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German Record Sources Eastern European Research Workshop Salt Lake City, UT Milan Pohontsch, AG ® 1.

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1 German Record Sources Eastern European Research Workshop Salt Lake City, UT Milan Pohontsch, AG ® 1

2 German Record Sources 2 Sources for Localities (2 nd hour workshop) Sources for Ancestral Records German Record Types Language-Related Sources Miscellaneous Sources

3 Sources for Ancestral Records FamilySearch / Family Tree 3 Microfilm / microfiche Publications Societies Private websites Parishes Archives German newspaper obituaries – not useful for genealogy

4 FamilySearch (Family Tree) 4

5 New FamilySearch (Family Tree) 5

6 Microfilm / microfiche through catalog of 6

7 Publications 7 Family History Library Local libraries / archives FirstSearch WorldCat – get it through Inter Library Loan Universities Societies

8 Ortsfamilienbücher = Village lineage books (one-place studies) 8

9 Geschlechterbücher = Lineage books 9

10 Biographies / Biographical indexes 10

11 Der Schlüssel [= The Key] 11 Contains an index of all in Germany published genealogical periodicals since 1950, including titles, subject index, town name index, and family name index (only family names mentioned in titles) Lists the libraries that own these individual Periodicals Vol. 9 includes indexes for specific periodicals back to 1866 A problem solver when searching a specific area Only available in German and for areas in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland Familiengeschichtliche Quellen [= Family History Sources]

12 Societies Regional information sources 12

13 Private websites (English and German) 13

14 Archives in Germany 14 Church archives and repositories Parishes Catholic archives Lutheran archives Archives of religious communities State archives and repositories Public archives Staatsarchiv Staatsfilialarchiv Civil registry offices Municipal offices Online archives (German records in Czech archives) Many archives in Poland have also German records – not online

15 Parishes in Germany 15

16 Church archives and repositories List of church archives (Lutheran and catholic) under 16

17 State archives and repositories 17

18 Civil registry offices and municipal offices 18

19 German Record Types Typesin Germanstart about Parish records Kirchenbücher 1500 Parish transcriptsKirchenbuchduplikate 1500 Civil registry records Standesamtunterlagen 1874 19 Birth certificatesGeburtsbriefe 1800 Census recordsVolkszählungen 1600 Certificates of residenceHeimatschein 1700 Citizenship recordsBürgerbücher 1300 City directoriesHauslisten 1600 City recordsStadtbücher 1200 Civil recordsAmtsbücher 1200 Court and police mattersGerichts- u. Polizeisachen 1400 Death certificatesTodesscheine 1800 Emigration / ImmigrationAuswanderungs- / Einwanderungssachen 1600

20 German Record Types (cont.) Typesin Germanstart about Employment mattersArbeitssachen 1800 Guild recordsZunftbücher 1300 Land records Grundbücher 1400 Marriage certificatesHeiratsurkunden 1700 Military recordsMilitärurkunden 1400 Move in/out registersUmzugsmeldungen 1700 NewspapersZeitungen 1730 Passenger listsPassagierlisten 1850 Probate, testament, inheritanceTestamente 1200 School recordsSchulverzeichnis 1600 Serf recordsUntertanenurkunde 1600 Tax recordsSteuern 1200 Vaccination recordsImpflisten 1800 Welfare mattersArmen und Wohltätigkeitssachen 1600 And many more..… 20

21 Example of a sale of recently inherited goods from a wife to her husband and her two sons for the token price of 16 Groschen (today abt. $ 200) Page 1 of 3Page 2 of 3 21

22 Language-Related Sources 22 Dictionaries German - English – German Latin – English Local dialects – German Google Translate German thesaurus (Deutsches Wörterbuch) Wikipedia Search engines

23 Dictionaries German-English–German Latin–English via via 23

24 Google Translate Includes some older German terms (but not all), via 24

25 German thesaurus = Deutsches Wörterbuch / Synonymwörterbuch Free online version via Based on a thesaurus created by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Largest German thesaurus (33 vols.) 25

26 Wikipedia in German via 26

27 German search engines vs. U.S. based search engines 27

28 Miscellaneous Sources 28 Weights and measures Name databases German letter writing guide Word lists (German, Latin) Numbers, symbols

29 Weights and measures 1 Prussian cubit = 2 ft., 2 inch 1 Prussian Morgen = 150.894 sq.ft. 1 Malter = 32.995 gal. 1 Zentner = 110.23 pound 29

30 Name databases German first names via German surnames via geogen/en/Default.aspx 30

31 German letter writing guide 31

32 Word lists for German and Latin (for ecclesiastical and civil sources) acc.accepi, acceptusangenommenaccepted (paternity) aff.affinisverwandtrelated a.m. ante meridiemvormittag, frühmorning ak.altkatholischOld Catholic ba.baptistischBaptist bapt.baptizatusgetauftbaptized Bez.Bezirkcanton, region, area b.m.beatae memoriaeseligen Angedenkensin glorified memory of ca.calvinistischCalvinistic (Reformed) Cat.CatastroVerzeichnisregister, index ca.circaetwacirca, approximately cop.copulateverheiratetmarried c.a.e.dcivil act eodem die standesamtliche Trauungcivil marriage on the am selben Tagsame day den.denatusgestorbendies eod.eodemderselbethe same (date, person) 32

33 Additional Sources for Words Extensive German words without abbreviations see: 33

34 Word lists for old German professions Trades: Leather Kürschner; Furriers distinguished from tanners through their knowledge of special techniques they used for preservation and beauty of furs 34 Belzner, Pelser, Pelzer, Pelzner, Pelzmacher, Pilsmeker, Pilzer, Pölter, Pelzer, Bältzer, Pelzhändler, Corsener, Girschner, Gurschner, Kierschner, Kirschner, Kirsner, Körschner, Körsenwerchte, Körsenwerte, Körsenwerte, Korssenmeister, Körtzener, Körzener, Kürsner, Kürsener, Kurschner, Kursener, Bondmacher, Bontfoderer, Bontmecker, Bundmacher, Bundfutter, Bundfutterer, Buntfutterer, Buntfoder, Buntfoderer, Buntmacher, Buntmaker, Buntmützer, Buntschneider, Buntsnider, Buntwerker, Buntwörter, Fellbereiter, Feller, Fellhauer, Fellwerkbereiter, Fellhändler; other terms including Latin terms: Fechner, Kulitze, Pellifex, Pellificator, Pellio, Wildwerker

35 Numbers in German Am 3. Dezember des Jahres achtzehnhundertundfünfunddreißig wurde das dritte Kind zweiter Ehe des Georg Mayer getauft ……… On the 3 rd December 1835 was baptized the 3 rd child of the 2 nd marriage of Georg Mayer ….. Eighteen hundred and thirty [and] five 35 Numerical numbersOrdinal numbers 1 einserste (-r, -s) 2 zwei, zwo, zwazweite (-r, -s) 3 dreidritte (-r, -s) … ……… 2000 zweitausend zweitausendste (-r, -s)

36 Numbers in Latin Numerical numbersOrdinal numbers 1 Iunus, una, unumprimus, prima, primum 2 IIduo, duaesecundus (-a, -um), alter- 3 IIItrestretius (-a, -um) … ……… 2000 MM duo milliabis millesimus 1648 = MDCXLVIII 1722 = MDCCXXII Conversion program via 36

37 Weekday symbols (planetary symbols) Sunday Thursday (Sun) (Jupiter) Monday Friday (Moon) (Venus) Tuesday Saturday (Mars) (Saturn) Wednesday (Mercury) 37

38 General symbols 38 Baptism Birth Marriage Death Burial

39 Former German calendar names English German (15 th -18 th century) German (9 th -15 th century) Charlemayene JanuaryJänner (still used)WintermanothHartung FebruaryHornung MarchLenzing, LenzmonatLenzinmanothLenzing AprilOstermonatOstarmanothOstermond MayWonnemonatWunnimanothWonnemond JuneBrachmonatBrachmanothBrachmond (Brachet) JulyHeumonatHewimanothHeuert AugustErntemonatAranmanothErnting SeptemberHerbstmonatWitumanothScheiding OctoberWeinmonatWindumanothGilbhard NovemberWintermonatHerbistmanothNebelung DecemberChristmonat, JulmonatHeilagmanothChristmond 39

40 Conversion from Julian to Gregorian calendar 40 Subtract 11 days the 4 th Oct. 1583 was followed by the 15 th Oct. 1583. Which calendar was used depends on the area and on the religion Alsace and Lorraine switched back and forth five times in history Poland was the first one (Oct. 4, 1582), Russia last (in some remote areas as late as 1920) In Germany switched every duchy and principality between 1582 and 1760 Calculator via julianmanycalconv.html

41 Conversion from Julian to Gregorian calendar (cont.) 41 Contains: Julian and Gregorian calendars (incl. calendar indexes) Church calendar Roman calendar French Republican calendar Quaker calendar Dating by year of reign

42 42 Questions? Any last for today Questions are guaranteed in life; answers arent.

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