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Choreographic devices

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1 Choreographic devices
Motif development Complementary And Contrasting Climax Unison Canon Question and answer Repetition, variation and development

2 Motifs Motif – is a sequences of action/ movements which can be developed Will consist of the six basic actions Travel Balance/stillness Jump Turn Gesture Fall

3 Motif development Below is a list of ways in which motifs can be developed Add or change the action Change the size Change the level Using different body parts Alter the focus Change the direction,dimension or plane Alter floor pattern Reverse the order Change the dynamics Fragment the motif ie change only some parts Mix bits from different motifs

4 Complementary and contrasting
Are movements that have already been seen but are performed using 1. different body parts 2. levels Contrast Movement which is noticeably different from anything seen so far i.e. a light slow motif can be contrasted with fast large jump

5 Climax Highlight The dance should be organised to gradually build towards this making it seem inevitable Final climax should confirm the audiences expectation Yet also provide an element of surprise

6 Canon Also can be referred: Lead and follow Question and answer
Two or more dancers dancing one or more dancers dancing one or two motifs at different times Motifs are danced in succession

7 Canon devices Simple canon – strict order,sensitive timing and an awareness of others Simultaneous canon – dancers doing the same motif at the same time but starting from different points Cumulative canon – each dancer joins in with the lead dancer and all finish at the same time Loose canon offers more opportunity ie different levels, facing or placements

8 Unison The same movement at the same time
Similar or complementary movements at the same time Contrasting movements at the same time

9 Repetition, variation and development
Repetition – complete repeat of a motif Variation – when you add another action to the movement Development – you repeat it at different levels, fronts, etc

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