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Bothell Police Department

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1 Bothell Police Department
Sex Offender Community Information Detective Dione Thompson

2 Agenda The history of the Registration Law Sex Offender Levels
Statistics on Sex Offenders Family and Personal Safety Plans Children’s Response Center Specific Sex Offender Question and Answer


4 Registration Law History
To understand how we came together tonight, we have to go back to 1988.

5 Washington State Laws 1989 Helen Harlow’s Son 1988 Diane Ballasiotes
Convicted Sex Offender- Earl Shriner Considered Dangerous to Public assaulted and sexually mutilated 7 year old boy 1988 Diane Ballasiotes Pioneer Square Rape and Murder Convicted Sex Offender on Work Release Ballasiotes – Left work in Pioneer Square. She was abducted, raped, and murdered by Gene Kane. He had just finished a 13 yr. sentence for previous attacks on other women. After being released from prison, he was placed in a work release facility, which he walked away from. Nothing in place for L.E. to track or warn communities about dangerous offenders like this. Governor’s (Booth Gardner) Task Force

6 Community Protection Act February 28, 1990
Registration of Sex Offenders Civil Commitment (Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island) Victim Services Community Notification Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Predators - Washington State first in nation! Convicted of sexually violent offenses, AND… Suffers from a mental abnormality/personality disorder AND Predisposed as “likely” to engage in “predatory” acts of sexual violence.

7 Our Challenge To be responsible in enforcing the Community Protection Act in order to protect the citizens and protect the Community Protection Act itself.

8 RCW 9A Registration of Sex/Kidnapping Offenders

9 Legal Setback 1993 Local Municipality Abused Community Notification
For Level 1 Offenders, absent a threat, disclosure would serve no legitimate purpose. Public agencies must have some evidence of an offender’s future dangerousness, likelihood of re-offense or threat to the community to justify disclosure to the public. Ward vs. State must consider risk

10 Federal Statutes Some Federal Statutes and how they came to be….

11 Jacob Wetterling Act Jacob Wetterling 1989 St. Joseph, Minnesota
Jacob was 11 years old on a bike ride with his brother and a friend Last seen being grabbed by masked gunman 1994 Federal Statute -Sex Offender Registration -Limited Notification Congress passed Jacob Wetterling Act that mandated all states and territories to set up sex offender registration programs by Sept. 13, 1997

12 Megan’s Law Megan Kanka 1994 Hamilton, New Jersey
Went for a bicycle ride and never returned. Jesse Timmendequass (convicted sex offender) living nearby admitted to luring, raping and killing Megan. May 1996 federal statute -Requires all states to have community notification on high risk offenders. Amendment to Jacob Wetterling Act that allows community notification on high risk offenders, especially those that prey on children. Modeled after Washington State… requires all states to have Community Notification.


14 Pam Lychner Act Pam Lychner
Real estate agent in Houston. She was attacked and assaulted by a convicted felon while showing a house to a potential buyer. Sex Offender Tracking and Identification Act - Mandated FBI to establish a national sex offender registry by 2000

15 Who has to Register? Convicted of Sex/Kidnapping Offense In this state
In another state In Federal Court Juveniles and Adults Those who lack a fixed residence

16 Community Notification
Level 3 Offenders Level 2 Offenders Level 1 Offenders Homeless Offenders

17 Sex Offender Risk Levels
Sex Offender Scoring Tool (SOST) Police Reports Presentence Psychological Criminal History Court Files

18 Risk Levels Level One- Most rated, no violent history, usually know their victims. Level Two- Risk to reoffend, multiple victims, grooming of victims, predatory or position of trust. Level Three- High risk to reoffend, multiple victims, may use violence and/or weapons, may or may not know their victims.

19 General Statistics King County 3892 Level 1 2917 Level 2 587

20 Bothell City Limits Level Level Level Total

21 There are over 18,000 sex offenders registered in the state of Washington There are about 2000 sex offenders who are in violation of the registration laws. Their location is unknown.

22 Prevention and Safety Planning
Rebecca Milliman, MSW Children’s Response Center th Ave NE Suite 130 Bellevue, WA (425)

23 Parents and Children Open communication
Teach how and when to say NO Teach correct anatomical names Talk about safe and unsafe touching Identify a safety plan and safe people Listen and believe! Know with whom your child spends time Talk with other parents Check references for babysitters and child care providers Drop in visits

24 Parents and Teens Communication Talk about dating safety
Maintain open doors Identify other safe people to talk with Talk about dating safety What are respectful relationships? What should your teen expect from others? Find ways to stay involved & informed! You’re still the parent…..

25 Kids & the Internet Develop and discuss rules of access
Locate Internet in public area of home Discuss the importance of: Why personal information should not be given out (teens) Set limits of meeting online “friends” in person What to do if someone is asking for personal information What to do if something or someone makes them feel uncomfortable Monitor chat room use Educate yourself to be more Internet savvy!


27 Adults Be aware of your surroundings
Do not allow strangers in your home Verify ID of anyone, including service people and police officers Phone 911 if suspicious Protect your personal boundaries Trust your instincts! That little voice is usually right

28 Grooming How offenders gain access to their victims
Obtains immediate insider status Exceptionally charming Extremely helpful Gains trust from adults Creates ‘special’ relationship with a child Engages in peer-like play with children Creates opportunities to be alone with children Fails to honor clear boundaries set by adults or children Is defensive or secretive

29 Resources Children’s Response Center (425) Harborview Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress (206) King County Sexual Assault Resource Center Child Protective Services or



32 These are just the known offenders
Can’t tell by looking They’re everywhere These are just the known offenders Doesn’t include those convicted prior to the law going into effect Doesn’t include those who have yet to be caught Doesn’t include those convicted and still incarcerated Registration laws went into effect February 28, 1990

33 Information Sources

34 Level two Level three
All King County Agencies Levels determined by police agency of jurisdiction.

35 Level two Level three
All Washington registered sex offenders as reported by WSP. Levels determined by police agency of jurisdiction.

36 Access Washington Legislature Statutes / RCW’s
Upcoming Legislation Washington State Patrol

37 FAQ? “Why aren’t these people locked up for good?”
In 1996, the legislature increased sentences for major sex offenses with passing the “2 strikes law”, which imposed a life sentence for a second sex offense. Because of problems with the 2 strikes law, in 2001 the legislature passed yet another law. This allowed for indeterminate sentences for those offenders convicted after September 1, This means that an offender can be kept behind bars for as long as he poses a danger to the community.

38 Sex Offender There will always be sex offenders in King County
There will always be sex offenders in your neighborhood Sex offenders come in all races, ages, and sexes The largest majority of sex offenses occur in the home Stranger assaults are rare Education and knowledge are our strengths

39 For More Information… King County Sheriff’s Office
Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Bothell Police Department Detective Dione Thompson

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