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Civic participation in Berlin urban renewal. S.T.E.R.N. Gesellschaft der behutsamen Stadterneuerung mbH covers a broad range of work – from complex urban.

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1 Civic participation in Berlin urban renewal

2 S.T.E.R.N. Gesellschaft der behutsamen Stadterneuerung mbH covers a broad range of work – from complex urban renewal tasks in whole city districts through to the structural reconstruction of individual buildings. It emerged in 1985 from the international building exhibition (IBA). Its special qualifications are in economically, structurally and socially organising the processes involved. Today S.T.E.R.N. is an independent service company which offers of experience and qualifications to various clients and developers. Employees S.T.E.R.N. has a highly qualified team of permanent employees - architecture, civil engineering and construction, landscape, urban and regional planning, social sciences, economics, business and housing management, planning law and informatics. Careful urban renewal

3 Fields of business Integrated regional support since 1986 Redevelopment representative District manager Regional representative in large housing estates Control of complex planning procedures Project realisation since 1995 Architectural and engineering services Project management General planning Tenant advice

4 Employees Urban planners, building and garden architects, civil and construction engineers Social planners, district managers and tenant consultants Project controllers, qualified IT specialists Housing managers, project developers

5 S.T.E.R.N. GmbH - Essentials of careful urban renewal Residents, tenants and owners are partners Renewal methods to protect the building substance and save costs; Maintenance and modernisation have priority over demolition and new build Tenant support and the greatest possible flexibility for tenant wishes Presence on site enables a short decision-making process

6 Prizes and awards

7 until the end of the 70s: demolition and new construction of thousands of homes from 1970: growing protest in the redevelopment areas 1974: Citizens' Initiative Klausener Platz: first careful renewal in block : Affected participation model of the Berlin senate, with representative electoral system 1978: Opening tenant office Dresdener Strasse 1979: Foundation of the IBA - International Building Exhibition Motto: Careful Urban Renewal, participatory planning, independent tenant consulting 1981 Peak of protest:169 buildings squatted, 80 in Berlin-Kreuzberg March 1983: Twelve principles of careful urban renewal Foundation of Renewal Commission Kottbusser Tor 1994 "European Urban Award" Careful urban renewal in Berlin-Kreuzberg 1989: The Berlin Wall came down 1990: expansion of the overall redevelopment of Berlin: 22 redevelopment areas including to 120,000 apartments 1993 citizens Comittees in 22 redevelopment areas Short historical presentation

8 Demolition and new construction since 1960

9 Destruction and Protest

10 Participation model of the Berlin Senate Flächennutzungsplan von 1964 mit Autobahntrasse Block 118, Klausener Platz Berlin-Charlottenburg

11 Realistic participation of citizens on site 11 Hausversammlung vor Beginn der Erneuerung Der Mieterladen – Sitz der Mieterberatung 100. Sitzung der Erneuerungskommission 1986 Kleinteilige Erneuerung Kottbusser Tor 1984

12 Planning in the public debate 12

13 Participation of residents Conditions: - Needs-based planning - Participation in planning processes - Participation in the realization - Takeover of responsibility Most important forms of participation: -Representation of tenants according to Building Code § 137 -Codecision in the redevelopment advisory board -Cooperation within the framework of ideas and design workshops -Practical involvement in the implementation of regeneration projects

14 The twelve principles of urban renewal 1st Urban renewal has to be planned and implemented with the residents. 2ndTechnical and social planning must go hand in hand. 3rdThe character of the district has to be preseved and confidence to be won again. Substance threatening construction damage must be eliminated immediately. 4thCareful floorplan changes to enable new housing. 5thThe renovation will take place in stages. 6thThe stock should be improved through courtyard greening and facade design 7thPublic facilities, streets, squares and green spaces have to be renewed and expanded 8thParticipation and material rights of the persons concerned in social planning must be formalized. 9thAll decisions have to be found open; residents committees strengthened. 10thUrban renewal needs trust and solid financial commitments. 11thNew forms of Ownership should be developed. 12thThe careful urban renewal must be secured in the long term.

15 Example square Marie A place for Marie", Marienburger road The redevelopment area Winsstrasse had a lack of public open spaces. Due to the initiative of the residents could the use of an uncultivated property as a city square could be achieved. Planning and realization has been carried out together with the residents. On the 5,000 square meter area have been built public spaces, an adventure playground, a small children's playground and a neighborhood garden. Between the district and the residents of the maintenance is covered by a contract. Malaktion Gesamtansicht nach Fertigstellung Kurz vor Abschluss der Baumaßnahmen Arbeit am Krokodil Einweihung

16 Example square Marie Kinder-Wandbild HimmelVolkspark Spielschiff Gemeinsame Pflanzaktion

17 Condition of buildings before renovation

18 Modernisation and Repair 75% of the apartments are completly renovated (22,000 units) of which 25% received public subsidies (5,600 units) with long-term effective rents and occupancy agreements Status 2011 Immanuelkirch-Str. 26 Torstraße Torstraße 43

19 Complementary New Development homes have been built among them are 12 cooperatives The new development potentials lie in vacant lots, in the roof and in the conversion of industrial buildings. Schönhauser AlleeStraßburger Straße 10

20 Courtyards and Private Spaces Senefelder Straße 19 Hofidyll Senefelder Straße 19 Fehrbelliner Straße 88

21 Public Space Courts Small playgrounds Water, meadows and natural playgrounds Rock climbing and playing fields Adventure playgrounds Skateparks Neighborhood gardens The Beautiful corner Network of public green areas and playgrounds

22 Playgrounds Wasserspielplatz Schulhof Gleimstraße Spielplatz Lychener StraßeBauspielplatz Kolle Spielplatz Mauerpark

23 Thank you for your attention. Theodor Winters Managing director

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