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Lorene Rogers Middle School 5 th and 6 th grade campus.

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1 Lorene Rogers Middle School 5 th and 6 th grade campus

2 For the first time in human history, we have exotic immersive technologies available to us. Now we need to understand to what extent these technologies are useful for learning, and to what extent they are just fun and interesting. Which ones have the leverage necessary for educational purposes? In other words, which technologies are golden geese, and which are wild geese? -Chris Dede

3 Key staff members iCoach Parents All staff members Administrators Central administration

4 It is our goal to provide a rigorous curriculum that will engage our students and continue to develop them into a 21 st Century Learner. Two 6 th grade teachers classrooms were chosen as pilot classrooms because of their willingness as educators to think beyond the traditional classroom setting and to embed technology into the inner workings of their daily classroom routine. Pilot classrooms afford school personnel the ability to safely monitor student activity with a select group of students.

5 Parent informational meeting Parent surveys Student surveys Frequent meetings with technology – campus and central administration level

6 Each 6 th grade student was given a Trust Card at the beginning of the school year. The Trust Card works in conjunction with our Bring Your Own Device program. Students can earn various privileges with the Trust Card, but if consequences are warranted the card can be taken away for a period of time.


8 QR Reader Calendar (student planner) iHomework Online dictionary Calculator Fraction Factory app Edmodo Instagram Class notes

9 Evernote Nearpod Toontastic


11 Expanded program to all students All students have a trust card for privileges and consequences Privileges include – courtyard time during lunch, Stop and Shop after school, free technology time in class (teacher discretion) Device and No Device posting on classrooms

12 Device


14 No data plan usage Always on district Wifi for safety monitoring Respectful Usage Policy


16 Please provide feedback on my session through the convention mobile app or online survey at: Indicate your session number (133355)

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