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Early Humans 1.1.

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1 Early Humans 1.1

2 Main Idea and connection
Paleolithic people adapted to their environment and invented many tools to help them survive. What do you view as the greatest human achievement?

3 Frozen Body Alps Frozen Body No Written Records Iceman
Covered for thousands of years Clothing, tools and well preserved body give clues to life and death Lived 5,000 years ago about 3,000BC Made of stitched animal skins Community skilled in sewing Copper Ax Copper first metal used by europeans- 4,000 BC No Written Records Able to determine from items found Ten years later found arrowhead buried in chest


5 History History is: Story of humans in the past Historians
What people did and what happened to them Historians Study and write about the human past. Define history as Period of time that began after people learned to write (5.500 years ago) Pre-History= before history (writing)

6 Tools of discovery We learn about people by what they left behind
Anthropologists- focus on human society Study how humans developed and how they related to one another Archeologist- hunt for evidence buried in the ground Artifacts- weapons, tools and other things Fossils- traces of plants or animals preserved in rock Size of spear made from flint = type of game Bigger= larger and heavier

7 Written and Oral History
Study written record of human life and accomplishments Wars, religion, rulers Compare against other societies at the same time Oral Tradition Stories passed down by word of mouth Family history, stories of heroes or events of past Not always historically accurate Myths, legends

8 Louis and Mary Leakey British archaeologists
Son Richard Most famous fossil hunters Convinced scientists and anthropologists Human ancestors first lived in East Africa Millions of years ago

9 Discovery Digging in Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania Dirt deep and old
Layers of dirt dating back 2 million years 1940’s and 50’s Louis and Mary found hominids Creatures walked on two legs Humans only huminids alive today 1959 Mary discovered skull of creature 2 million years old Dated hominids to that period 1974 Donald Johnson Chicago Entire skeleton of a female hominid in Ethiopia

10 Lucy Hominid discovered called Lucy Disproved previous ideas
3 million years old Disproved previous ideas Thought hominids lived in open plains Used tools to hunt, thought they had to walk to be able to carry weapons Lucy showed hominids walked long before tools

11 Tim White 1992 First humans spread out of Africa From California
4.4 million year old Hominid Showed hominid walked in Africa’s jungles First humans spread out of Africa In search of food and new places to live

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