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2 Over 22 Years of Innovative Technology Solutions CSI is a Full Service Communications Products Company Telephony Services – Equipment, Installation & Maintenance Traditional VoIP Structured Cabling – Certified Design & Installation Copper Fiber Optic IP Network Design, Installation & Management – Indoor/Outdoor, Wired or Wireless Internet Bandwidth – Dedicated IP Through Multiple Transport Options Internet Connectivity – Mobile Wi-Fi Access Wireless Solutions – Microwave Network Design, Deployment & Management Tower Construction & Installation Services – Cellular, Broadcast, Utilities, Government Video Surveillance – Wireless/Wired, Indoor & Outdoor Area Leader in Innovative Technology Solutions Certified in Fiber Optics - 1993 Installed First Wireless Solution – 1999 Designed & Installed First Indoor Wi-Fi Network - 2006 Designed & Installed First Outdoor Wi-Fi Network – 2007 2

3 Turn-Key Wireless Solutions Network Design – Path Alignment, Heat Maps (coverage) Equipment Procurement – Multiple Product Options Installation & Testing – In-House, Certified Cable and Wireless Engineers Proactive Network Monitoring – 24/7/365 Bandwidth Provisioning & Support – Carrier Redundancy & Flexible Delivery Options Network Maintenance – Urgent Response Service Level Options 24/7/365 End-User Technical Support – Toll Free Call Center Ancillary Services – Billing Services, Marketing Promotions, Training, Web Portal Pages Sampling of Wireless Networks Lake Ohana - Mobile Wi-Fi for Rural Development Homeowners Cornerstone Apartments - Mobile Wi-Fi for Tenants Midtown Crossing - Outdoor Public Wi-Fi (Turner Park) Aksarben Village - Outdoor Public Wi-Fi Sisters of Mercy – Mobile Residential Wi-Fi for Retired Nuns Highline Apartments – Mobile Wi-Fi for Tenants Bennington Schools – Indoor Wi-Fi, Wireless Links Verizon Wireless – LTE (4G) Network Installations Elkhorn Public Schools – Wireless Link Papillion-LaVista Schools – Wireless Link From Design to Support 3

4 Mobile data traffic is expected to grow between 53 and 153 times from 2010 to 2020. Signals Research Group The number of active smart phones reached 51% of the cell phone market in September of 2012. ComScore By the end of 2013 there is expected to be over 470 million smart phones in circulation in the U.S. Nielson Research Group In 2 nd Quarter of 2013, total number of smartphones and tablets will exceed the number of PCs Deloitte In December, 2012 over 13% of all Internet traffic originated from a mobile device Deloitte Google & Microsoft have filed separate patents on Wi-Fi enabled eye glasses There are more than 1.3 million mobile apps available for Apple and Android users. Cnet In December 2012, 36% of U.S. homes did NOT have a land line phone. CDC 2012 Report Paid TV providers are projected to lose over 1 million subscribers in 2013 TDG Research Group Result - Increased Demand, Expectations and Reliance on Mobile Access Its a Mobile World 4

5 Meeting Expectations of Students, Staff & Faculty Mobile Connectivity Throughout School Property 100% Coverage Indoors & Out Seamless Connectivity Access to Internal (Intranet), External (Internet) Networks Connectivity with a Variety of Wi-Fi Enabled Devices Increased Bandwidth Capacity Availability Increases Usage – Identify, Negotiate & Contract for Internet Bandwidth & Transpor t Network Monitoring – Proactive 24/7/365 Monitoring, Monthly Network Usage & Performance Reporting Network Maintenance – Remote & On-Site Repair of Outages, Scheduled Maintenance, Software Upgrades Access to Expanded Teaching Applications Change the Way in Which Children Learn Creative Cloud Based Tools Centralized Video Content Educational Impact of Wireless Communications 5

6 Expanded Uses of A Wireless Network Campus Security Wireless Cameras ­ Indoor / Outdoor / Mobile – No Cabling Wireless Door Access Control Operations Cost Reduction & Improved Efficiencies Wi-Fi Thermostats (Temperature Control) Lower Cabling Costs Lower Cost of Inter-School Connectivity (VoIP) Wireless Lunch (POS) Processing Remote Credit/Debit Card Processing Asset Tracking with RFID Tags Expanded Teaching / School Benefits Cloud Based Lesson Plans Distance Learning Professional Development for Teachers Engaging Kids to be Creative and Think for Themselves Wireless Projectors, Televisions and Smart Boards Remote Access to Outdoor Spaces (Athletic Facilities and Remote Learning Centers) Video Broadcasting of Sporting or Activity Events Educational Impact of Wireless Communications 6

7 Development & Management of A Wireless Network Performance/Support of the Network Starts with Appropriate Infrastructure (Network Backbone) Network Design ­ Density ­ Redundancy (Mesh) ­ Equipment Learning of Different Technology Redundancy Planning Integration of Microwave and Wi-Fi Technology (Indoor, Outdoor Coverage) Review / Establish Network Usage Policies Wireless Voice (Cellular Phones) Wireless Video Wireless Data Monitoring the Network Consider Outsourcing (Managed Service ) Management of the Visitor Educational Impact of Wireless Communications 7

8 Securing a Wireless Network Most Challenges are Consistent with Cabled Networks Restricted Access SSIDs Offer Multiple Layers and Network Controls ­ Student Network ­ Teachers Network ­ Administration Network ­ Guest Network Remote Access Content Filtering Unique Challenges for Securing a Wireless Network Bring Your Own Device ­ Expanded Wi-Fi Enabled Devices Content Access Control Educational Impact of Wireless Communications 8

9 Funding of a Wireless Network Consider Various Funding Options Grants Leasing E-Rate Be Creative with Applications & to Help Justify Costs Research Various Ways the Students can Benefit Consider Teacher and Faculty Uses for Continuing Education Keep a List of Applications that will Improve Teaching Techniques Look for Cost Savings Consider Safety Benefits While Searching for Funds Plan for the Future Needs Demands will only Increase ­ Identify an Expandable Source for Bandwidth Applications and Usages will Continue to Develop Wi-Fi Ready Devices will Evolve Educational Impact of Wireless Communications 9

10 Common Misconceptions about a Wireless Network The Network is Not Secure Network Capacity Will Not Meet our Needs Wireless is Slower than Cabled Networks The Wireless Network is Not as Reliable as a Wired Network Educational Impact of Wireless Communications 10

11 QUESTIONS? NETA Spring Conference 2013 April 25, 2013 NETA Booth # 65

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