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Device-Aware Mobile Service Discovery with Ranking Eyhab Al-Masri.

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1 Device-Aware Mobile Service Discovery with Ranking Eyhab Al-Masri

2 Contents Architecture 1 Click to add Title 2 3 4

3 Experimental Environment Server Database (registry) Simulators

4 General Overview Server has to be able to handle requests and sends responses Server InternetMobile Device HTTP request response 1. Identify Requesting Device (Capabilities) i.e. Browser, Markup Language, Image Capabilities 2. Locate Mobile Page (.aspx) – use sessions 3. Perform search process and prepare an appropriate response message URL User Agent Header Info sessions

5 Database Registry In order to simulate this discovery model, it is important to have a working database that contains at least: serviceName, serviceKey serviceDescription businessName Actual service implementation (i.e. WSDL)

6 Database Registry We used to collect services 100 services were collected Information was stored into a local database (*.mdb) Services were picked based on functionality

7 Mobile Device Supported Attributes Although there are defined mobile device capabilities (i.e. CC/PP), service providers have no way of including recommended device capabilities (i.e. WSDL file, etc…)

8 Supported Device Attributes For each service collected (from or services table), generate random device attributes.

9 Simulators Simulators can be devices, computer programs, or systems that: operates or behaves like a given system

10 Mobile Device Profile/Capabilities In order to enhance service discovery based on mobile device capabilities, we need: Collect device capabilities Process device capabilities Perform service matching Perform service ranking

11 Collect Device Capabilities Browser based: Collect information via browser, Send device profile via HTTP request (user agent) Native Create a client application that handles collection of device profile offline

12 Collect Device Capabilities Browser-Based Why? Less overhead, Can take advantage of server session objects to store device profile capabilities (no space required on mobile device) Compatible through any browser (HTML or WAP) No need for any client applications to be installed (less work and processing for clients)

13 Collect Device Capabilities Clients access a web page detect.aspx Identify device capabilities Store entire profile on server (using session object) ranked results search,aspx

14 Service Matching Look for services that match a given keyword(s) Matching Prepare a list of services to be ranked

15 Service Ranking Detect.aspx collects device capabilities and stores them in a session Search.aspx performs a keyword matching for serviceName For each matching service, retrieve service capabilities (from DB) Load device capabilities from session For each matching service, compare retrieved service capabilities with device capabilities A scoring function is used to determine the relevance of a matching service

16 Service Matching Example

17 Demo Demonstration

18 Microsoft Mobile Profile vs. CC/PP Microsofts version of CC/PP is Mobile Profile NumberOfSoftkeys MobileDeviceManufacturer MobileDeviceModel PreferredRenderingMime PreferredImageMime ScreenCharactersWidth ScreenCharactersHeight ScreenPixelsHeight ScreenPixelsWidth SupportsCss MaximumHrefLength CanInitiateVoiceCall IsColor InputType SupportsBold NumberOfSoftKeys Vendor Model Push-Accept (text + images) ScreenSizeChar (width+height) ScreenSize SupportsCSS URLRequestLength VoiceInputCapable ColorCapable Keyboard TextFormatBoldSupported

19 Summary

20 Technologies JAVA ASP.NET VB.NET (Mobile Controls) IIS 6.0 Regular or WAP Browser

21 Conclusion 1 Device capabilities can play major role in enhancing service discovery 2 It is essential to include device capabilities into the service matching process 3 A ranking mechanism can significantly improve search results and output desired or compatible services within top results

22 Q & A Thank you

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