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An example of industry innovation perspective

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1 An example of industry innovation perspective
February 6th, 2008 AmIVital An example of industry innovation perspective Proyecto CENIT 2007 Subvencionado por el CDTI dentro del programa INGENIO 2010 María García Robledo

2 Challenges for XXI Ethical Challenges Genetics & bioingeniering
Proyecto CENIT Ethical Challenges Genetics & bioingeniering Drinkable water Autonomy & wellbeing Global warming Information society Poverty Health Alternative energies Government Terrorism & human rights Ageing Petroleum Crisis Gender Equality Multi-culturality Demographic increase Based on “Siglo XXI: tentativa de identificación de algunas grandes tendencias” - Jérôme Bindé, Director de la Oficina de Análisis y Previsión, UNESCO

3 Demographic changes Proyecto CENIT Age and health expenditure correlation From million inhabitants in 2005 to millions in 2050 Age Average expectancy: 65 years in 2005 to 75 years in 2050 Older than 60 years: from 20% to 32% in developed countries and from 8% to 19% in developing countries In 2050 elders percentage larger than children (0-14 años) worldwide (2 elder per child in developed countries) Fuente: The 2004 Revision Population Database, Population Division, UN Budgetary Challenges posed by aging populations, Economic Policy Committee, EU

4 Fundamental necessities
Proyecto CENIT Social politics for improving quality of life Spanish People with disabilities Law – October 2006 Social Covers and family economy uphold Use of ICT to improve the efficiency and stop health expenditure increase expected Participation in our elders and people with disabilities care Loneliness: 1 out of 4 spanish elders lives alone Informal and formal care-givers activity management Chronic pathologies and long length treatment In 2020, these will be more than 60% People with disabilities autonomy and integration More than 30% elderly older than 65 have any disability Services for people with disabilities

5 Technologies for wellbeing and health
Proyecto CENIT NEEDS SERVICES TECHNOLOGIES Acute illnesses Home “in-patient” Chronic deseases Continuous assistance Telemedicine Wellbeing Remote assistance services Teleassistance Loneliness and restrictions Personal autonomy Virtual assistance Dissabilities Accessible services Domotics

6 Objectives Proyecto CENIT “… develop a new generation of technologies and ICT tools for modeling, designing, implementing and operating devices and Ambient Inteligent systems for the provision of services and personal support for an independent living, wellbeing and health” Person-oriented Aiming to keep the normal life enviroment Globalization and scalability Functional, economical and technological feasibility solutions

7 Actors envolved Independent Living and mobility for elderly
Proyecto CENIT Independent Living and mobility for elderly Chronic disease patient monitorization and control People with disabilities, social integration and accessible services Services for vulnerable groups (children, …) Promote proactive and healthy ways of life Support to proffesionals involved in care-giving, family and informal care givers Platforms and tools for supporting service provision operation and management

8 Scenary Home assistance private services Emergency services Hospitals
Proyecto CENIT Security and Comunication Framework Emergency services Home assistance private services Hospitals Social services Security services e-goverment Private social and healthcare entities

9 Ambient Intelligence Proyecto CENIT “ … creation of sceneries in which users interact naturally and effortless with different systems, thanks to the invisble technologies that are always naturally present and integrated …“ Simplicity for using based on the natural interaction is the paradigmatic concept of the model Oriented to a system adapted to user restrictions and needs that interacts Ubiquity perspective ensuring continuous services in every user environment Fuente: Informe “Inteligencia Ambiental” , Noelia Carretero y Ana Belén Bermejo., CEDITEC Univ. Politécnica de Madrid

10 Technologies envolved
Proyecto CENIT Context based systems Intelligent Home platforms Adaptive user interfaces Interoperability and agent systems Artificial intelligence algorithms Information Security Broadband networks New generation of mobile services Body area networks and wearable systems Wireless technologies Localization services Biosensors y microsensors Clinical monitor systems Advance domotics Encapsulation Low energy-consuming systems Platform Communications Sensor networks


12 Health control evolution
Tratamiento neurológico Traumatismo Infarto Prevención Proceso Agudo Rehabilitación Quirófano Cama Box UCI Resonancia Analítica Plan Paciente Ingreso Ultrasonido Terapia Mamografía Endoscopia Consultas Quirófanos Hospitalización Boxes INTERACCIÓN CLÍNICA (Paciente real, médico, equipamiento) Enfermo Sano Nacimiento Muerte Health networks Social and Healthcare systems DESEASE CONTROL Healthcare based on evidence Acute deseases representation WORKFLOW CONTROL Workflow based on ICT systems Electronic Healthcare Record USE CONTROL Clinical Systems Logistics Pharmacy Equipment

13 AMIVITAL Consortium Asociación ITACA Clínica Puerta de Hierro
Instituto de Salud Carlos III Fundación Rioja Salud Fundación CARTIF Universidad de Granada Universidad de Málaga Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Universidad de Zaragoza

14 Strategy in research Long term Research
Proyecto CENIT Long term Research Technological Innovation for the future based on AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) Short Term Research To define business models and join new entities as a tool developers for a new services market Participation in Collaborative international projects SIEMENS Spain is leading or involved in several research projects like: Spanish national program CENIT: AMIVITAL 7th FP: OASIS 6th FP: ASK-IT

15 February 6th, 2008 Thanks María García Robledo

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