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You will have different sets of friends. Find a partner Determine which partner is A and which one is B B tell A what this phrase means A tell B if you.

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2 You will have different sets of friends. Find a partner Determine which partner is A and which one is B B tell A what this phrase means A tell B if you agree or disagree


4 Find a partner Determine which partner is A and which one is B B tell A what rules your parents have for you for dating A tell B what rules you would have for your child for dating when you become a parent. When You are a Parent

5 Group Dating Just being with people Hanging out Girls will most likely initiate the plans Learn a lot about different personalities Prepare teens for one-to-one relationships As they participate in more activities some members start to pair off Informal and allow you to form own ideas about people and life

6 Casual and Steady Dating Not a long term commitment – casual – May begin and end with one date going out – steady dating – When you decide not to date anyone else

7 Qualities of a Serious Relationship Trust – person would not betray you or cause you harm Self-disclosure – can share your secrets with the other person Communication – Beliefs – Goals – Values – Concerns Intimacy – Sense of familiarity – Feeling of warm friendship


9 Ending a Relationship Conflicting personal priorities Withdrawal from other friendships Overemphasis on physical involvement Frequent arguments Signs that say The time has come to say goodbye!


11 Caitlin and Tyler have been going steady for two years. About two months before their high school graduation, their relationship began to change. They argued more, often hurting each others feelings. Finally, one night Tyler said, I think we should each start seeing other people. We are having too many problems. Caitlin was devastated. The senior prom was just one month away. She had been looking forward to sharing all of the end of the year activities with Tyler. What should they do?

12 How to Survive a Breakup Remember that although the relationship is over you will always have feeling for the person Dont be ashamed to feel sad. A breakup is the end of a relationship that meant a great deal to you. You will feel unhappy for a while. Talk with a good friend or relative. Sharing your feelings with someone close to you can help you through a difficult time. Give your self time to heal before entering a new relationship. Then…date several people rather than just one. Learn from the experience. Take a look at yourself and the strengths you do have. Then look at the mistakes you might have made and learn from them. Keep busy. Get involved in new activities that interest you. Put reminders of the relationship, such as pictures and mementos, out of sight until you have had time to heal.

13 Types of…

14 Passionate Vigorous Insistent Urgent

15 Infatuation Foolish Extreme attractions that do not last

16 Hostile Raises voice in anger against the loved one

17 Unreturned Frustrating because it is unfulfilled love

18 Friendly May form the foundation for true love to build on Grows through the years Is not passionate, consuming, hostile or hurting Mutual respect and understanding

19 Jealous Possessive Holds other person back from others

20 True Total communication and commitment between two people Sharing what you have and are Strive for shared thoughts, feelings, attitudes, ambitions, hopes and interests Help each other grow and improve Work together to overcome obstacles

21 I Concerned for own welfare. L Unselfish in actions. I Physical attraction often is the major factor in the relationship. L Grows slowly and steadily. L Exhibits a we feeling. I Tends to destroy purpose and ambition. L Concerned for the welfare of the other person. I Overlooks undesirable traits and pretends they dont exist. I Very selfish in actions. I Exhibits an I feeling– How do I feel? L Trusting and accepting of others. L Makes a person feel proud and confident. L Indicates I care how you feel. I Emotions flow at a fast pace. L Increases ability to relate to others. I Engulfing, selfish feelings. L Both partners give generously of themselves. L Aware of other persons faults, but accepts them as part of total personality. L Physical attraction is only one aspect of the relationship. I Likes only a few friends and tends to be moody and indifferent.

22 Portrayal of Sexual Intimacy on TV Most parents don't talk to their kids about sex and relationships, birth control and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Most schools do not offer complete sex education programs. So kids get much of their information about sex from TV. Kids are probably not learning what their parents would like them to learn about sex from TV. Sexual content is a real presence on TV. Soap operas, music videos, prime time shows and advertisements all contain lots of sexual content, but usually nothing about contraception or safer sex. The number of sex scenes on TV has nearly doubled since 1998, with 70% of the top 20 most-watched shows by teens including sexual content. Fifteen percent of scenes with sexual intercourse depict characters that have just met having sex. Of the shows with sexual content, an average of five scenes per hour involve sex. Watching sex on TV increases the chances a teen will have sex, and may cause teens to start having sex at younger ages. Even viewing shows with characters talking about sex increases the likelihood of sexual initiation. On the flip side, TV has the potential to both educate teens, and foster discussion with parents. Parents should watch TV with kids, and use the sexual content as a jumping-off point to talk with teen about sex, responsible behavior and safety. Written and compiled by Kyla Boyse, R.N. Reviewed by faculty and staff at the University of Michigan

23 Preparing Yourself to make Sexual Relationship Decisions Know yourself, accept yourself and believe in yourself Develop a healthy self-concept Learn to deal with your strengths and weaknesses Refine your decision-making skills Recognize your personal priorities Set goals for your future Learn to communicate honestly with others Think ahead…what will you do if someone is pressuring you How can you communicate your feelings for someone without getting involved sexually


25 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Entering a Sexual Relationship Young people make many decisions that can impact the rest of their lives. Some of these decisions have to do with sexual relationships. To help you make the right decision, answer the following questions: 1. Why am I doing this? Am I doing this for me or my partner? Am I doing this to prove I am an adult? 2. Am I feeling pressured to have sex? Is my partner pressuring me? If my partner is not pressuring me, where is the pressure coming from? 3. Am I believing my friends when they say, Everyone is doing it! Do I really believe this? 4. How do I feel about my partner? Do I really love him/her? Do I respect him/her? Do I trust him/her? Could our relationship go on if I decided not to have sex? 5. What are my religious and moral beliefs concerning sex before marriage? How will I feel if I go against my beliefs? 6. Have we talked about these decisions? Do I really know what my partner is thinking? Does my partner really know what I am thinking? 7. Do I really believe sex is safe with birth control? Do I want to risk STDs, including AIDS, or pregnancy? 8. Is having sex just a payoff for having a good time? Dont I put more importance on myself than that? 9. Am I being honest with myself? Are we really ready to go this far in our relationship? Am I trying to make it more serious than it is? 10. My sexuality is mine–my partners sexuality is his or hers. Are we ready to give our sexuality to each other if we are not married and in a committed relationship? Chapter 11 Reproducible Master 11-7 195

26 Give your partner a compliment – and mean it. I appreciate your wanting me, but Im not ready for that kind of relationship. Say in a light-hearted manner, Hey, not so fast. Change the setting by saying, Im starved. Lets go get something to eat. Tell your date, You really are special to me. I like you, and I want to keep it that way. Use I-statements, such as I feel really uncomfortable right now. Im not ready for this. Im afraid it might damage our relationship and I might lose respect for you and for me. Tell a joke. Sometimes humor can get you out of a difficult situation.


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