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Wisconsins Forward Communities Community Development Comprehensive Funding Program A Proposed Pilot Project For Hurley Wisconsin.

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2 Wisconsins Forward Communities Community Development Comprehensive Funding Program A Proposed Pilot Project For Hurley Wisconsin

3 What is the Concept In the past the Department of Commerce has required communities to apply for funding on an individual project basis. In this comprehensive approach, communities identify a variety of needs where the Department of Commerce can assist the whole community over a three to five year period

4 S trengths W eaknesses O pportunities T hreats SWOT ANALYSIS A part of Iron County Strategic Planning in 2003

5 County owned land with hardwooods Great two school systems Great highway and forestry building Newly remodeled Courthouse Beautiful senior housing Positive People Strengths

6 Industrial Park Cary Road Park Bordered by Lake Superior Many inland lakes and rivers Abundant snow for winter activities Year round recreation Strengths

7 Harbor on Lake Superior Strong religious community Four seasons The people Safe Cooperation between communities Strengths

8 County agencies cooperate Close to three hospitals Nearby airport Three class A highways Libraries Tourism destination Strengths

9 Rich heritage Active chambers, civic groups to sponsor events High volume natural gas supply Availability of retail space Strengths

10 Short supply of housing No shopping Small town causes us to loose some business Lack of meeting facilities Lack of recreational parking Dependence on weather Weaknesses

11 Regional high taxes Undesirable businesses Low wage scale Shabby appearance Perception that focus is on Hurley Lack of new youthful leadership in business community (entrepreneurial spirit) Weaknesses

12 Business sector lacks diversity Lack of infrastructure to support high tech Railroads business has diminished Location is challenge to bring industry Seasonal tourism Lack of peak time lodging Weaknesses

13 Market and develop year round tourism Develop Entrepreneurial programs Development of Saxon Harbor Market ATV trials Improve local attitude on what tourism means for economy Develop and market silent sports Opportunities

14 Opportunity for secondary wood product industries Develop downtown for retail Market south shore of Lake Superior Expansion of airport Become more aware of trends in marketplace Technology Zone program Opportunities

15 High state taxes Lack of financing from state and federal funding Existing businesses thwart development of new businesses Changing weather patterns, snowfall Competition from Michigan on economic incentives for business Lack of access to capital resources Threats

16 Change in recreational trends over long term Mandates with no funding Threats

17 Proposed projects for a Department of Commerce Pilot Program City of Hurley

18 Goal #1 Streetscape Renovations on Silver Street Install historic street lights Improve sidewalks Place benches along the street Incorporate landscaping To improve the visual aspect of downtown and encourage pedestrian traffic. This can be accomplished by coordinating with planned reconstruction of Silver Street. Improve the Downtown Business Climate

19 First Impressions of Hurley A visit by Crandon residents last summer gave Hurley an idea what visitors see when they first come into Hurley: General appearance of buildings-Most good, some in need of cosmetic and cheep cleaning up The variety of shopping-Basic were there, but not on main street. Public amenities-no pay phones, drinking fountains or benches Public infrastructure-streets need upgrading, sidewalks are in dire need of repair, parking was limited on main street and very rough on back streets. Landscaping-none

20 Goal # 1 Encourage Storefront Improvements Get technical assistance on design Incorporate a historic theme Establish a funding source through loans, grants or a combination. This will further improve the visual aspect of the downtown by encouraging more pedestrian traffic and enticing new business development Improve the Downtown Business Climate

21 Cosmetic Improvements

22 General Appearances

23 Goal #1 Link Silver Street activity to Historical Museum Continue streetscape design with sidewalks, street lights, benches and landscaping along third avenue to the Museum. This will visually make the Museum standout and incorporate another asset for downtown and increase traffic for all businesses. Improve the Downtown Business Climate

24 Streetscape connection to the museum Historical Museum

25 goal #1 Develop a downtown park Establish a public area with a band shell, information kiosk and restrooms This would further encourage pedestrian traffic and entice new business development Improve the Downtown Business Climate

26 Goal #1 Evaluate Business Needs Survey business owners and identify needs for marketing and promotion. Provide technical assistance on marketing for Silver Street Improve the Downtown Business Climate

27 Goal #1 Provide a loan program to rennovate second floor apartments. This will keep activity in the downtown area and provide an added customer base Improve the Downtown Business Climate

28 goal #1 Reinvigorate the Hurley Downtown Development Authority to provide input and oversee developments. Improve the Downtown Business Climate

29 goal #2 Improve sanitary and storm sewer collection system Make improvements as outlined in the study completed by MSA Professional Services in January 2005. A $6.2 million project to upgrade an old dilapidated system. Incorporate downtown sewer improvements with streetscape improvements. This would put Hurley in compliance with a regional wastewater authority and help entice new business development. Improve Sewer and Water System

30 Goal #2 Develop a water well in Hurley and make distribution system improvements. Make improvements according to the study completed by MSA Professional Services in February 2005. A $2.5 million project to develop Hurleys own well and make system improvements. Improve Sewer and Water System

31 Goal #2 Reconstruct city streets. Incorporate street reconstruction with planned water and sewer improvements Improve Sewer and Water System

32 Goal #3 Extend County Road D to Highway 77. This has been a community development effort for many years. This would open up over 200 acres for a mixed use development of light industrial, commercial and residential. This would take heavy truck and bus traffic off of Silver Street improving safety and traffic flow Enhance pedestrian traffic in a newly designed streetscape for Silver Street. Extend County Road D

33 County D Extension

34 Goal #4 Build an industrial spec building. Construct a building that would house smaller spaces for new and expanding businesses. Studies from northern Wisconsin show new job growth is coming from new and expanding businesses from the local area. Expand Industrial Park

35 Hurley Industrial Park

36 Goal #5 Construct walking/biking trails. Develop non motorized trails around the Hurley School, to Cary Park, along the riverfront and connect them to the downtown area Construct better parking areas for snowmobile and ATV traffic in the downtown area. Develop Recreational Opportunities

37 Baseline data through surveys and demographic information. Develop an evaluation and measurement tool Annual evaluation report Final evaluation report Evaluation and Documentation of Outcomes

38 Create a Steering Committee. This committee would be made up of key stakeholders who would advise the City Council, work with the Department of Commerce and administer the program. Identify a single contact person who would manage the day to day operation of the project Project Management

39 Whats Missing These were projects that have been discussed for Hurley in the past. Are there others?

40 Prioritize Many of these projects fit together. But where do we start and where do we end?

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