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Bring Your Own Device Initiative Ms. Gullos Third Grade Class.

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1 Bring Your Own Device Initiative Ms. Gullos Third Grade Class

2 Students will be allowed to bring their own device to class with them. What is it? iPodLaptopTabletiPhoneNetbooksEreadersSmartphones

3 Easy access to online resource Students will be able to continue working with assignments or projects they began at home Post to blog or Edmodo classroom What Are Students Going to be Doing with these Devices?

4 Purpose Assist student learning experience Student choice in their learning style and needs Student engagement and empowerment with their learning Learning beyond the classroom space Formal and informal learning independent of time, space, place, and device An authentic look at how students customize their devices for learning Student ownership of the classroom space Allows for more small group teaching and learning

5 STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES Use of device is determined by the teacher Students should only use device for the purpose of the activity put forth (for example, research) If device is being used for other reasons (games, not an educational purpose) it can be taken away While communicating on educational Internet sites, students must treat everyone with respect; just like in a classroom setting (digital citizenship will be discussed in class) Students are responsible for his/her own device Students should have devices charged and ready to use

6 Access to our classroom website Edmodo account where students will be able to retrieve and submit assignment (for example journal writing) QR Readers Internet access for research Resources

7 The school reserves the right to inspect a students personal device if there is a reason to believe that the student has violated Board policies, administrative procedures, school rules, or has engaged in other misconduct while using their personal devices AND any violation of policies, procedures, or rules may result in the loss of use of the device Students may not use devices to record, transmit, or post photos, video of a person or persons at school FAQs

8 Every student who participates in BYOD will need to read and sign an agreement that will be turned into administration Student must log on to Cobb County BYOD wireless Internet (not 3G or 4G on phone) The student is responsible for their device at all times (cases or covers are recommended) Student is responsible for proper care of device When the device is not planned to be used, students must turn off device FAQs continued…

9 vrec My Mission…. to engage my students!

10 Questions?

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