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Chinese Inventions Yeah, a lot of things were made in China before Wal-Mart.

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1 Chinese Inventions Yeah, a lot of things were made in China before Wal-Mart

2 Silk No one knows how silk was discovered, but the most popular story is that the Chinese Empress was drinking tea in her garden when a silkworms cocoon fell into her tea and she noticed that it was made of fibers when it began to unravel. Regardless of how it was discovered, silk was produced in China as long as 4,000 years ago

3 Gunpowder No one knows how gunpowder was discovered or who discovered it, but a popular story goes that it was accidentally discovered by a cook (sulfur, potassium nitrate and charcoal were found in almost every kitchen) The Chinese used gunpowder for fireworks, to make flaming arrows, and put it in some medicines Europeans figured out how to use it for guns

4 Compass The first compass was made during the Qin dynasty (221-206 BC). Compasses allowed people to travel on the oceans and know which direction they were going, without being able to see the sun or stars.

5 Stern-Post Rudder The rudder is the device that lets you steer a ship. Most cultures used something like a long oar, which required a very strong person to hold the ship on course in rough water. The stern-post rudder, combined with ropes and pulleys, allowed almost anyone to steer and it improved ship handling tremendously

6 Paper Paper was made by pulping bamboo fibers in water until it had the consistency of runny oatmeal. Then it was poured out onto a cloth screen, which let the water drip through, but left the pulp behind. When it dried, it could be written on. Paper should not be confused with papyrus (an Egyptian invention). The words are similar, but the processes and final products are very different.

7 Printing Printing is a technique that lets you make many copies of the same written thing. The Chinese invented wood-block printing sometime around 650-670 AD. Johannes Gutenberg adapted the idea to metal type when he invented his moveable type printing press in the mid-1400s.

8 Pottery and Porcelain Archaeologists have found pottery remains in China dating back about 20,000 years, making it the earliest known use of pottery. Other cultures also developed pottery, apparently without any help from the Chinese Porcelain (fine China) seems to have developed around 200 AD and was being traded with SW Asia by about 600AD.

9 Paper Money The use of paper money dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) as it was easier to use and transport than coins

10 Kites There is some evidence of kites being known and used in China in the 5 th century BC, mainly for military signaling. But kite-flying does not appear to have become popular as recreation in China until about 400-500 AD.

11 Lacquer Lacquer is made from resin mixed with a coloring agent. It dries to a smooth, hard finish and is used to decorate wooden objects. The Chinese used lacquer as early as 4500-4000 BC.

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