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The Adolescent in Society

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1 The Adolescent in Society
CHAPTER 6 The Adolescent in Society Section 1: Adolescence in Society Section 2: Teenagers and Dating Section 3: Challenges of Adolescence

2 SECTION 1 Adolescence in Society Question: How did adolescence develop as a distinct stage of the life cycle in the United States?

3 Adolescence in Society
SECTION 1 Adolescence in Society Prior to 1860s Adolescence did not exist as a separate life stage. Children treated as small adults. Education Work Courts Children stay in school longer; extended period of dependence Laws restricted child labor, also increasing length of dependency Juvenile-justice system legally distinguished between youth and adults. Effect Development of adolescence as a distinct life stage between childhood and adulthood

4 SECTION 2 Teenagers and Dating Question: How did various social changes lead to the emergence of dating?

5 Teenagers and Dating SECTION 2 Cause Effect
People moved from the farms to the cities, where young adults could gain more economic freedom and their own homes. As a result, parental control over young adults and courtship decreased. Industrial Revolution Public Education Automobile Telephone Equality of Women By the 1900s most secondary-school students attended coeducational public schools, which increased interaction between boys and girls. Young adults had more freedom of movement away from parents. Young adults could more easily talk to members of the opposite sex. More women entered the workforce and took on more active community roles, which increased the interaction between single adult men and women.

6 SECTION 3 Challenges of Adolescence Question: What are the causes and consequences of social problems facing contemporary teenagers?

7 Challenges of Adolescence
SECTION 3 Challenges of Adolescence Cause Effect Consequences Teenage Sexual Behavior Teenage Drug Use Teenage Suicide loosening of norms concerning sexuality; low-income, one-parent families teenage pregnancy; expo-sure to or acquiring STDs such as syphilis or AIDS dropping out of school; having friends who use drugs; social and academic adjustment problems; hostile and rejecting family settings increase in the use of some drugs among teens; increase in drug-related violence alcohol or drug use; triggering events such as a family crisis or other trials of adolescence; being female; social isolation; living in an underpopulated area; bad family environment; cluster effect from publicized suicides death; possible cluster effects leading to other teenage suicides; rise in U.S. teenage suicide rate; teen suicide rate now exceeds that for adults

8 Chapter Wrap-Up CHAPTER 6
1. Describe the factors that led to the development of the concept of adolescence in the United States. 2. Identify and describe the five major features of adolescence. 3. How did the practice of dating develop in the United States? 4. What functions does the dating process perform today? 5. What major social problems face American teenagers today?

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