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Rivne – A City of Sustainable Development. Local population on 01.01.2011 - 249.8 thousand people (21.6% of the population of the region). Housing stock.

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1 Rivne – A City of Sustainable Development

2 Local population on 01.01.2011 - 249.8 thousand people (21.6% of the population of the region). Housing stock of Rivne city council consists of 1278 residential buildings with a total area of 2 769.38 thousand square meters.; 95% of public housing is privatized, 90 condominiums established, 49 housing cooperatives, and the Association of Condominiums "Perspective " The main problems of residential buildings are: 1. miserable condition of roofs, utilities, heating, water supply and sanitation systems; 2. insulation of buildings, condition of elevators. Rivne is an administrative, economic and cultural centre of Rivne region

3 The city authorities are looking for and implement various mechanisms and ways of solving local problems Many different programmes are working in the city, but the Municipal Governance and Sustainable Development Programme implemented by UNDP is considered to be one of the most successful. At first, UNDP/MGSDP provided trainings, consultations and supported us in all our endeavors. During this period, we learned how to cooperate with the communities and support them in solving their specific problems. People believed in the Programme and started approaching us for possible cooperation. In such cooperation with MGSDP, we used to implement 2-3 successful projects per year. But at the beginning of each year we faced the need to convince the city councilors and authorities in the necessity of such work.

4 Municipal Sustainable Development Programme The municipality has prepared its own «Municipal Sustainable Development Programme for 2009 – 2012». In this Programme, the principles and methods propagated by MGSDP as well as its experience and mechanisms are used. It allows searching for opportunities of projects implementation without spending time for convincing in the importance of the Programme. Purpose of the Programme involving the communities of the city into solving the problems of social, economic and environmental nature for improvement of their own welfare and quality of life.

5 Improving quality of life of residents through an integrated rehabilitation, efficient use and system management of basic objects of the local infrastructure. Forming and developing self- sufficient community organizations able to initiate and implement their own initiatives in coordination with local authorities and other stakeholders. Improving relevant skills and knowledge of community self-organization bodies and local authorities on the agenda of sustainable development. Strengthening the institutional capacity of self-governing community organizations to identify needs and priorities of sustainable development of the territorial community of the city. Promoting participatory development and transparent planning. Raising social activity and community self-organization for sustainable development. Attracting local and international funds and programs for cooperation. Raising public awareness about sustainable development of a society. Objectives of the Programme

6 Mechanism of projects implementation

7 Terms of Cost-Sharing Financing of one project is carried out within the limit of 200 thou. UAH and in such proportion: Municipality – 50 - 80%; Community – 10% and more; Donors – 10% and more. Under the condition – 1 project from 1 community for one fiscal year. Community applying for the project support for the second time has to be ready for increased share on its side. Forms of Support 1) Information and consultative; 2) Training and methodical; 3) Financial; 4) Infrastructural; 5) Exposure visits;


9 In 2009 8 projects were implemented for the total amount of 1 045 909 UAH 5 projects in partnership with UNDP; 3 projects in partnership of the community and the city council. Including: 6 projects of condominiums where roof was reconstructed, basement repaired and electric system replaced for the total amount of 788 908 UAH. 2 projects in educational institutions were windows were replaced for the total amount of 257 000 UAH. Total costs distribution: Municipality – 727554.00 UAH. – 70% UNDP/MGSDP – 143435.00 – 14% Community – 174920.00 – 16% Project implementation benefited 5 thou. persons, out of them: men – 1 586; women – 1 805; children – 1 405.



12 Engineering Networks before after

13 In 2010, 31 projects were financed and implemented for the total amount of 4.1 mln UAH -7 projects financed in partnership with UNDP/MGSDP: municipality – 602 143.50 UAH – 65% UNDP – 200 714.50 UAH – 21% community – 122 779.00 UAH – 14% -24 projects financed by the municipality in partnership with the communities: municipality – 2 510 538,66 грн. – 79% community – 651 551,16 грн. – 21% Project implementation will benefit 15,5 thou. persons, out of which : men – 4 221; women – 5 768; children – 5 575.

14 Directions of projects implemented in 2010 Capital repair of roofs – 12 projects; Replacement of water supply and heating systems – 8 projects; Windows replacement – 7 projects; Repair of the facade, interpanel joints, buildings insulation – 4 projects.

15 Implemented Projects


17 Utilisation of Funds

18 In total, 52 projects were implemented for the amount of 6 845 909.00 UAH Directions: Roof repair- 17; Repair of water supply, sewerage, heating systems, installation of heat-regulating devices and heat-meters - 10; Window replacement - 13, Repair of joints, buildings insulation - 2; Replacement of cables and switchboard – 1; Other – 9. Over 35 thou. persons benefited, Of them: men-7 497, women - 9 583, children - 18 618 Number of implemented projects 31 8 2 2 0 4 2 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 2004200520062007200820092010

19 Achievements of the City Authorities The authorities of the city managed to turn the problems of local communities into proposals for cooperation, where participants of the process are: –community, local government, donors. It is beneficial for everybody. Top-priority problems are solved. Competition between the contractors. During 3-4 years of participation in the Programme, condominiums will have an opportunity to rehabilitate their buildings without waiting that somebody will solve their problems.

20 COMMUNITY 1. Solving specific social and economic and moral and ethical problems. 2. Capitalisation of the apartments and the buildings. 3. Understanding of their opportunities and community development. People started to believe that they can be the masters of their own house. AUTHORITIES 1. Less complaints from citizens. 2. Support to creation of condominiums and community activisation. 3. Attracting additional funds and their effective utilisations. part of costs (over 30%) returns to the budget. 4. peoples trust to the authorities. The program reinforced the mutual respect and trust between government, community and business. Benefits

21 Successful work has become possible due to the following: - UNDP/MGSDP and its methodological guidance; - top-management of the city; - staffs of the MSU and department of economy; - managers of communities and contractors; Everyone behaved in good faith to their duties and properly performed their job. There are no indifferent people here.

22 In 2011 we implement 33 projects worth in total 4.7 mln. UAH -4 projects are financed in partnership with UNDP/MGSDP : municipality – 411 454,65 UAH – 58% UNDP – 137 151,55 UAH – 19% community – 161 197,80 UAH – 23% - 29 projects are financed by the municipality in partnership with the communities: municipality – 3 101 779,46 UAH – 78% community – 862 357,36 UAH – 22% Additionally we implement the project Renewal on the natural water source in cost-sharing with MGSDP: City council – 108 000,00 UAH - 45% UNDP/MGSDP – 108 000,00 UAH - 45% Community – 27 500,00 UAH – 10%

23 Capital roof repair – 13 projects; Replacement of the water supply system, heating, internal electric systems – 8 projects; Replacement of windows – 6 projects; Repair of the façade, inter-panel joints, buildings insulation etc – 6 projects. Nature of projects which are being implemented in 2011

24 Outlook for Future 1.Implementation of the city-level initiatives under Programme support: -Comprehensive approach to renovation of buildings; -Energy saving; -Surrounding territories of the multiapartment buildings. 2. Further implementation of projects of the concrete communities.

25 Thank you for attention!

26 Any questions? Municipal project coordination, Head of department for supporting community projects of the department of economy of the city Petro Vakhnyuk E-mail:, tel.(0362) 22 24 Official web-site of the department of city economy:

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