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Dr. Kim Luckes Mr. Terry Stokes

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1 Dr. Kim Luckes Mr. Terry Stokes
The Enterprise and Empowerment Foundation of Norfolk State University (E2F) Dr. Kim Luckes Acting President, Norfolk State University and Member, E2F Board of Directors Mr. Terry Stokes Executive Director, E2F

2 R = Research I = Innovations S = Support E = Empowerment
& I = Innovations to S = Support E = Empowerment

3 Executive Summary The RISE Campus: a 12.5 to 25-acre research and technology park Predominantly privately held and governed by E2F Privately held facilities to be developed by public-private partnerships Home of the RISE SuperNodeSM: a private synchronous optical network providing broadband bandwidth from DS-1 to OC-192 Internet Service, via the RISE SuperNodeSM, provided to: NSU at OC-3 as client (increased bandwidth at lower cost) Speeds from 1.5 megabits per second (DS-1) up through multiple 10 Gbps (10,000 megabits per second) Services available to private industry; discounts provided to RISE Campus tenants Additional revenues to support NSU’s mission

4 The RISE Model Research Innovations Technology THE RISE CAMPUS
UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Researchers Graduate Programs Intellectual Property INDUSTRIES Infrastructure Venture Capital Entrepreneurs THE RISE CAMPUS Innovations Technology REGIONAL COMMUNITIES AND GOVERNMENT Homeland and Maritime Security Community Organizations Military

5 The Enterprise and Empowerment Foundation of Norfolk State University (E2F)
Founded in 2001, E2F is an independent 501(c)(3) affiliate of Norfolk State University.  Our mission is to provide products and services that promote applied research and technological innovations that, in turn, contribute positively to the economic strength of the Hampton Roads region and the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Foundation is the organizational power behind E2F Real Estate, E2F Research, the RISE Campus, and the RISE SuperNodeSM.

6 E2F Student Housing I, LLC
E2F Brands and Business Units E2F Research, LLC E2F Broadband, LLC E2F Student Housing I, LLC E2F Real Estate, LLC

7 The RISE Campus™ A Catalyst for Economic Development

8 The RISE Campus, when fully developed, will be a strategic hub for applied research and the generation of technological innovations that will position Norfolk State University, the City of Norfolk, and the entire Hampton Roads region to become a key high-technology gateway for the southeastern United States.

9 Marie V. McDemmond Center for Applied Research
The RISE Campus The RISE Campus RISE SuperNodeSM Marie V. McDemmond Center for Applied Research

10 Marie V. McDemmond Center for Applied Research
The RISE Campus The RISE Campus RISE SuperNodeSM Light Rail Station Marie V. McDemmond Center for Applied Research

11 The RISE Campus Location of RISE SuperNodeSM
City of Norfolk’s Light Rail System with dedicated station for the RISE Campus Location of RISE SuperNodeSM Marie V. McDemmond Center for Applied Research

12 The Marie V. McDemmond Center
for Applied Research

13 Mission of the RISE Campus
Build an applied research environment that stimulates and encourages innovation and technology commercialization Increase the number of entrepreneurs undertaking high-technology ventures Develop human capital from underutilized resources and latent potential Create digital opportunities Provide lifelong learning opportunities

14 Why the RISE Campus™ is important
To NSU - Strengthens students’ preparation for life beyond college - Strengthens academic/research programs - Creates new sources of revenue To the Region Supports technology-led economic development infrastructure Creates a projected economic impact between $60 million and $122 million annually* - Builds workforce competencies for higher wage jobs To the State - Responds to Higher Education metrics Contributes to economic development and technology strategy To the Nation - Taps latent potential for job creation - Responds to national security interests - Creates an HBCU technology development model * Dr. Andrew C. Brod of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. NSU presently contributes $527.8 million annually to the region.

15 Our E2F Real Estate brand and its affiliated business units, E2F Real Estate, LLC and Student Housing I, LLC, serve as the deed repositories of land acquisitions and real property holdings made by the Foundation. Examples of such holdings are parcels that make up the RISE Campus™ and the Spartan Suites residential apartments.

16 E2F Student Housing I, LLC
Spartan Suites 600-bed Apartment Community

17 Our E2F Research™ brand and affiliated business unit, E2F Research, LLC, serve to promote and support research-oriented start-ups, as well as, established small businesses, most notably, those that were founded by and/or owned by alumni of Norfolk State University. E2F Research™ creates and develops opportunities to increase the research activities of these companies; and, we promote the eventual conversion of their research results and Intellectual Properties into technological innovations and patented commercial products.

18 RISE Research Pillars Information Assurance
Advanced Materials Information Assurance Computational Science Technology Gaming and Simulation Energy Nanotechnology Spintronics Photonics Sensor Fabrication Photonic Devices Communications Image Processing Sensor Integration Net-Centric Operations Forensics Secured wireless networks Modeling & Simulation Quantum Computing Grid Computing Supercomputing Educational Gaming Virtual Reality 3-D Animation Data and Visual Analytics Materials Research, Engineering, Computer Science, Gaming, and Criminal Justice Labs, Industry, Higher Education Faculty, Students, & Staff Scalable Broadband Infrastructure

19 State-of-the-art CLEAN ROOM in the
Marie V. McDemmond Center for Applied Research Four distinct sections: Class 100/1000 Clean Room, Testing, Characterization, and Future Growth. Clean Room programmed for next-generation photolithography, metals and thin film deposition, wet and dry etch, and future capability of ion implant. Testing facility allows for base-line optical and electrical testing of devices. Also equipped with basic packaging tools such as dicer and bonders. Characterization bay equipped with standard metrology, surface science, and magnetic test equipment as well as Focus Ion Beam for device integration, repair and TEM sample preparation.

20 The RISE SuperNodeSM, via our affiliated business unit, E2F Broadband, LLC, provides premier regional access to all major Points-of-Presence (gigaPOPs). The RISE SuperNodeSM is a private synchronous optical network (SONET) with ultra-high capacity, fault-tolerant design, offering speeds from 1.5 megabits per second (DS-1) up through multiple 10 Gbps (10,000 megabits per second) Lightwave networks. Powered by Level 3 Communications’ premium fiber optic network, the RISE SuperNodeSM offers high-end broadband services with features such as 24/7 monitoring, reliable backup power, and redundant connectivity, and it connects to the Internet2 research network.

21 Regional Private Network Scheme To Level 3 Communications’
Diversely Routed SONET Ring To Level 3 Communications’ Local and Long-haul Networks Gateway

22 About Our Partner: Level 3 Communications
Over 54,000 intercity route miles; over 27,000 metro route miles Delivers services to over 250 major markets across the United States and Europe Customer scope: 18 of the world’s top 20 telecommunications companies 9 of the 10 largest carriers in Europe Top 5 U.S. Wireless Service Providers 9 of the top 10 Internet Service Providers in the U.S., which combined serve more than 65 million online users 9 of the 10 largest U.S. cable companies 3 of the top 4 telecommunications companies in Asia International wireless companies with more than million subscribers



25 NSU Example Connectivity via The RISE SuperNodeSM Future Clients
Internet IP Based Service T-1, DS-3, or NSU OC - 3 POS ( 155 Mbps ) Level 3 Communications Future Clients Diverse path OC - 12 ( 622 Mbps ) private SONET Ring

26 The Enterprise and Empowerment Foundation of Norfolk State University (E2F)
Contact Information: Mr. Terry Stokes Executive Director, E2F 520 West 21st Street, Suite G-2 Norfolk, Virginia (757) Dr. Kim Luckes NSU Acting President and Member of E2F Board of Directors 700 Park Avenue Norfolk, Virginia 23504

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