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BYOD Made Easy The Ruckus Team.

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1 BYOD Made Easy The Ruckus Team

2 Growing Share in the Enterprise
World’s Top Three WLAN Suppliers (4Q12) (based on estimated revenue) 65% Others Cisco Worldwide WLAN Market Growth (1Q11 to 4Q12) 33% 51% 11% 5% Aruba 34% 33% 20% Aruba Cisco Ruckus

3 The Post-PC Era… A WORLD GOING Wi-Fi 220% 65% 2010 2016 694M 2.8B 874M
Ethernet devices Wi-Fi Source: iSuppli 2012 A WORLD GOING Wi-Fi 220% 65% Annual Unit Shipments

4 More Mobile Data Consumption
In 2011, mobile data traffic was 8x of entire global Internet in 2000 53x GROWTH IN MOBILE DATA Source: Cisco Visual Network Index, 2012 2020 2010 Source: Signals Research Group Note: Data represents data traffic growth and capacity in the US markets only Source: Signals Research Group Note: Data represents data traffic growth and capacity in the US market only

5 What’s Top Of Mind? Regional BYOD concerns
Source: Readwrite BYOD Grows UP

6 BYOD technology IDENTIFY Manage Secure ONBOARD

7 BYOD Ruckus Style Function Ruckus Solution Identify Onboard Secure
Identifying hostname, device type, operating system, and applications. Onboard Captive portal for guest and device registration Secure Context based security policies and integration with existing security authentication systems: AD, 802.1x, etc. Manage Manage and fine-tune network and security policies

8 Device and Application Recognition
IDENTIFY iOS Availability: Application Recognition 2H CY13

9 Zero-IT Device Registration
ONBOARD Open Network/ Guest Access Bulk DPSK Self Registered device

10 Zero-IT End-User Setup
Connect Register Secure 1 2 3 Connect to Registration SSID with mobile device Login using AD or other security credentials Continue to Student network and access school resources

11 Context Aware Security

12 Device-Specific Policy Enforcement
Configuration steps 1 VLAN 10 Resources VLAN 20 Resources VLAN 40 Resources INTERNET 1. Configure device access policies (staff policy shown) 2. Configure WLANs with device- specific policies (staff WLAN shown) What happens next 3. Staff laptops (sanctioned Windows devices) connect and receive full network permissions 2 4. Staff iOS / Android devices connect, gain access to staff resources with some limits Staff SSID Guest SSID Student SSID 3 4 5 6 7 5. All guest users receive the same Internet-only policies Web GUESTS STUDENT DEVICES iOS iPad VLAN 20 5 Mbps Android All VLAN 99 1 Mbps iOS Laptop VLAN 10 No Rate Limit Laptops/iOS VLAN 40 3 Mbps iOS Others Blocked 6. Student laptops and tablets (sanctioned) connect and receive equal access to resources with rate limits 7. Students attempt to connect with non-sanctioned device types and are denied access STAFF DEVICES

13 Dynamic Pre-Shared Key
Device limits by user Prevent sharing of user name/password Automatically removes expired D-PKS Teacher - unlimited device connectivity Student – limited to 1 device

14 Bonjour Bridging: The SmartWay
SmartWay™ Simplifies Managing and Optimizing Service Discovery Device VLAN 100 Student VLAN 200 Teacher VLAN 300 Guest VLAN 400 Availability: Bonjour Gateway 2H CY13

15 Network and Device Management

16 Industry partners Partnering for a full ecosystem Education Healthcare
RIOT Partnerships Partnering for a full ecosystem Education Healthcare Hospitality Retail Warehousing Technology integration POC lab - proof of concept Voice over WiFi Real Time Location Services BYOD / NAC / MDM Access Gateway Warehouse and Logistics

17 MDM MAM Introducing Filewave Cross Platform Support
Windows, iOS & MacOSX Granular reporting Device Configuration Device registration, inventory, inventory dashboard Wi-FI/VPN/Exchange profiles Full Certificate management Mobile Application Management Push apps Push apps through VPP, custom apps Role based app access End User Kiosk User can pick and choose apps based on user role

18 What About The Wireless?
Interference Reliability Capacity Constraints Easy Fast Stable

19 Independent test results
AVG. TCP THROUGHPUT 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 Highest, most reliable performance Ruckus 7982 Cisco 2602i HP 430 Cisco 3602i Xirrus 4820 Aerohive AP330 Juniper 532 Aruba 135 HP 460 Aruba 105 Meraki MR24 Aerohive AP121 Meraki MR16 Linksys EA4500 Ubiquiti UniFi Pro Lowest, least reliable performance 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 VIDEO ERRORS WI-FI STRESS TEST

20 Independent test results
Industry’s First 3x3: n Competitive Testing 6% 2% 12% 14% 66% Percentage of Vendor Test Wins (87 tests)

21 Integrated Solution x Ruckus Cisco Cisco Cloud Aruba Aruba Instant
Pervasive Wireless x Device/ OS Fingerprinting Easy-of-use Application Fingerprinting Guest Access Auto-Device provision Bonjour Gateway Dynamic-PSK Dashboard view

22 Technology Definitions
Dynamic PSK Dynamic PSK is an easy to implement, but highly secure alternative to 802.1x and Passphrases. Dynamic PSK device limiting D-PSK device limiting is a mechanism to limit number of devices a user can have on the wireless network. Zero-IT Activation Provides an intuitive self-registration process to on-board and secure ubiquitous devices without IT staff intervention. Directory Integration Allows businesses to leverage existing directory investments — ActiveDirectory, LDAP, eDirectory — for BYOD device onboarding, user authentication, and policy. Device Recognition This provides additional context to create authorization profiles based on user, role, and device type. Application Recognition Provides additional granular visibility to application traffic for application control and policy. Client Visibility Delivers granular monitoring and diagnostics so administrators and support staff can keep better tabs on, and make informed decisions about, usage trends and network behavior Pervasive Performance With unique features like BeamFlex+, ChannelFly, and SmartCast, businesses can count on reliable connections and optimized mobile device capacity with fewer APs and less expensive solutions.

23 Why Ruckus Ruckus Proprietary and Confidential
Focus – Committed to the SME Market Best-in-class wireless in capacity and throughput Low TCO with single ‘box’ integrated solutions Intuitive setup and management Ruckus Proprietary and Confidential

24 Thank you! Open for Q/A

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