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Marin Housing Authority

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1 Marin Housing Authority
Focus on Content, Design and Delivery Program Coordinating Committee April 19, 2012

2 Today’s Content Marin Housing Authority Programs
Gayle Suits 1. Supportive Housing Programs June Miyake 2. Family Self-Sufficiency HCV & PH June Palladino 3. Resident Opportunities and Self-Sufficiency Bernadette Stuart

3 What Is A Housing Authority?
A public non-profit created pursuant to the Health and Safety Code of the State of California. Authorized to provide decent, safe and sanitary housing for low and moderate income people. Empowered by State and Federal Law to acquire property, develop housing, issue tax exempt bonds, enter into mortgages, trusts, & leases; condemn property, borrow money, accept grants and manage property to accomplish its purpose.

4 Continued… What Is A Housing Authority?
An independent public agency that has contracts with local, state and federal governments. Required to follow federal regulations. Receives subsidies and grants from U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

5 MHA History 1942 Established to administer wartime housing.

6 Golden Gate Village High-Rise 168 Golden Gate Village Low-Rise 132
1960 Completes Marin City Family Public Housing Golden Gate Village High-Rise 168 Golden Gate Village Low-Rise 132

7 1968 ~ 1971 constructs FIVE elderly developments.
Casa Nova Golden Hinde Venetia Oaks Kruger Pines Homestead Terrace 28

8 Mission Statement To assist low and moderate income residents of Marin to secure and maintain high quality affordable housing.

9 Board of Commissioners
Governed by local Commission appointed by the Marin County Board of Supervisors 2012 Board of Commissioners 1. Susan Adams Judy Arnold 2. Katie Rice Homer Hall 3. Kathrin Sears Rob Simon 4. Steve Kinsey

10 Resident Advisory Board (RAB) Agency-Wide Resident Council (AWRC)
Tenant Involvement Resident Advisory Board (RAB) Provides input and shares information about tenant needs to assist the agency in developing the Public Housing Authority’s Annual Plan and Admissions & Continued Occupancy Plan. Agency-Wide Resident Council (AWRC) Provides a forum to hear and consider the needs of all public housing residents in Marin County. Holds monthly meetings at rotating developments.

11 MHA Programs Asset Management Projects (Public Housing)
AMP 1: Golden Gate Village Family Housing AMP 2: Elderly & Disabled Housing Housing Choice Vouchers Homeownership Programs Supportive Housing Programs I suggest MHA Programs for heading since not all of these are solely HUD funded.

12 Marin’s Public Housing
Public Housing is rental housing built to provide safe and affordable places for low-income families, elderly and disabled. Marin’s Public Housing Elderly/Disabled at 5 developments 200 Family Housing Golden Gate Village 296 Total Public Housing Define Eligible: Eligibility means citizen, no debt owed to the PHA, no felony violations in the last five years, what else is eligible?

13 Housing Choice Vouchers
Voucher allows low-income families to choose and rent safe, decent and affordable privately owned rental housing. Housing is inspected, rental assistance approved: a) Tenant pays 30% of income for rent to landlord. b) PHA makes Housing Assistance Payment to landlord. Total Marin County Vouchers: H: 2,067 P: 8,422

14 BMR Homeownership Open To The Public Below Market Rate Lottery
Income Limits Apply 120% of Median Income Below Market Rate Lottery Rehabilitation Loan Novato Units at Hamilton Air Force Base Mortgage Credit Certificate Program BMR homeownership needs editing consider editing information here. I removed HCV HO VOUCHER- because it is NOT part of the BMR program.

15 HCV-HO Program Allows Section 8 Voucher Holders to apply housing subsidy toward a mortgage. Requirements Section 8 Voucher holder for one year Down Payment % of purchase price Good Credit 650+ Ability to qualify for a loan Housing Subsidy continues 30 years if Elderly or Disabled 15 years if not

16 HCV-HO Highlights Utilize Escrow Account from FSS Program
Purchase through BMR Program or Open Market Down Payment Assistance Available 25 Homeowners on the HCV-HO Program

17 Any Questions? Thank you!
I have provided you with a brief overview of marin housing authority, and today we are going to focus on our Supportive Housing Department and two Programs that facilitate this meeting the FSS and ROSS Programs. Thank you for joining us today and now I am going to let June talk about her department.

18 Supportive Housing Programs
Presenter: June Miyake Topic: Supportive Housing Programs Relationship: Director of Programs- I oversee the grants, procurement, staffing, tracking, reporting, budgeting, design and implementation of programs for Marin Housing Authority. I operate as a part of the Executive Team- Purpose of Presentation: Introduce yourself, share your education, your experience, how long you’ve been working for Marin Housing Authority, How much you enjoy working here, and your commitment to develop the design and management of your departments. Talk about your empowerment approach to management- trusting and delegating to your staff who work closely with Marin Housing tenants and community partners result in greater reward for staff and positive outcomes for clients. June Miyake Director of Supportive Housing Marin Housing Authority

19 Supportive Housing Programs
Shelter + Care (Gail, Laura, Mimi, Angela) Home Connection (Cheryl) HOPWA (Cheryl) FSS-HCV (Gayle, Kathleen) FSS-PH (June) ROSS-ED (Bernadette) Presenter: June Miyake, Director of Supportive Housing Shelter + Care is a program that provides rental assistance in connection with Supportive Services. What do the Peer Case Managers do? Home connection is a roommate matching Program HOPWA is Hosing for People with Aids. We provide Supportive Housing through a housing voucher that is connected to outside case management. Currently it is the Marin Aids Project that provides Case Management Services. FSS-PH is the Family Self-Sufficiency Public Housing program based in Marin City, we have a new case manager, June Palidino who will be participating in these Program Coordinating Committee. FSS-HCV is a Family Self-Sufficiency program for families with vouchers that live in private residences Gail is the Coordinator for that program ROSS is the Resident Opportunities for Self Sufficiency that serves Elderly Disabled

20 Total People Served 2011 Shelter + Care 140
Supportive Housing Total People Served 2011 Shelter + Care Home Connection Start Up Phase HOPWA FSS-PH FSS-HCV ROSS-ED TOTAL

21 Supportive Housing 2011 Budget for SHP $2,310,000

22 Shelter Plus Care (S+C)
Supportive Housing Shelter Plus Care (S+C) Provides rental assistance with supportive services. Assists hard to serve homeless & disabled and their families. Focus’ on Marin residents with serious mental illness. Funding: HUD McKinney-Vento and Marin County HHS-CMHS Objective: Access health/mental health care,  symptom management, increased access to community services and resources. Goal: Supports long-term housing through case management. Outcome: Reduce homelessness, hospitalizations and incarcerations.

23 Home Connection of Marin
Supportive Housing Home Connection of Marin Matching housemates service. Connects housing providers with seekers. Offers criminal and sex offender screening Provides lower housing costs, security and companionship to home owners.

24 Housing Opportunities for People with Aids (HOPWA)
Supportive Housing Housing Opportunities for People with Aids (HOPWA) Provides long term rental assistance and service coordination for individuals and families who are living with HIV or AIDS. Allows participants to lease privately owned apartments and receive a rental subsidy based on their income level and family composition.

25 Family Self-Sufficiency
Supportive Housing Family Self-Sufficiency Housing Choice Voucher Public Housing Case Management services for families in Marin City Public Housing. Case Management services for families in Section 8 Voucher Program. FSS is for families who are working to achieve educational and employment goals and becoming independent of public assistance.

26 Resident Opportunities and Self-Sufficiency Elderly/Disabled
Supportive Housing Resident Opportunities and Self-Sufficiency Elderly/Disabled Provides assistance with tenant management through coordinating supportive services. Offers housing help and supportive counseling to help tenants maintain housing and age-in-place.

27 Community Partners Supportive Housing Adopt-A-Family
Legal Aid of Marin APS, IHSS Marin Aids Project Buckelew Programs Marin Comm. Clinic Canal Alliance Marin General CenterPoint Marin Treatment Center Community Action Marin MCCDC, MCIL, MEC Fair Housing Marin   NBC Voyager Family Action of Marin Novato Human Needs Family Services Agency Odyssey Habitat for Humanity Probation & Police Dept. Helen Vine Ritter Center  HHS-CMHS, STAR, HOPE SparkPoint Homeward Bound St. Vincent de Paul JFCS Whistlestop Thank you! Today we are here to illuminate our community partnerships. We (SHP) are mutual partners through providing housing to tenants that need supportive services. We appreciate your commitment! Now, we are going to highlight two programs, FSS and ROSS, that facilitate the Program Coordinating Committee.

28 Any Questions? Thank you! Supportive Housing
Resource information and referrals about our supportive housing programs comes from our community partners. We are here to work with you and help house your clients . Our relationships are essential to continue to provide stabilization and positive outcomes for our clients.

29 Marin Housing’s Family Self-Sufficiency Program
Presented by June Palladino Family Self-Sufficiency

30 Family Self-Sufficiency
WHAT IS FSS? Five Year Employment Program Offered to HCV and PH residents Provides case management and support Individualized Goal Setting ►Employment ►Education ►Health ►Financial Financial Incentive ►Escrow Account Family Self-Sufficiency

31 Family Self-Sufficiency
HUD Objectives Reduce dependency of low-income families on public assistance and on rental subsidies. Coordinate with public and private resources to enable participants to: INCREASE earned income INCREASE financial literacy Family Self-Sufficiency

32 Family Self-Sufficiency
FSS History Need for Services & Incentives with Housing 1990 HUD Established FSS program. 1992 MHA Adopted the program Two Programs FSS-HCV & FSS-PH 253 Graduates 51 Families Purchased Homes Numbers shown are cumulative HCV FSS 203 PH FSS 50 Family Self-Sufficiency

33 Family Self-Sufficiency
2011 HIGHLIGHTS HCV FSS Public Housing FSS 120 Households Served 68 Escrow Accounts 13 Graduates Average Escrow $16,000 5 New Homeowners 50 Households Served 28 Escrow Accounts 3 Graduates Average Escrow $1635 10 Move-Outs of PH Family Self-Sufficiency

34 Family Self-Sufficiency
Program Process Completion Update Goals Sign Contract Goal Setting Intake Orientation Family Self-Sufficiency

35 Case Management Referrals and Resources Direct Support In House
Employment Search Small Business Development Financial Assistance Financial Aid Planning Counseling IDA accounts Financial Management Credit Repair Homeownership Counseling & Education Goal Setting Problem Solving Resume Development Housing Advocacy Housing Assistance History/Background on Self-Sufficiency Family Self-Sufficiency

36 Measurements for Success
Earn high school diploma/GED Earn higher education (AA/BA) or Certificate Obtain Career Path Employment Increase Wages Reduce the need of benefits from one or more public assistance programs Family Self-Sufficiency

37 Family Self-Sufficiency
escrow account is savings and credit is an amount that a family’s rent increases as the result of an increase in earned income Savings comes from HAP in HCV Rent in PH Calculated at rent calculation FSS Escrow Account Incentive Increase wages & allow rent to go up Asset building program MHA saves $$ on behalf of FSS participant Client portion of rent increases Subsidy is saved and put into escrow Disbursed to family when goals are completed New Income based on WAGES: $2080 per month New Rent : $594 (client portion- 30% of adjusted gross income) New RENT (client portion): $594 Minus- $125 (FSS contract baseline) $469 FSS Escrow Credit Escrow credits based on WAGES only- can go on 5-7 years Increase in income AFTER signing FSS Contract Client pays INCREASED rent to owner MHA-FSS deposits credit into account on behalf of client- they do not do the saving Average disbursement $13,000 for 2011 Family Self-Sufficiency

38 Family Self-Sufficiency
Program Completion Employment Complete FSS Goals Off Cash Aid for final 12 months Maintained good standing with MHA Complete final and interim goals All household members off cash aid. Income to pay full rent exceeds 30% Family Self-Sufficiency

39 Any Questions? Thank you!

40 Resident Opportunities & Self Sufficiency Presented by B. Stuart

41 ROSS Overview Low income elderly, disabled and previously homeless residents face issues including: *poor health *lack of access to needed services *poverty *lack of transportation *Isolation *insufficient state and local resources MHA is aware of the need for additional services to residents to help reduce the need for out-of-home placement. HUD ROSS Grant serves five elderly/disabled properties in Marin County, totaling 200 units.

42 ROSS Outreach Quarterly Newsletter Weekly Site Visits Annual Survey
Door-to-Door Outreach Identify needs and encourage residents to make use of services. Inform residents of services available through community providers.

43 ROSS ED Needs Tenant Satisfaction Housing Help Lease Understanding
Recertification IHSS MSSP Hospice Food Food Pantry Brown Bag Meals on Wheels Medical Insurance Health Wellness Vision Dental Transportation Public Whistle Stop NHN VA Transportation Social Support Site Based Support Community Senior Circle Women’s Group Counseling Crisis Intervention Brief Counseling Referral CMH

44 ROSS Recipients 146/200 Since November 2010

45 ROSS Key Benefits Expand supportive services to needy residents.
Improve the quality-of-life of residents. Enable residents to age-in-place and prevent out-of-home placement. Partnership between the HHS, DAAS, VA, JFCS, NHN, SF/Marin Food Bank etc., ensures that most needy residents are served and residents have access to additional services.

46 Program Coordinating Committee
Represents FSS & ROSS programs May provide input on FSS & ROSS programs Includes all stakeholders: CBO’s & Local Government that serve residents PH Resident, or Resident Council Member, or HCV Participant, and PHA Representatives we are here to encourage ongoing participation of CBO’s

47 PCC Responsibilities Commitment to building community partnerships to provide support services. Coordinate support services with MHA. Inform and educate residents and staff to promote quality-of-life and economic self-sufficiency. Vision stabilize communities.

48 PCC Today Meet four times a year.
Share information and resources that serve Marin County low-income residents. Continue our commitment to partnerships to build relationships and offer resources that aid our mutual clients.

49 PCC Survey 2012 Please complete a Survey.
Results at the next PCC meeting. Identify Gaps and Action Steps to fill Gaps. Thank you!

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