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New Technology, (Same) Old People Dave Simpson easynet group plc

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1 New Technology, (Same) Old People Dave Simpson easynet group plc

2 Easynet

3 Broadband Access Easynet offer a unique access portfolio as the market leader in alternative copper local loop infrastructure in the UK Unique product portfolio – 4Mb SDSL, 4Mb and 8Mb ADSL – SureStream - Up to half the cost of a standard Leased Line – Leased Lines – For mission critical applications – Exchange Enable – Public Sector bodies can aggregate together to unbundle exchanges through the OGC network unbundling exchanges before BT Service Level Guarantees – Control over Quality of Service – Very low contention ratios, Including 1:1 ratios – Service not degraded by volume consumer services

4 Broadband Access Market leader in Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) 127 exchanges live or in build mode, at end of August 2003 90% of all unbundled lines in UK, at end of December 2002 Up to 150 exchanges live by end of 2003 Unique Product portfolio High speed asymmetric (4Mbps & 8Mbps) DSL and symmetrical (0.5, 1, 2Mbps) DSL services available Superior contention ratios & Service Level Guarantees

5 Very Slow PSTN Dialup

6 PSTN Dialup


8 FRIACO (sustainable unmetered)


10 Broadband

11 The Future Promise

12 Technology Coming Down Your Street The approach of technology over time –Police Box –Telephone Box –Phone in hallway –Multiple fixed phones –Wireless handsets –Mobile phones in pockets

13 Technology On The Street


15 Technology On The Street(broken)

16 Great Plans Of Yesteryear London Roads –1926 roundabouts introduced –1930 Speed limits abolished (death toll increased!) –1934 Proposal for 4 lane motorway through middle of Soho and mechanical turntables on every cul-de-sac –Driver (!) was high speed at all costs. –Pedestrians, like dogs, can be educated. Victorian Drainage –1858 Victorians built miles of sewers, pumping stations, reservoirs and the Embankment –Dumped at sea until 1998 –Deaths from Cholera reduced 20,000 pa to 1 pa in one year –Good plan, well implemented, but expensive (and not competitive) Model more like car manufacturers than traditional utilities ?

17 Wired households Internet

18 Too far gone and out … Balance between social and economic policy Schemes need to support competitive infrastructures Too soon to claim mkt failures Aggregate local demand

19 Always On Sometimes The Broadband Promise –Always on –Whizzier The Broadband Reality –On when want it (if you dont switch your computer off) –Whizzy (if you dont go to a busy site) Still great though ! –Will always be a bottleneck somewhere –Weakest link moved away from customer access

20 Active Around The House

21 Active Around (and Outside) The House

22 Everyone loves to beep Personal Technology –Analogue Watches –Digital Watches –(who cares) Mobile phones –Ring tones –SMS –Internet / email –Picture Messenging –Polyphonic ring tones Sexy Technology

23 Miniaturisation

24 Life In The Living Room Lean forward / Lean backward Rock backwards and forwards ? Time division viewing – new PC or phone fight Windows XP Media Center / Lifestyle PCs

25 Why Will The Network Notwork ? Notworks –Things complicated –Mass market dont care for technology –When goes wrong they dont know what to do and PANIC Incoming email fails: –Email client –User Name / Pwd problem –PC problem (other software (eg AV) or operating system) –PC hardware problem –Local network problem –Firewall problem –Physical ISP connection problem –Domain server / transparent proxy problem –Problem with the remote POP server –Something else Who you gonna call ?

26 Radio and Television The Internet is all about music, pictures and movies Internet Wireless / DAB Internet Television Tivo / Sky+ Internet EPGs Consumer perceptions How to regulate ? –Telecoms –Broadcasting –Difference ?

27 Internet Subsumers Internet Revolution (Bard and Soderqvist) –Spoken word –Written word –Printed word –ICT Natural ways of communicating: –Speaking –Writing –Telephone –Email –Instant Messenger –Chat –Video conferencing Internet is always everywhere – panic when breaks !

28 The Monologue Now A Dialogue Early Internet (nerd to nerd) –Swapping research files –Email –Newsgroups –IRC Somewhere along the way (customers) –Internet about web pages –Brochure ware –Shopping Communicating (people to people) –Building on real world relationships

29 Socialising in Cyberspace (Cyberlising?) Social Sites Blogs Wikis ( Friendster Friend Reunited Ebay Dating Sites Hobby/Interest Sites Fan Sites

30 Connected Pipes, Fat People Fat pipe, fat arse –Square Eyes –Cyber-slobbing Enhances life (social broadband) –Finding things to do –Planning days out –Supplement to real life not replacement Creative uses for Technology –Beyond neat technology –Generation of next-steppers –Never known a world without it

31 Wow moments Source: fat pipes

32 Wow moments Source: fat pipes

33 The Darkside Pernicious virulent viruses –Melissa, lovebug, nimba, code red, sobig, slammer, msblaster Trojans / Spyware / general hackery Spamerama Denial of Service attacks Chat Room grooming Undesirable content Content outside UK jurisdiction Fraud (phishing / credit cards) jargonization!

34 Dealing with the Darkside Technology solutions –Technology getting better, but so are the bad things –Always playing catch up (reactive) –Technology on ISP side –Technology on customer side Education –Behaviour change (avoid bad stuff – dont go there) –Needs understanding of dangers –Scary for parents of kids who understand technology better Fundamental issues –Bad stuff will happen (human nature) –Basic human freedoms –Role of government / ISP / parent as protector For adults For kids

35 Educate and Mentor

36 Net Strategies Strategies for teachers/parents for dealing with Childrens net cultures (Dunkels, Umea university, Sweden) –Technology Instruction manual for telephone Understand how to use technology not technology itself –Net Cultures Orientation and immersion. Experience the bad stuff that can happen –Laws Real laws still apply on the net. Different applications Role for Parents and schools –Searching Distinguishing good information from bad on the Internet Learn to question content (not all is what it seems)

37 What Next ?

38 Summary The Internet has arrived in anger at peoples homes –Still not mass market, but soon will be –Competition can deliver to most places. Intervene only where failure. Internet being integrated in to everyday life –Its there and people using it –Information harvesting –Communication between people Theres a darkside –Unlikely to go away –Technology solutions and Education approaches Get on with the good stuff !

39 New Technology, (Same) Old People Dave Simpson easynet group plc


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