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3 A. Property Managers Services
Depending on the specific needs of the RA Association, a property manager is selected to provide advice and guidance to the RA Committees/Management Corporation. For emergencies after hours, there are always designated Building managers and Supervisors on call to assist in the emergency. JWSB maintains a staff of qualified Building Managers with hands on experience in the management and maintenance of high rise buildings. JWSB management has staff specialized in Building construction & maintenance, Administration , Financial Accounting ,security , Insurance and real estate management.

4 B. Property & Facilities Services
These area of expertise enable our firm to provide a full range of property and facilities management services. We also specialize in Strata Titled application to the Land office and management of strata title property transition from developer to management corporation. Our property managers are trained in community management They have many years experienced working with Resident Association & Management Corporation. They know the needs and responsibilities of each project. They can work to assist in the establishment of an initial JMB or to Management Corporation in a new project JWSB Will also assist in drafting out House Rules and Management Bye Laws for the building proper and help to enforce and maintain the guidelines set fort by the management.

5 C. Management Organisation Structure (On Site personnel )
Building Manager There will be a full time Building Manager at the management office to run the day to day operations of the project. He will also be available on call after office hours. Building Supervisor Each Building manager will be assisted by a full time Building Supervisor .The building Supervisor is also able to handle administrative problems and is also available to handle any Committee members or residents request or problems. With this support added in office enables our staff to response immediately to the needs of the properties.

6 C. Management Organisation Structure (On Site personnel )
3. Account & Administrative Assistant A full time account clerk will be on site to do monthly billings and full set of computerized financial accounts will be presented to the RA monthly during monthly management meetings. 4. Technician A trained technician for M & E facilities will be provided at site for supervision on maintenance on all M & E facilities. He will also oversea and supervise all M & E contractors for the project. 5. Handymen Personnel A full time handy man will be also engaged to handle all minor plumbing and carpentry and masonary problems that may arise day to day.


8 C. Operation Personnel On Site
The management with the approval from the JMB/MC Committees will hire, pay, negotiate collective bargaining agreements, supervise and discharge all personnel necessary to maintain and operate the project properly Personnel will be continuously reviewed and all recommendations by residents and the Management Committees will be utilize to evaluate the total effectiveness of the on site staff. The management can organize routine schedules for employees to maximize their outputs. The management will always attempt to work with the Management Committees. If necessary the management will immediately secure a competent replacement for non performance site staff.

9 D. Property Inspections
Detail Property inspection will be carried out before the start of the management. After that property inspection will be conducted as needed but not less than twice a year. Weekly inspection will be carried on all contracted services works. During these inspection carefull attention is given to detail as well as potentially hazardous conditions. All community contracted services as well as non contracted repair and maintenance are periodically reviewed to ensure that your property will have a neat appearance and high standards which owner will be proud of. A full schedule of contracted services will be planned out for the monthly maintenance of the building.

10 E. Contracted Services The contracting of service for specific jobs requires expertise in the areas of negotiation, preparation and the drafting of specifications. All contracted service are continually reviewed for their quality, cost and specific performance. The various type of contracted services are as follows : Security, Cleaning & housekeeping, Rubbish collections, Electrical services, C & S services, Parking services, Fire fighting , Landscaping, Pest Extermination, Lifts, Pump Rooms others

11 F. Preventive Maintenance Program
JWSB will be assisting the development and implementation of a comprehensive preventive maintenance program. Due to the depreciating life of all fixtures and improvements contained within a property, it will be the responsibility of the management to outline and review ( with the JMB/MC Committees ) schedules for preventive maintenance procedures. Property maintained facilities system will maximize performance and minimize expenses. Budgets will be planned annually for the preventive maintenance And submitted to JMB/MC/ Committees for approval before implementation. (e.g..lifts ,water-tank,pumps ,genset,etc )

12 G. Preventive Maintenance Services
Maintenance program are divide into sections ; 1.Mechanical & Electrical M & E components are classified as lifts, pump rooms, gen sets , fire fighting equipments, parking components, cctv TV antennae , security system, intercom system 2.Civil & Structural C & S components are, building structure, drains, plumbing, sewers , water tanks,rubbish deports , staircase, walkways, rooftops , air housing units, riser etc. Community Impression First impression of your community are most important. The property should look crisp in appearance. It is necessary, therefore to provide for preventive maintenance for all structural components This is done to insure that the property can maximize its appreciated value in today's real estate market.

13 H. Property Image & Value
It is not enough to simply maintain the property. One should always consider how to best improve it. From a property managers standpoint, improving on existing conditions as opposed to just routine maintenance is our primary goal. We derive satisfaction from being responsible for the tangible improvements which help residents gain more enjoyment and value from their homes.

14 I . Emergency Contacts After office hours a list of 24 hours on stand by service contractors and management will be send to all residents for their contacts during emergency. Other contacts will also be provided such as : Police, Hospital, Airport, Hotel, Government Dept, MPPP Dept,etc

15 J. Insurance Review MASTER INSURANCE POLICY BECOME THE MOST IMPORTANT PROTECTION FOR HIGH RISE OWNERS. As the building industry becomes more advance more sophisticated insurance is require for high rise building. It is very critical to purchase the correct coverage with realistic dollar limits to cover loss. In addition to the review of the master policy all resident must make to understand the insurance policy. One of the most important but least often exercised skills is determining how and when to submit claims. The management has a panel of professional Insurance personnel who will advice on how to maximize savings on master insurance policy premiums

16 JWSB SDN.BHD. Standard Management Service Property Manager Operating Procedures
To confer fully and freely with the Committee members of the Joint Management Body / Management Corporation. To hold JMB committee/Management Corporation Councils meeting once a month. To conduct Annual General Meeting for the JMB/MC annually. Enter in obligations or contracts on behalf of the JMB/MC not in excess of contractual limits without prior approval . Authority and duties assigned by JMB/MC are limited to “care and maintenance” of general and limited common areas. Place orders for all equipment, tools and supplies necessary for the maintenance of the project.

17 Standard Operating Procedures for the Manager . Step - 1
Act to promptly comply with any and all requests or orders of governmental bodies and insurance companies (unless JMB /MC is contesting request/ order or has indicated its plans to contest). Will promptly (within 72 hours) notify JMB/MC in writing of all such orders, notices, or other requirements. Keep a complete set of construction plans when available. Keep a complete set of warranties and guarantees for common and limited common element equipment and facilities when available. Maintain a comprehensive system of office records, books and accounts. Permit access to books on prior appointment to Committee, attorneys, accountants, other unit owners or representatives.

18 Standard Operating Procedures for the Manager Step-2
Allow books to be audited by JMB/MC appointed auditors. Pre-approval from JMB?MC required for all purchases exceeding an amount to be set by Committees . Provide JMB/MC with a statement of receipts and disbursements by 30th day of month for preceding month. Provide the JMB/MC a financial statement which reflects budget versus the actual amount of expenditures along with the statement of receipts and payments. Annually cooperate with the JMB/MC to prepare the annual financial report and audit report. Assist in preparing all forms, reports and returns as required by law pertaining to Land office ( PTG ). /

19 Standard Operating Procedures for the Manager. Step - 3
Prepare, with the approval of the JMB /MC Treasurer, the annual budget and operating plan. “Settle” prior year actual versus budget adjustment after all expenses for prior budget year are recorded. Operate in accordance with adopted annual budget and approved operating plan. Meet and use the highest standards allowed within previously approved budgeted amounts and in accordance with standards established by JMB/MC. Receive, consider, document actions taken for all request from unit owners regarding general and limited common areas. Complaints of a serious nature, after thorough investigations, shall be referred to the JMB /MC with appropriate recommendations from the Management .

20 Standard Operating Procedures for the Manager. Step - 4
Make diligent and thorough efforts to secure full performance from all unit owners for their individual maintenance responsibilities. Provide the JMB/MC with a list of service defaulters as and when needed. Conduct detailed semi-annual physical inspection of the common areas. Prepare as appropriate a written report to the JMB/MC noting deficiencies and recommending repairs and capital improvements. Assist in obtaining all insurance needed to adequately protect JMB /MC Committees, unit owners, mortgagees and Management Agent, as required by government Bylaws. Investigate and make full written report of all accidents and claims relating to management, operation and maintenance of the JMB /Management Corporation. Written reports need to include damage and estimates cost to repair.

21 Standard Operating Procedures for the Manager. Step - 5
All expenses incurred that directly benefit the JMB/MC shall be reimbursed by the JMB/MC. No items of an overhead nature of the management company shall be included. Legal fees incurred for the direct benefit of JMB/MC are reimbursable. Maintain list of unit owners including names and addresses as provided. List shall be used for all mailings announcing meetings of the JMB/MC. Prepare meeting announcements for the annual meeting as well as the solicitation and collection of proxies on behalf of the JMB/MC Secretary. Reproduce meeting minutes or otherwise distribute community newsletters to all residents..




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