON ValueT-SQL Type Numeric values (integer, decimal, floating point) Float BooleanBit DateTimeDateTimeOffset(3) StringNvarchar(max)

73 Auth*

74 Push Notification Lifecycle Overview W8/WP8/iOS (1) (2) (3)

75 Mobile Services Demo

76 the game has changed

77 Application building blocks

78 Multiple languages

79 Interoperabilit y

80 Open source

81 SQL database Relational SQL Server Engine in the Cloud Clustered for high availability Fully Managed Service SQL Reporting support

82 SQL Azure

83 How It Works

84 Server Provisioning

85 Creating A SQL Database Server Demo


87 Create Database…

88 There Are Two Ways To Secure A Database:

89 SQL Database Firewall

90 SQL Data Sync

91 Overview Sync

92 SQL Federation

93 Start now. Students en-us/community/education

94 thanks for your time

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