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Alternative Keyboards and Input Devices Scott A. Dougherty IDEA Training & Consultation Coordinator Allegheny Intermediate Unit #3.

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1 Alternative Keyboards and Input Devices Scott A. Dougherty IDEA Training & Consultation Coordinator Allegheny Intermediate Unit #3

2 2 The Big Disclaimers Not a company representative Not a list of must buys - other products will: Do some things in a better way Do some things in the same way Do some things in a worse way Do some totally different things What you see is NOT all you can get We ARE dealing with silicon

3 3 Housekeeping Feel free to ask questions as they come to you We will take a break mid-session, but feel free to move around Materials are available for download at

4 4 Session Goals Provide an overview of input devices for the computer Demonstrate the use and application of several devices Discuss implementation of input devices in the course of daily learning experiences

5 5 Keyboards Standard QWERTY Alphabetic Dvorak Portable Large Print/Button Miniature Keytop Overlays & Keyguards Coded/Alternate Entry Programmable Onscreen Word prediction

6 6 Standard Keyboards Features Readily available Commonplace and familiar Plug-and-play or freely convertible via operating system QWERTY Dvorak Alphabetic Miniature Considerations Specialized layouts impact generalization of skill on non-adapted computers Plug-and-play versus programmed

7 7 Optimizer Keyboard Optimize key to reduce movement away from keyboard Mouse control Number pad QWERTY format

8 8 Tactile Pro 2.0 Replicates the feel of the old Macintosh keyboard Available in Mac and PC versions USB 2.0 port built into the device Available with a pre- programmed Optimizer button (see previous slide)

9 9 Trackball Keyboard Standard QWERTY keyboard Integrated pointing device PS/2 keyboard PS/2 or USB trackball

10 10 Versa Point RF Keyboard Wireless configuration 100 foot range Line-of-site not required Integrated pointing device Available as a combo with wireless cursor control unit

11 11 Portable Keyboards Features Most are standalone word processors Reduce distractions May offer add-in functionality Pre-programmed Download SD card Text shared with computer via wire or wireless connection Durability Low power consumption Considerations Inexpensive in comparison to a laptop Screen size Brightness and contrast limits Limited display fonts and sizes

12 12 CalcuScribe Portable keyboard Built-in calculator Text display options 4-line 8-line File management system Folders Menu structure Wireless beaming to other CalcuScribes for collaboration

13 13 Dana Portable Keyboard Palm-based Organization tools Downloadable software Laptop-like functionality Large screen Backlight for use in dark rooms Send or Sync

14 14 Flexible Keyboard Water resistant Low pressure to activate Rollable for storage and transport Available in two heights Standard (19.6 in) Short (16.2 in)

15 15 Folding Keyboard by Matias Full-sized keyboard Integrated number pad with Tab key feature Function key access Arrow keys Page navigation Delete Volume control keys

16 16 Fusion Keyboard (The Writer) Text-to-speech output Word prediction Split screen vocabulary word lists Pre-programmed writing prompts Rubrics Basic Perfect Paragraph Multi-Paragraph Essay Six Traits of Writing Persuasive Essay Response to Literature Creative Writing Build-your-own

17 17 Neo & Neo 2 Six font choices Capable of running applets Typing tutor Word prediction Quiz software Wired or wireless transfer of text Saves automatically in 8 locations

18 18 QuickPAD IR & QuickPAD Pro Integrated typing tutor Built-in thesaurus and word prediction Infrared connection via dedicated receiver Password-capable portfolio filing system to organize writing files Up to 70 pages in 10 separate folders (QuickPAD IR)

19 19 Large Print/Button Keyboards Features Color schemes for ease of viewing or identification Large target Clearer separation between letters on large keys Considerations Larger footprint Reduced key set Visually distinct from traditional keyboards

20 20 BigKeys LX & Keyboard Plus Standard keyboard footprint One-inch keys LX model 60 keys Black and white keys Plus model 48 keys Color keys Black and white keys Variety of layouts QWERTY ABC

21 21 Clevy Keyboard Vertically aligned keys Keys are four times larger than standard keys Keys colored by function Fewer keys than a standard keyboard Durable – keys are switches, not membranes

22 22 Large Print Keyboard Standard-sized keyboard Enlarged key font (roughly 3 times standard size) Black on yellow Black on ivory Yellow on black Hot keys for common commands and applications

23 23 ZoomText Keyboard High-contrast keys White on black Yellow on black 16 programmable buttons

24 24 Miniature Keyboards Features Reduce travel for users with small hand spans or fingers May be useful when Fatigue is common Range of motion is limited Only one hand is used for key activations Considerations Key face often features a smaller font than a standard keyboard

25 25 EZ-Reach Keyboard Flat profile Vertically aligned keys Backspace and Enter are repositioned for access by the forefinger (rather than the little finger)

26 26 Frogpad Wired and wireless (Bluetooth) configurations Wearable version PDAs Handheld devices USB version Handhelds Laptops Desktops Left and right hand models Non-standard key configuration (frequency- based)

27 27 Half Keyboard Palm-sized Left-hand only Allows user to type with left hand and navigate pointer with right hand

28 28 Half QWERTY Keyboard Full-sized keyboard QWERTY arrangement Two-handed typists Left-handed typists Right-handed typists

29 29 Low Profile Keyboard 101 keys Integrated pointer available Joystick Trackball Laptop-like feel Lightweight Flat profile (approximately one inch high) Small frame (less than 6x12)

30 30 Magic Wand Keyboard Built-in mouse 11 speeds Left, right, & double click Click-drag Accessible with slight head or hand movement Handheld wand Mouthstick No force required for activation Small profile (7 x 6 x 0.5)

31 31 Space Saver Keyboard 100 keys Narrow design (10.8x6) Keypad, function, and arrow keys above standard alphanumerics Two models Desk (weighted, 2.55) Flat (unweighted, 0.75) Available with or without integrated touch pad

32 32 USB Mini Keyboard by Tash Membrane surface Keys less than ½-inch square QWERTY layout Auditory feedback Mouse Mode key for positioning and click functions Adjustable features Response rate Key repeat rate Mouse tracking rate

33 33 Ergonomic Keyboards Features Increasingly available (and standard) in school, home, and work environments Reduce repetitive stress injuries by supporting more natural hand positions Some models are adjustable Considerations Not conducive to one- handed typing May not fit into built-in keyboard trays

34 34 Contoured Keyboard by Kinesis Two models Advantage Classic Concave key arrangement Accommodates differing finger lengths Prevents wrist extension Central positioning of common weak finger keys Backspace Enter Foot switch compatible

35 35 Freestyle Keyboard by Kinesis Adjustable, split keyboard Pivot Tether connects both modules Driverless Hot keys (not supported on Macs) Optional accessory packages for increased functions

36 36 Goldtouch Keyboard Splits into two sections for adjustment between 0 and 30 degrees Horizontal Vertical (tenting) Integrated numeric keypad External numeric keypad available

37 37 Maltron Ergonomic Keyboard Concave key wells to accommodate differing finger lengths Centralized number keys Vertical alignment of key rows Thumb keys Return Space Backspace Shift Lock feature

38 38 Maxim Keyboard by Kinesis Low-force keys Horizontal and vertical adjustments at 0, 8, or 14 degrees Removable palm supports Embedded numeric keypad External numeric keypad available

39 39 Natural Keyboard Elite by Microsoft Keys aligned for natural wrist and arm alignment

40 40 Tru-Form Keyboard Split keyboard in an integrated unit Built-in wrist support Dual keys PC – Alt, Shift, Control, & spacebar Mac – Command, Shift, Option, Control, & spacebar Option of built-in touchpad

41 41 Keytop Overlays & Keyguards Features Adapt keyboards for moisture-prone use Provide color cues to emerging typists Retrofit an existing keyboard inexpensively Provide support for users unable to support wrists or isolate keys easily Considerations Adhesives may leave a residue when removed OS settings may need to be adjusted (in cases where a keyboard is being changed to a non- QWERTY layout)

42 42 Keyboard Skins Protect keyboard from moisture and dust Conforms to keyboards for a secure fit Requires model and FCC# at time of order (to ensure proper configuration)

43 43 Keyguards Available in plastic or metal versions May be easily removed, if necessary Conforms to specific keyboard arrangments (specified at time of order) Keyguards are often available for specialized keyboards (through the keyboard manufacturer)

44 44 Keytop Overlays Braille Early Learning Finger Position High Contrast Large Print Uppercase/Lowercase

45 45 Coded/Alternate Entry Keyboards Features Utilize chords, codes, or pre-programmed settings Reduce keystrokes Reduce hand movement (travel) Considerations Learning curve is typical Non-intuitive

46 46 BAT Keyboard Left and right hand models Single-handed keying Can be used in addition to a standard keyboard Free hand for Braille reading Seven keys to perform all standard keystrokes Chord-based entry Programmable macros

47 47 Darci USB Adjustable, stored settings One to three switches Timing Code set Plug-and-play (no specialized drivers) Bus-powered for convenience and portability Audio feedback

48 48 EasyLink Braille Keyboard Bluetooth Brailler 6 Braille keys 3 function keys Compact design Highly portable 10 hours of continuous use on battery

49 49 EZ Keys XP Multiple layouts/entry methods for adapted computer access Mouse Switch access Single Multiple Keyboard Mouse emulation software Morse Code Built-in features Text to speech Word prediction Abbreviation expansion

50 50 Jouse2 Morse code joystick Control movement with mouth, chin, cheek, or tongue Perform mouse clicks with the integrated sip and puff switch Emulates mouse and keyboard activations Four user-selectable versions of Morse Code

51 51 Lomak Light operated mouse and keyboard Handheld pointer Head pointer Plug-and-play Requires little physical effort Reduces accidental input through dual input Selection confirmed by illumination Confirm key to use Equidistant, circular key arrangement

52 52 Programmable Keyboards Features Allow macros to be programmed Allow computer input via traditional and non- traditional means Letter-based Word-based Phrase-based Picture-based Highly customizable User requirements Activity requirements Considerations Time and planning is often required prior to use Typically require specialized drivers (not plug-and-play)

53 53 DX1 Keyboard 25 repositionable keys Useful when vision, dexterity, or range of motion hinder use of other devices Scalable – add keys when needed Macros Programmable Pre-built Recordable

54 54 IntelliKeys Keyboard Built-in stand for flat or angled use Wide variety of overlays Pre-programmed Printable Customized (with separate Overlay Maker software) Keyguards available Dual-switch inputs Compatible with IntelliTools software and activities

55 55 X Keys Stick Programmable software Macro Works (PC) iKey (Mac) Sixteen keys Repositionable Backlight illumination for low-light use Legends Pre-cut for handwrite Microsoft Templates

56 56 X-Keys Keypad Programmable keypad Works as an auxiliary keyboard Two configurations 20 keys (39 macros) 58 key (115 macros)

57 57 Onscreen Keyboards Features Keyboard and text are on the same plane Ability to change layout Alternate input Mouse – click or dwell Switch Touchscreen Integrated word prediction and abbreviation expansion Considerations Loss of real estate Fatigue and repetitive stress May require assistance with programming/set- up

58 58 Clicker 5 Support or develop writing skills in non writers Allows for high level of structure Option for textless composition Universal Design Quick, on-the-fly changes to cell content Free, content-sharing site

59 59 CubeWriter Customizable interface Letters Words Numbers Punctuation Personalized word lists Three modes of use Type Write Teach

60 60 Discover:Screen by Madentec Text-to-speech Point and click access Letters Words Phrases Adjunctive (works with all applications on a computer)

61 61 IntelliTools Classroom Suite Fully customizable Switch-ready Scanning available Compatible with IntelliKeys USB Pre-made overlays Overlay Maker software is required for custom overlays

62 62 KeyStrokes Macintosh software Five resizable layouts Number pad Function keys Navigation QWERTY Alphabetic Modifiable keys and background Resizable Dwell selection

63 63 Onscreen by IMG Built-in supports Word prediction Calculators Macros Numeric layouts International layouts Dwell selection Verbal Keys Feedback Show/Hide key function Smart Window repositioning Scanning option available

64 64 REACH Interface Author by Applied Human Factor 140 preprogrammed layouts Customizable Create-your-own Key Size Button for quick resizing Built-in supports Word prediction Scanning Word use learning Dwell selection Smart Keys Removes or deemphasizes unlikely combinations AutoType for single- result combinations

65 65 ScreenDoors 2000 by Madentec Built-in features Word prediction Abbreviation expansion Three keyboard layouts QWERTY Alphabetic Frequency of Use Dwell selection

66 66 SofType Five layouts QWERTY Alphabetic Frequency of use Numeric KidKeys Create-your-own Resizable Size Font Spacing Built-in features Word prediction Dwell selection Jitter control Dragger – single switch control of mouse functions Macro programming

67 67 WiVik by Prentke Romich 50 layouts in 22 languages Fully customizable Repositionable Built-in features Word prediction Abbreviation expansion Dwell selection Scanning Automatic Step Direct

68 68 Word Prediction Features Rate enhancement to reduce keystrokes Real-time display of choices Vertical Horizontal Dynamic Access to specialized word lists as needed Text-to-speech capability Considerations Adjunctive versus self- contained word prediction Phonetic versus sequence based

69 69 Co:Writer Intelligent word prediction Flexible spelling Collected words Predict Ahead eWord Banks Basic, personal, and topic dictionaries Text-to-speech Neo version available Adjunctive use (may be used with a wide range of applications)

70 70 Cloze Pro Type or paste prepared text Remove words automatically or manually Word or letter recurrence Sequence Pattern Present words in a grid or pop-up list Prompt with word shape, word, exposed letters Useful when etext is available Suitable for assessment and cloze-style tasks

71 71 Writing With Symbols 2000 Four writing environments Symbol Processor Word Processor Grids for Printing Grids for Writing Customizable word lists Useful as a teacher or student tool

72 72 Soothsayer Text-to-speech Adjunctive word prediction AutoType Feature Abbreviation Expansion Sentence completion Automated correction of common spelling errors

73 73 WordQ Text-to-speech Adjunctive word prediction Usage examples for confusing words Accommodates phonetic spelling attempts Offers the option of speech recognition via SpeakQ

74 74 Other Input Devices Mice Trackballs Joysticks Number Pads Switches and switch interfaces Touchscreens Head mice Microphone and speech recognition

75 75 Other Input Devices Mouse options Switch adapted Ergonomic Handheld Trackballs Joysticks Gaming Roller Joystick Roller Joystick Plus Number Pads Switches and Switch Interfaces Crick USB Don Johnston Switch Interface Pro IntelliKeys USB Keyboard Touchscreens & monitors Head Mouse Tracker Pro

76 76 Speech Recognition Utilizes a microphone to input text Requires adequate speech skills Requires significant executive functions to maintain a topic and perform corrections/training May allow for reduced use of the hands when controlling the computer Consider environment and task when implementing

77 77 Dragon Naturally Speaking, IBM Via Voice, Mac Dictate Continuous recognition Allows for keyboard- free text input Support for adult and teen voices Analyzes existing documents for vocabulary and style Noise-cancelling headset or array microphone is recommended Skip Training option Accuracy tool set Works in an adjunct capacity to other software Not suitable for discrete recognition Specialized versions available (Dragon NaturallySpeaking)

78 78 SpeakQ Customizable training Discrete and continuous prediction modes Speech feedback of recognized text No verbal commands for control or correction Integrated word prediction capability Text-to-speech feedback Allows for both keyboard and speech input Server-level storage of student voice files

79 79 Sources of Input Devices EnableMart Infogrip Retail office suppliers

80 80 Questions & Evaluations Are there questions you havent asked yet? What further information do you need?

81 81 Contact Information Scott A. Dougherty IDEA Training and Consultation Coordinator, Assistive Technology Allegheny Intermediate Unit #3 475 East Waterfront Drive Homestead, PA 15120-1144 412-394-1375 412-394-5992 (Fax) Kendra Bittner IDEA Training and Consultation Coordinator, Assistive Technology Allegheny Intermediate Unit #3 475 East Waterfront Drive Homestead, PA 15120-1144 412-394-5872 412-394-5992 (Fax) AIU Assistive Technology Home Page

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