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Range 30 CACTF Range 32 Shoot House Ft. Indiantown Gap Combined Arms Collective Training Facility Range 30.

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1 Range 30 CACTF Range 32 Shoot House Ft. Indiantown Gap Combined Arms Collective Training Facility Range 30

2 Range Operations Center AAR and Operations Facility for Range 30 Offices for the Range 30 and 32 Bowhead Staff

3 RANGE 30


5 DESCRIPTION The Combined Arms Collective Training Facility (CACTF) is the largest MOUT training facility at FTIG, and consists of 12 buildings, a cemetery with vault, power plant, and an underground trainer

6 Hotel 3 floors - furniture placed to replicate hotel rooms, lobby Basement – hotel kitchen 4 Rappel points from roof Tunnel to Fire Station and manhole cover access to tunnel to Police Station Police Station 2 floors Roof access, no rappel points Jail cells 2 nd floor Manhole cover access to tunnel to Hotel BLDG DESCRIPTION

7 Fire Station One Story Truck bay with loft and offices Grate with access to Hotel tunnel Townhouse 5 separate apartments/residences Some mouse holes between apartments 2 floors Basement with hidden areas in eastern most apartment – weapons cache BLDG DESCRIPTION

8 Residence A East end of Town House Basement with hidden areas Residence B West end of Town House Basement BLDG DESCRIPTION

9 Restaurant Next to Gas Station Furniture replicating restaurant Rappel points from roof Bar, Store, Bank Next to cemetery, street corner Three venues, bank, bar and office BLDG DESCRIPTION

10 Gas Station One floor Car repair bay with pit Rappel points from roof Church Open worship area with pews 4 story tower BLDG DESCRIPTION

11 Office with rubble Two floors Grate cover access to underground trainer Garage Rubble, open bldg BLDG DESCRIPTION

12 Building layout diagrams for all buildings are available on CD from the range staff and also on the web at BLDG LAYOUTS

13 Fire StationHotel Basement Hotel 1 st FlrPolice Station 1 st Flr Underground Trainer

14 RANGE 30 TRAINING CACTF is designed to conduct multi-echelon, full spectrum operations training up to battalion task force (TF) level Provides a training area in which units may learn the individual and collective skills needed to fight and defeat an enemy in an urban environment Will accommodate Force on Force (FOF) and Force on Target (FOT) operations Units use Situational Training Exercises (STXs) and support and stability operations tasks to assist the company and platoon units in developing training plans The CACTF supports blank fire, MILES and CCMCK (Close Combat Marking Capability Kit) exercises and FTX scenarios The CACTF facilities may also be utilized to conduct Law Enforcement, Civil Disturbances, Emergency Response and other related training and operations

15 RANGE 30 TARGETING Force on force training Targets HUT – Human Urban Targets – are available if coordinated with staff. Programmed to work with MILES or CCMCK CCMCK – Close Combat Marking Capability Kit – Now available at TASC. Military version of paint ball LCCATS – Laser Collective Combat Advanced Training System. Portable laptop with wireless control of ten target silhouettes on lifters (Laser adapters for weapons with blanks)

16 VIDEO CAPABILITIES Video – 82 video cameras that can be located to over 208 indoor positions in the village buildings – 2 outside cameras with 360 degree coverage and zoom – Night capability - FLIR on outside cameras and IR illuminators on inside cameras

17 AUDIO CAPABILITIES Audio – 29 Network sound effect boxes – speakers – Dual stadium loudspeaker system on church tower – Audio can be broadcast globally – all stadium speakers and inside speaker boxes or floor specific


19 AAR FACILITY Operations center for BOWHEAD staff AAR Facility – This facility allows Commanders to conduct squad/platoon/unit AARs with their Soldiers immediately following an event in the CACTF. A video Take Home Package DVD can be produced with the actions of the unit in the CACTF and video of the AAR leader and audience – The AAR Facility can seat up to 80 personnel in one setting or can be split into two AAR facilities hosting 40 personnel each. Video capability is available in either AAR configuration


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