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D.E.A.N. Device Enabling Ample Nonsense

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1 D.E.A.N. Device Enabling Ample Nonsense
Troy Eckleberry Fareed Yasin Adele Poole Anna Green

2 Steps A pin is pulled releasing a projectile.
The projectile hits a target on one end of an axle. The opposite end of the axle triggers another, similar axle. Smaller axle knocks a ball into a tube. The ball collides with a ball of identical mass at the bottom of the tube. Both balls roll on an open PVC pipe and then fall into a catcher attached to the bottom of a banner displaying UT spirit. collide with Step 1 of the next group’s device. Steps

3 Concepts Trajectory: pin releases key chain
Conservation of angular momentum: axles rotate Conservation of energy: golf ball rolls down tube Collision: golf ball hits second golf ball Torque: banner opens Concepts

4 Calculations Overview
Trajectory: Torque: Collision: Conservation of Energy: Conservation of Angular Momentum: Calculations Overview

5 Issues Triggering projectile Cost dictated lighter materials
Accuracy and precision of projectile Structural stability Triggering successive group (constructing alternate route) Issues

6 Creativity was necessary to navigate a low budget and various technical difficulties
Team work and good attitudes were crucial to success Applying the concepts is not always easy but very do-able and fun! Conclusions

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