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SITE VISIT AGENDA 9:00 am : Welcome & Introductions 9:30 am: Brief Orientation to the City and Neighborhood 9:45 am: Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant.

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1 SITE VISIT AGENDA 9:00 am : Welcome & Introductions 9:30 am: Brief Orientation to the City and Neighborhood 9:45 am: Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant (CNPG) Big Picture 1:15 pm: Neighborhood Planning Process 2:30 pm: People Planning Process 3:45 pm: Housing Planning Process 6:00 pm: Community Stakeholder Meeting


3 Happy Valentines Day! We Kingsport!

4 PRESENTATION AGENDA Welcome & Introductions Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI) Overview Midtown Kingsport The Model City CNI Community Engagement Planning Exercises Discussion

5 Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Leigh E. van Rij Office of Public Housing Investments Kevin Jones Director, Financial Management Center Ed Ellis Director, Knoxville Field Office Suzanne Wright, Field Office-Field Policy Management Karen Haynes, Field Office Public Housing GRANTOR

6 The City of Kingsport Eastman Chemical Company Domtar Northeast State Community College Kingsport City Schools Holston Valley Medical Center / Wellmont ANCHOR INSTITUTIONS

7 Key Partners and Stakeholders Housing Appalachian Service Project Eastern Eight Community Development Lee Apartments Resident Association Michael Brady Inc. Master Developer (to be determined) People Alliance for Business & Training Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kingsport Domtar Eastman Chemical Company ET & CS Frontier Health Kingsport Chamber of Commerce Kingsport City Schools Literacy Council of Kingsport Northeast State Community College Rural Health Services Consortium The Sullivan County Department of Human Services Wellmont Health System - Holston Valley Medical Center UETHDA UETHDA - Head Start Kingsport Senior Center Neighborhood Domtar Eastman Chemical Company Kingsport Chamber of Commerce Kingsport Tomorrow Northeast State Community College South Central Kingsport Community Development Inc. United Way of Greater Kingsport The City of Kingsport Development Services – Planning, Community Development Economic Development Fire Metro Transportation Planning/Kingsport Area Transit Service Parks, Recreation & Leisure Police Public Works

8 Kingsport Housing & Redevelopment Authority (KHRA) - Board, Residents & Staff Planning Initiative Lead Urban Collage (UC) Principal Planning Coordinator The Communities Group International (TCGI) Community Planning, Finance & Development Consultant Thomas Point Associates, Inc. Economic Development and Market Analyst Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon, Inc. Environmental and Civil Engineer TEAM


10 Choice Neighborhood Initiative Choice Neighborhoods grants transform distressed neighborhoods and public and assisted projects into viable and sustainable mixed- income neighborhoods by linking housing improvements with appropriate services, schools, public assets, transportation, and access to jobs. KHRA has received a $300,000 Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI) Planning Grant by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) One of 17 grantees across the country GOAL : Develop a comprehensive Transformation Plan to revitalize the target neighborhood planning area.

11 Planning Goals - Develop a TRANSFORMATION PLAN for… HOUSING Energy efficient, mixed- income, one-for-one replacement NEIGHBORHOOD Well-functioning, economically viable, mixed-income neighborhoods PEOPLE Improved health, safety, employment, mobility, and education

12 Planning Goals - Neighborhood Transform the Selected Neighborhood through: Good Services Quality Schools Improved Public Assets Convenient Public Transportation Access to Jobs 12

13 Planning Goals - People Education: Better Schools and Resources Learning from Cradle to College Preparation for Employment Community and Supportive Services: Health Safety Employment 13

14 Planning Goals - Housing Transform distressed Public and Assisted Housing into Housing that is: Energy Efficient Mixed Income Well-designed Financially Healthy for the Long Term One for One Replacement requirement for units being redeveloped Current residents have right of return 14


16 A Legacy of inspired city-building The Kingsport Spirit The city has always looked to the future for inspiration and direction Progressive Development Interlocking industries Workforce housing Planning / Urban Design The Nolen Plan Introduction of zoning Architecture Innovative typologies Early design guidelines World-class designers

17 Planning Initiatives Kingsport Tomorrow: Vision 2017 Kingsport 2010 thru 2015 Consolidated Plan The Downtown Kingsport Gateways/City Development Plan & Downtown Kingsport Redevelopment District 2005 –improvements and funding through TIF VISCOR Visioning Summary Riverview HOPE VI DOJ Byrne Memorial Grant – hot spot – safety Mayors Task Force on Livability Crosstown Connector – Phase 5 Holston Valley Medical Center renovation/ expansion Library renovation / expansion Historic State Theater Eastman Chemical anticipated expansion at Borden Mill

18 A Region growing in importance The larger area has opportunities for CN linkages: Major open space like Bays Mountain Park Interstate access Tri-Cities airport Tourism Physical Context

19 A Center with established assets The historic center, the focus of the CN study, has many assets to build on: Revitalizing Downtown Major employers that are invested in the community An excellent medical center Cradle-to-college school facilities An arts presence at the Renaissance Center Natural refuges like the Kingsport Greenbelt Great design and public spaces like Church Circle Bounded by: Kingsport Greenbelt on the north; Center Street, Railroads, and Wilcox Drive on the west and south; Center Street, Wateree Street, Piedmont Drive and Dorothy Street on the east.

20 Physical Context The TARGET Housing

21 Neighborhood Characteristics Poverty Rate 40.02% Part I crime rate 2.21 times that of the city Long-term vacancy rate 17.88 versus 8.66 for Sullivan County Target Housing: 128 units Rehabilitation Cost per unit $102,273 Structural Deficiencies Outdated building systems On-site infrastructure replacement Unit design deficiencies

22 1.Research and Data Collection 2.Examine Issues and Needs 3.Develop Sustainable Transformation Strategies and Indicators to Measure Outcomes, and a Community Vision and Goals for Housing Supply Community Growth (People) Neighborhood Improvement 4.Finalize and Document the Transformation Plan Planning Process I

23 Planning Grant Application Submitted: May 2012 Grant Received: October 2012 HUD Site Visit: February 2013 Focus Groups: quarterly meetings Steering Committee: quarterly meetings Plan completed: October 2014 Planning Schedule


25 Community Engagement Resident Meeting - April 24, 2012 Resident Kickoff Meeting – Dec 10, 2012 Partner & Community Meeting – Dec 10. 2012

26 Communication Plan Resident Training Transformation Team, Steering Committee, and Focus Group Meetings Issues forums, workshops and charrettes Flyers posted in local access centers Resident and Community Survey Press releases Social media Housing Authority website

27 Jointly, the Focus Groups will design and implement the transformation planning process over the 24 month grant-planning period. Steering Committee will promote consensus. Kingsport Housing & Redevelopment Authority will lead the planning process Kingsport Housing & Redevelopment Authority, City and Anchor Institutions Steering Committee Education Economic Self- Sufficiency Health Safety Transport Seniors Youth Key Partners and Stakeholders Northeast State Community College will serve as an independent Monitoring and Evaluation entity and will track progress. Stakeholders will provide input, confirm findings, and provide consensus throughout the transformation planning process.

28 Lets Start Planning Tonight!

29 Planning Station Exercise #1 Change / No Change On the Map: Put a RED DOT on a place that you want to preserve, or something you dont want to see change. Think about… A historic building A favorite park Your community center………etc. You get four dots so youll need to choose wisely!

30 Planning Station Exercise #2 Change / No Change On the same Map: Put a GREEN DOT on something you want to see change. Think about: A building that is run down and needs repair or demolition A vacant lot where there should be a house A broken sidewalk to fix A dangerous intersection that needs a stop sign or traffic light….…etc. Remember, four dots only!

31 Planning Station Exercise #3 Major Issues & Opportunities On the same Map: Grab a marker and post-it notes to identify and highlight major issues & opportunities on the map Issues & Opportunities

32 Project Website: DISCUSSION

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