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Wednesdays April 3, 2013 Lecture Slides. THE GREAT GATSBY Chapters 1-2 Discussions 3003.8.1–I can identify characteristics of the Modern and Contemporary.

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1 Wednesdays April 3, 2013 Lecture Slides

2 THE GREAT GATSBY Chapters 1-2 Discussions –I can identify characteristics of the Modern and Contemporary Period I can determine how the conflict in Gatsby impacts the characters I can analyze characters to determine their roles/functions in Gatsby I can identify specific symbols and passages of foreshadowing in Gatsby.

3 BEGINNING QUOTE Whenever you feel like criticizing any one…just remember that all the people in this world havent had the advantages that youve had (Fitzgerald 1). Why do you think (through Nicks narration) Fitzgerald stated this at the beginning of the book? Establishes an optimism in Nick Shows his compassion, tolerance, and reliability Someone we can trust.

4 CHAPTER 1 Characters Nick Carraway – narrator of the story Daisy Buchanan – Nicks cousin Tom Buchanan – Daisys husband and fellow Yale graduate of Nicks

5 CHAPTER ONE Characters Jordan Baker – friend of Daisy, and eventually, a friend of Nicks Jay Gatsby – Nicks mysterious next-door neighbor

6 FITZGERALDS ALLUSION OF WEALTH (4) Nicks volume of books on finance red and gold new money from the mint (green) Midas, Morgan, and Maecenas Midas was the legendary king who was granted his wish that everything he touch change to gold. Morgan refers to J. Pierpont Morgan ( ), the famous New York financier. Maecenas was a wealthy Etruscan patron of the Roman poets Horace and Virgil. All three are examples of Fitzgerald's fascination with wealth and the very wealthy.

7 SETTING – LONG ISLAND West Egg East Egg Home of the New Rich Old bungalows next to large mansions The less fashionable to the two (5) Gatsby (war veteran) Nick (war veteran) Glittering white palaces Red colonials Old money that is well-groomed Polo Well-bred occupants/fashionable (5) Buchanans (spoiled; family money) Thinks he is well-read Valley of Ashes

8 COLOR AS A SYMBOL Red and gold Houses at the fashionable East Egg (Georgian colonials) Rosy colored porches (11) Crimson room (17-foreshadowing to future bloodshed) Described in golden light Yellow hair (17) Red gas pumps (20) White Houses at the fashionable East Egg (5) White gleaming windows (8) Ladies wearing white dresses (8) Daisys name suggests white Nordic race (Tom Green Ivy on the colossal affair (Gatsbys house) Fresh grass (8) Black You did it, Tom (12) The Rise of the Colored Empires – Goddard (12) Racist book, white-supremacy (Tom)

9 RELATIONSHIPS Nick and Daisy Nick and Tom Daisy and Jordan Daisy and Tom Tom and girlfriend from NY Gatsby and ? Remember we havent been formally introduced to him yet How are they connected? What can you foreshadow in this picture?

10 QUESTIONS ON GUIDED READINGS Who is the narrator of the story? What is the significance of the white space between paragraph 4 and 5? From what part of the country does Nick originally come? Why has Nick moved to New York? How does Nick come to live next door to Jay Gatsby? Where had Nick known Tom Buchanan before? What is Jordan Backer's relationship to Daisy Buchanan? What does Nick learn from Jordan when Tom is called to the phone? What is the "secret society?" What does Nick see Gatsby doing at the end of the chapter?

11 CHAPTER 2 Characters Tom Nick Dr. T. J. Eckleburg – oculist (optometrist, or ophthalmologist) George Wilson – owner of an automobile repair shop, provider of gas, and husband of Myrtle (faintly handsome) Myrtle – Georges wife and Toms mistress; mid 30s, faintly stout Catherine – Myrtles sister (slender), worldly girl, 30s, sticky bob of red hair, Nicks companion at Myrtles request Mr. and Mrs. McKee – a couple who live in the hotel where Tom, Myrtle, and Nick go to a party (hate each other) Billboard that hovers

12 SETTING Chapter 1 – East Egg (old $) and West Egg (new $) Chapter 2 – Valley of Ashes (worst) and New York Wilsons Garage Morningside Heights Apartments (Love Shack) Discuss the contrasts Green (chapter 1) with the grayness of the valley Green (envy, go, chasing dreams) Gold (money, power, secrets) Fitzgeralds attempt to establish the rich and the poor

13 STEAMY AFFAIR Relationships George and Tom Myrtle and Tom Catherine and Nick Mrs. McKee and Myrtle Mr. McKee and Nick How is Myrtle always able to get away? How does Tom feel about George? Hes so dumb he doesnt know he is alive (26). What is ironic about what Myrtle bought at the news-stand? She bought a copy of the Town Tattle. Do you wonder if she was going to find her name and/or picture in it? I want to see you…get on the train. All right! Ill meet you by the news-stand…

14 BIG PARTY DOUBLE LIVES TERRIBLE LIES Materialism evident Transformation of Myrtle with every change of clothes Lavish party with the introduction of Catherine and Mr. and Mrs. McKee Small talk; McKee is looking to get into photographing the rich and famous What do we learn about Gatsby (32)? Subject of gossip Not been introduced yet…Fitzgerald forges a sense of excitement here Discuss Tom hitting Mrs. Wilson

15 QUESTIONS FOR GUIDED READING 1.What is the Valley of Ashes literally? 2.Who or what is Dr. T. J. Eckleburg? 3.What is George Wilson's occupation? 4.What items does Myrtle purchase in the city? 5.What is significant about Myrtle's questioning whether the dog is a boy or girl? 6.Who is Catherine? 7.What effect does the change of dress have on Myrtle? 8.How does Myrtle talk about the help at the hotel? 9.What rumor had Catherine heard about Gatsby? 10.How does Catherine explain to Nick the affair of Myrtle and Tom?

16 HOMEWORK Read Chapters 3-4 Due Friday: Guided Reading for 3-4 Vocabulary Readers Theatre 1-4 Start looking at your Learning Menu items Pick one appetizer Pick one dessert Pick one beverage I will serve you the main courses! Questions during tutoring time or me One Vocabulary Readers Theater presentation

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