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Team Norms Wind Device Project Wind Device Project.

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1 Team Norms Wind Device Project Wind Device Project

2 What does the team have to do? How will the team accomplish the task? What information is needed? What resources are available? Step #1:Have team members come together to identify the teams mission. Developing a Team

3 The Teams Mission Project Objectives: 1. Design and build the Wind Energy Capture Device your team is assigned. 2. Documentation includes a Design Specification (Target Spec or T-Spec) and a Project Implementation Plan (PIP). 3. Design, model and build a Wind Energy Capture Device. Must capture wind energy Must work at winds of 7m/s Must power 3 mini-lights

4 Step #2:Have team members establish group norms. Develop guidelines, protocols, or rules. Establish them by the team through consensus. Regulate proper and acceptable behavior by and between team members. Commit to agreement to follow these rules. No design decision will be acted on before discussion with and consensus from all the team members. Developing a Team

5 Create a list of norms by brainstorming with teammates. Analyze each norm and discuss its impact on the team and the overall goal. Identify key norms that everyone can come to consensus on. Establish consequences if norms are broken. Establishing Group Norms

6 Input from all team members Team meeting schedule and project timeline Communication protocols Conflict resolution protocols Note:A copy of the established norms must be provided to each team member. Typical Group Norms

7 Effective Teams – Circle of Influence

8 Team Leadership Requirements Everyone takes turns being the Team Lead. There is a regular rotation process. There is a coverage plan if the leader is gone Team leader helps resolve team issues before involving the teacher. (technical, task assignments) Team leader is responsible for team communication. (Reports outs, documents)

9 Have team members list their individual talents, skills, and limitations. Identify job responsibilities. Remember: Each team members strengths are a support mechanism for the other team members/members weaknesses. Step #3:Identify team members strengths and weaknesses. Developing a Team

10 Team Norms Activity This needs to be completed by end of class on Wednesday 1-5-2011.

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