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Technical requirements

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1 NERIC recommended preparation for districts to administer PARCC field testing

2 Technical requirements
The Test – TestNAV 8 – As soon as the number of students and particular devices are known, these devices should be tested against TestNAV 8. If you are planning to use iPads, keyboards should be purchased and the particular students who will be field testing should begin to use on a consistent basis. Full technology guidelines are here: tV12November2013.docx Example of timeframe testing is March 24 – April 11 – online testing location(s) must be identified early so they can be “test ready” and ready no later than one week prior and then will need to be to be set back to original state once all students are tested. So when choosing a spot expect this amount of time as a minimum.

3 System check and end point management
System check should be done at the same time of the day that the assessment will be given – suggesting two weeks prior in order to assure internal network throughput especially for wireless. iPads – Need a free App - must be iOS 6 or 7 and run in single app mode Chromebooks - TestNAV 8 Chrome App (free) to ensure in Kiosk mode Needs for PC or a MAC - Java plugin 1.5 or higher Pop-ups for Pearson site need to be allowed The other items on PC and MAC computers should not be allowed to launch automatically during the test - Anti virus software, browsers or OS updates power management software on laptops for low battery screen savers with automatic message notification energy saving features Lock Down of devices should occur after end are points configured correctly

4 Device saving options Rationale: Student Responses Files (SRF) - saved locations become very important for backup of student answers (encrypted) during the test . This is not mandatory but recommended highly - See table of device and conditions: Device Where can Save Conditions PC Local, network drive, Pearson Most stable, can resume test on another machine with most recent answers Mac iPad Local, Pearson If hard drive fails, only Pearson uploaded answers available Chromebook

5 Proctor caching: A computer can be configured at the district to act as a caching server to improve the TestNAV experience. When students take exams, the Proctor Caching server will provide the questions, instead of requiring the students’ computers to download the next question from Pearson’s servers via the district’s internet connection. This has multiple benefits in TestNAV, including decreased question loading times as students progress through their exams, greatly increased number of simultaneous users per district, and it ensures TestNAV will continue to function properly even if the district loses internet connectivity during test administration. NetworkTraffic_ pdf

6 Necessary network structure
During this part of the presentation we will cover the technology components of computer-based testing. We will discuss TestNav, the secure, browser-based student application for accessing the computer-based assessment Proctor caching, the Pearson supplied software to accelerate the delivery of test content. SystemCheck, an application developed to assist district and school technology coordinators with determining device and network readiness - PearsonAccess, the administrative website used by district and school coordinators, administrators, and technology coordinators. This site has both a secure and non-secure component. Users can access training materials and manuals without logging in but will need to log in for most all other activates. Technology coordinators will use PearsonAccess to create and maintain TestNav Configurations. The PARCC Field Test also offers a PARCC Training Center for practice. The PARCC Training center is a PearsonAccess environment designed to mirror the operational version of PearsonAccess but does not contain real student information. The purpose of this site is to allow users to practice without affecting real students and information will not be sent to scoring.

7 Network Comparison without/with Proctor Caching:
I moved this ahead of the next slide so they would get a visual to help with understanding on the next slide.

8 Proctor caching specifications
NERIC will assist you in deploying Proctor Caching (recommended) You will require a computer with a static internal IP address The SystemCheck Testing Capacity function will assist you in determining the maximum number of simultaneous TestNAV users your infrastructure can support. Proctor Caching Requirements can be found at

9 Resources - PARCC/Pearson:
PARCC: PARCC Field Test: Support Center System check: Support: Pearson Access: TestNav 8 Requirements and Caching info: Michelle – business cards hand out

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