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2 Half-Life Time it takes half of the atoms in a radioactive sample to decay into other atoms. [] Click Here for Half-Life Demo

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4 Half-Life The length of a half-life is related to how active the elements are. (This is measured in curies) IsotopeActivity (Curies) U Am Cs I ,500


6 Half-Life Problem: If I has a half-life of 8.04 days, how long will it take until only 25% of it is left?

7 Half-Life 2 half-lives = days

8 Half-Life Problem: If a fossil only has 12.5% of 14 6 C remaining, how old is it? 5730 x 3 = years

9 Half-Life Problem: If you start with 25 grams of Xe, which has a half-life of 5.25 days, how much will be left after days?

10 Half-Life Click Here for Radioactive Dating Game

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