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ICD 10 – Devices Overview Presented by: THIMA ICD 10 Committee

2 DEVICES Devices fall into four basic groups: Grafts and Prostheses
Implants Simple or Mechanical Appliances Electronic Appliances The device is specified in the sixth character and is only used to specify devices that remain after the procedure is completed.

3 Character 6-Device Characters Example
0-Drainage Device 2-Monitoring Device 3-Infusion Device 7-Autogolous Tissue Substitute C-Extraluminal Device D-Intraluminal Device J-Synthetic Substitute K-Nonautologous Tissue Substitute L-Artificial Sphincter M-Stimulator Lead Y-Other Device Z- No Device This slide illustrates examples of the device characters available in the urinary system.

4 Character 6-Device Types
Biological or synthetic material that takes the place of all or a portion of the body part (i.e. skin graft, joint prosthesis) Biological or synthetic material that assists or prevents a physiological function (i.e. IUD) Therapeutic material that is not absorbed by, eliminated by, or incorporated into a body part (i.e. radioactive implant) Mechanical or electronic appliances used to assist, monitor, take the place of or prevent a physiological function (i.e. cardiac defibrillator, orthopedic pin)

5 Character 6-Device Facts
The device is the 6th character Used to specify devices that remain after the procedure is completed Materials such as clips and sutures are not considered devices Instrumentation used to visualize the procedure site is not specified in the device value. This information is specified in the approach value.

6 Character 6-Devices If the procedure performed is to put a device in, then the root operation is INSERTION Example: Cystoscopy with placement of brachytherapy seeds in prostate gland.

7 Character 6 - Devices If the device is put in to meet an objective other than INSERTION, the root operation defining the underlying objective of the procedure is used. Example: Right Total Knee Replacement

8 Character 6 10-PCS Guidelines
General Guidelines: B6.1a. A device is coded only if a device remains after the procedure is completed. If NO device remains, the device value No Device is coded. B6.1b. Materials such as sutures, ligatures, radiological markers and temporary post- operative wound drains are considered integral to the performance of the procedure and are not coded as devices.

9 Character 6-ICD-10-PCS Guidelines
General Guidelines con’t: B6.1c. Procedures performed on a device only and not on a body part are specified in the root operations Change, Irrigation, Removal and Revision, and are coded to the procedure performed. Example: Irrigation of percutaneous nephrostomy tube is coded as: AdministrationIndwelling DeviceIrrigation. B6.2. A separate procedure to put in a drainage device is coded to the root operation Drainage with the device value Drainage Device

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