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Nuclear Terrorism Identification, Primary Response, Effects.

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1 Nuclear Terrorism Identification, Primary Response, Effects

2 Official use only The information contained in this briefing is classified as Official Use Only. Information is intended for law enforcement, fire, and EMS personnel only and may not be divulged or released to the general public.

3 Objectives Background: Nature of event Identification by location & nature Detection issues First responder preparedness Follow-on response Consequence management

4 Nature of the Event Nuclear Weapons Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD) Radiation Emitting Devices Threats & Misinformation Other threats

5 Nuclear Weapons Nuclear Bombs Fission (Atomic Bomb) Fission (Atomic Bomb) Fusion (Hydrogen Bomb) Fusion (Hydrogen Bomb) Enhanced Radiation (Neutron) Enhanced Radiation (Neutron) Backpack devices Soviet Union Soviet Union United States United States Improvised Devices 3 rd World 3 rd World

6 Weapon Designs Gun Type Apple core Apple core Gun barrel Gun barrel Fast enough Fast enough Implosion Type Sphere Sphere Fast enough Fast enough Perfectly symetrical Perfectly symetrical

7 Nuclear Weapon Effectiveness

8 Nuclear Weapons: Sources Stolen From where? From where?Purchased Former Russian states Former Russian states Self built Obtaining material Obtaining material Technology Technology

9 Self Built Weapons Technically possible No way to test Technology very precise Suitcase nukes Gun design only Gun design only Only U 235 Only U 235 Cannot use P 239 Cannot use P 239

10 Nuclear Weapons: Effectiveness

11 Radiological Dispersal Devices Dirty Bomb

12 RDD Nuclear Material + Boom Bomb/explosive Bomb/explosive Nuclear Material + Spray Liquid material Liquid material Nuclear Material + Heat Thermite Thermite

13 Effectiveness: Form Solid Single piece Single piece Powder, dust, particulate Powder, dust, particulateLiquid Natural state Natural state Dissolved Material Dissolved MaterialGas Very unlikely Very unlikely

14 Effectiveness: Device Design High Order Explosive TNT/C-4/ANFO TNT/C-4/ANFO Low Order Explosive Black powder/ANFO Black powder/ANFO Pyrotechnic Device Pyrotechnic Device Thermite Thermite LNG/Propane LNG/Propane Kinetic Energy Device Car crash Car crash Gravity Bomb Gravity Bomb

15 Effectiveness: Range Amount of explosive DesignPackageLocation

16 Non-Explosive Weapons Salting Radiation Emitting Device ThreatMisinformation Attack on fixed sites Attack on transportation

17 Salting Dispersal of RAM by deliberate placement Dust, powder, liquid Spread by air, people, traffic Exposure + contamination Effectiveness? Goianna, Brazil Goianna, Brazil 100,000 contaminated 3 direct deaths

18 Radiation Emitting Devices Easter Eggs RAM source Solid Solid High-level High-level Placed in high-traffic (human) area Exposure – no contamination Effectiveness? Little direct harm Little direct harm Terror factor very high Terror factor very high

19 Threat and/or Misinformation Threaten to use False claims following simple bombing Claim government in lying Claim government in lyingCredibilityEffectiveness? Credibility issues Credibility issues Use of medias competitiveness Use of medias competitiveness

20 Other Nuclear Threats Attack on power plants Attack on material in transport Attack on academic facility

21 Which Device? Depends… Material available Amount & Type Amount & TypeIntent Cause harm or just panic Cause harm or just panic Desired outcome Deaths or disruption Deaths or disruption

22 Effectiveness Deaths/Injuries WeaponRDDSaltingEaster EggThreat

23 Effectiveness Panic/Disruption WeaponRDDSaltingEaster EggThreat

24 RDD Assessment: Location High profile Nationally significant Nationally significant Historically significant Historically significant High value High economic importance High economic importance Cost to replace/decontaminate Cost to replace/decontaminate Long-term impact Farmland Farmland

25 RDD Assessment: Nature Deny use Destroy value Create panic Kill/Injure Long-term concerns

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