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Europeana release progress Europeana Office 1 July 2010.

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1 Europeana release progress Europeana Office 1 July 2010

2 Rhine

3 Rhine Under development/configuration by Dev Team: Alternative suggestions Related items Improved search Timeline Cloud of search keywords OpenSearch API Harvesting + SIP/AIP Manager by MarkComm Interface translation, virtual exhib, communities By Operations CRM Content DEM O 1 Jul DEMO 1 Jul DEMO 24 June

4 Rhine Under development/configuration By Ops Team + Tech team + EConnect WP4 Licensing Framework requirements: Europeana Rights in portal By EConnect (with MarkCom) Mobile access By Business + MarkCom Search tips and suggestions Demos/prototypes in ThoughtLab incl. Annotation tool

5 Rhine: summary Everything is moving on!.... BUT: Still several features under development, incl. key ones Search related features Ingestion tools Marketing features in progress but still work to do OpenSearch API: + 10 million objects: +++ Mobile access: +++ Virtual exhibitions: ++ Release schedule…

6 … V0.8? V1.0?

7 Danube

8 Roadmap: Business Requirements

9 Mock-ups + analysis WAIT KILLED DARLINGS GO (Priority 1) PROTOTYPE ThoughtLab Value high Feasibility high Feasibility low Value low

10 28 requirements/features retained with priority 1 Cite record Embed object (HTML-snippet) Improved Search API Map search and display Improved and integrated Timeline Facets for licenses and UGC Icons on object for licenses Icons on special content objects Improved ranking of search results (ASSETS) Hierarchical object display Portal design modifications Social media streams on portal Content re-use statistics (API, Share/SocialMedia trackbacks, EmbedHTML, CopyPaste) Object display, social media trackbacks/links Improved virtual exhibitions User created shareable exhibition galleries Improved tagging and tags in search External services integration, SIWA Results translation (via SIWA) Improved accessibility (esp. Visual impaired) Wikipedia enriched search results United Ingestion Toolset Content Reporting Customer Service Center Ingestion of contextual content Data Enrichment Microformats in object display Publish Linked Open Data

11 Prototype, ThoughtLab Semantic search Digital object annotation tool pilot Search for similar image Data provider Lite Query translation View digital object in Europeana Geolocation aware service Facets (difficult ones)

12 Wait Persistent Identifier Resolution Discovery Service Metadata registry News & events boxes UGC, Add your content to Europeana Download object, metadata records, sets Content alert / subscription service (RSS) Cluster results

13 Killed darlings User comments Helix search, navigation and display


15 Agenda 10:00-10:45: Danube Technical Specifications phase: Objectives & Roadmap by Julie and Jan 10:45-11:00: Coffee break 11:00-12:00: Danube requirements by David, Borys 12:00-13:00: Lunch break 13:00-13:45: Danube requirements by Susanna, Jacob 13:45-14:15: Danube requirements by Antoine 14:15-15:00: Danube requirements by David 15:00-15:15: Coffee break 15:15-16:00: Next steps and wrap-up - Carlo, Jan, David and Julie

16 Roadmap: Tech. specifications

17 Technical specification phase July-August 2010 Produce D3.2: Functional specifications for Europeana Danube release, month 18 Wiki 1 requirement doc for each feature People involved: Coordinator: Carlo Meghini, Ev1.0 WP3 leader Business: David (Susanna, Georgia, Anne-Marie, Antoine) Development: Jan, Jacob, Borys, Serkan Tech writer Carlo receives (wikified) requirements from Business, liaises with Developers and forms functional and technical specifications: what & how

18 Thank you

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