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Pharos Uniprint 8.3 Training Pharos Systems International June 2012.

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1 Pharos Uniprint 8.3 Training Pharos Systems International June 2012

2 2 Agenda New Pre-requisites New Features Changes in the Uniprint print engine Changes in Pharos Administrator New Administrator Tools Changes in the installation and upgrade process Removed Features

3 3 Release Highlights Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Support Mac OS X 10.7 support for Popup and SignUp clients Support for Pharos MobilePrint Print Engine redesign Revised Administrative Permissions Strong Passwords for User Accounts Checking device state before sending print jobs

4 4 Uniprint 8.3 New Pre-requisites.NET Framework 4.0 (for Print Servers) – in addition to the.NET 3.5 SP1 SQL Server 2012 Popup and SignUp clients now support MAC OS X 10.7

5 Pharos MobilePrint Overview

6 6 Support for Pharos MobilePrint 1.2.0 Students and staff can now print from a variety of mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, and laptops. *First time MobilePrint users must register themselves for validation.

7 7 Benefits of Pharos MobilePrint Easy to use Supports a variety of mobile devices Device Independent Document security and confidentiality is maintained Supports a large number of file formats

8 8 MobilePrint Components MobilePrint Workflow Service – index and download print job emails. MobilePrint Worker Service – converts documents to PDF and PDF to PDL MobilePrint Authenticator – validating emails

9 9 MobilePrint and Uniprint integration

10 Uniprint Print Engine Redesign

11 11 Print Engine Redesign Removed dependence from Windows spooler and its driver management - Jobs are no longer held in the Windows spooler - Job details cannot be seen by other users from the Windows Queues New Secure Release Service - Job management - Page counting New Print Groups concept Maximum job holding time increased from 2 days to 7 days Changes to Devices Changes to Queues

12 12 Earlier versions Print Server centric - print jobs can only be released from devices belonging to the same Uniprint Print Server Jobs are held in the Held Queues Compatible Queues were introduced in 8.0

13 13 New Print Groups concept Enables users to release jobs at any device within the Print Group regardless of Print Server Queue is now associated to a Device via a Print Group Removed Devices and Uniprint Print Server relationship Removed Compatible Queues concept

14 14 New Print Groups concept All printers in a Print Group must have compatible print drivers Make sure that the Queue and the Devices have compatible print drivers Direct Queues – likely to have one-to-one relationship

15 15 Mobile Print Group Default Print Group for Pharos MobilePrint Each new device is added automatically to this group Does not require a Queue like standard Print Groups

16 16 Changes to Devices Only network printers are supported Windows printer objects are no longer created for devices Devices must now be associated to a Print Group instead of a Queue Devices in Pharos Administrator no longer require print drivers

17 Pharos Administrator Changes

18 18 New Print Groups context Added Print Groups context under Output Management The following Queue properties are now in the Print Groups context: Queue Type (now called Print Type), Purge Time, Job Cost Method, and Banner. The mode of printing (whether Secure or Direct) is now specified per Print Group instead of per Queue

19 19 New in Devices context - Device State Check before printing Jobs sent only to online devices Users are not wrongfully charged New device property –Execute online state check before printing View problematic devices from Pharos Administrator Run manual device state check if necessary

20 20 New in Devices context – Retrieve Make and Model Make and Model properties are required for Pharos MobilePrint Method of Determining Make and Model property determines how to obtain these properties for a device – whether Automatic or User Specified Added a new Retrieve Make/Model action

21 21 New in Devices context – Sending a Test Page Send a Test page from within Pharos Administrator Confirms whether a device can receive jobs from the Uniprint Print Server Test does not include checking the state of the device

22 22 Changes to Queues Print Jobs are no longer held in the Queues. Jobs are held in the Application Data folder (set up during Print Service install). The Windows printer object for a Queue were in Paused state in earlier versions, now it is in a Ready state. Job Cost Method is no longer configured on a per Queue basis – it is now on a Print Group basis. Jobs cannot be moved between Queues, they are now moved between Print Groups.

23 23 Changes to Job Management Queued and printed jobs are retrieve by username and/or Print Group

24 24 Changes to Job Management context – Saving Spool Files Save spool files from Pharos Administrator Spool files will be stored in the Pharos\Temp (e.g. C:\Program Files\Pharos\Temp) folder of the Uniprint Print Server owning the job

25 25 Changes to Permissions New Management Zone concept introduced – for finer grained permissions Permission to Create objects added

26 26 Changes to Permissions The Server Manager (Template) has been removed and replaced with the new Sub-Administrator (Template). A new Access Context permission has been added to the Advanced Permissions View.

27 27 Changes to System Settings Enforce strong passwords A new section in the Security tab of the System > System Settings allows you to select whether to enforce strong password or to allow the Password field to be blank.

28 28 New Administration Tools New Insert Assistant

29 Other Changes

30 30 Changes to the Scripts/Plug-ins Due to the changes in the print engine, some scripts have changed. The "MoveJob" plug-in has changed. In previous versions, jobs were moved between Queues. In 8.3, a job now belongs to a Print Group instead of a Queue; therefore jobs are now moved between Print Groups instead of Queues. A new function "PrintJob.SaveTo(…)" is introduced to save a copy of the Print Job to a local path. A new function "Plugin.JobType" is introduced to determine the type of job (whether Native or Mobile jobs). "Win32.GetJob(…)" no longer supports retrieving values for PrintProcessor, DriveName, Priority and Position "Win32.SetJob(…)" can only set two fields - username and job name.

31 31 Changes to the Installation Process New Application Data directory Location where jobs are temporarily stored Accept default or specify new location For clusters – shared disk location After install or upgrade, the following folders will be created: Database JobOperationsPlugins JobStore PageCounting

32 32 Changes to the Upgrade Process New Print Migration Tool – helps identify Uniprint managed devices that: Cannot be upgraded successfully May need to be reconfigured Can be run on the Principal Server or a Print Server which has access to all the other Print Servers

33 33 Upgrade Impacts – Output Management Inbound Queues are redirected to use the new Secure Release Port. New Print Groups will be created during upgrade. For every Queue in the system, Print Group is created automatically created based on the name of the Queue. The Print Type will be based on the Queue Type. Queues will be retained, and will be associated with the newly created Print Groups. Device and Queue relationships will be removed. Compatible Queues will be removed. Windows printer objects for devices are deleted unless it cant confirm the port as TCP/IP. Banner Template Type content will be migrated to the database.

34 34 Upgrade Impacts - Permissions Existing roles will have Access Context permission on a context if they previously had any permission that allowed access to the context (e.g. Read or Update). While user-created Roles are migrated in an upgrade, any changes to them may not work as expected in 8.3. It is best to create new roles when editing configuration or implementing new permission functionality such as additional zones.

35 35 Upgrade Impacts – Scripts/Plug-ins If an existing installation has the MoveJob plug-in, the upgrader will stop. If your current system uses plug-ins with the following script functions and you are integrating with Pharos MobilePrint, you have to modify your scripts to use the PlugIn.JobType function. MessageBox QuestionBoxInt QuestionBoxList QuestionBoxMoney QuestionBoxString BalloonBox

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