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Page 1 PAGDP Summit 1 – Alpine Heath. Page 2 Page 3 House Keeping Safety Briefing – Shawn & Shantal Baby you can light my fire – in your rooms! Cell.

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1 Page 1 PAGDP Summit 1 – Alpine Heath

2 Page 2

3 Page 3 House Keeping Safety Briefing – Shawn & Shantal Baby you can light my fire – in your rooms! Cell phones, mmmnn, fines… Profile photos 49 not taken… Mia/ Jacqui – Tuesday onwards Late coming results in fun sessions, and, embarrassing moments, your choice Syndicate groups & table allocations (coloured wrist bands & name tag lanyards) Drink & meal vouchers, special dietary requirements Coffee & tea breaks – honour the times allocated. Your files/ moleskins – tools for learning Gatekeeping – table discussions/ speakers and time keepers Programme team: Vishal, Kerry, Lesedi, Dennis – Duke CE Robyn, Lisa – Songhai Tourism and Events Elegance, Kendra, Ilse – ABSA/ Barclays Sean – F&B Manager, Chantal – Events Mgr – Alpine Heath EJ – Alpine Heath General Manager

4 Page 4 Reflections on previous summit: At your tables, turn to your colleague and discuss three (3) key insights learnt, that helped you in your journey over the last few months: How did the Orientation summit (Survival summit) prepare you for the ascent or climb? What can you teach another joining the Group as a newcomer from your lessons learnt? How did Orientation help you overcome pitfalls? Tip: Reflect, using your journey map of sessions from the orientation summit.

5 Page 5 How will your week be constructed? Plenary Sessions Big Group Sessions/ Syndicates Table Discussions Small Table Workgroups Graded assignment Fun Activities

6 Page 6 Our location – A summit to remember:

7 Page 7 Our location;15 interesting facts: Drakensberg – Dragon Mountains Zulu - uKhahlamba – Barrier of Spears Highest Mtn range in Southern Africa (3482m) Resembles Simien Mtns of Ethiopia Mainly grassland and woodlands eco-region High rainfall area – feeds Orange and Tugela Rivers Home to the worlds second highest waterfall – Tugela Falls (947m drop) Snowfall experienced in winter 119 plant Species listed in Red Data book –endangered 2153 plant species in the park 98 Endemic to the area 299 Bird species – 37% of Non marine avian species in Southern Africa Rare Southern White Rhinoceros, Antelope and buck; rare frogs too Listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Site in 2000 35 000-40 000 Bushmen works of art (paintings) here 40 000 yrs ago!

8 Page 8 Time to get some mountain air … In your syndicates – choose two tables next to you, agree to meet outside (approx 27 in a team ): You will have 12 minutes to huddle, plan and practice building a shape or structure of your choice. Points will be awarded for: Efficiency in getting into your new group - outside Optimum involvement of resources at your disposal – yourselves! Use of sound and energy during execution phase Flow and smoothness (quality) in execution phase Creativity & Uniqueness of your delivery Execution with safety! Re-gathering inside plenary room afterwards (speed) After 12 minutes practice, 3 teams at a time, 3 minutes allocated for execution, 30 seconds to hold the position.

9 Page 9 Summit 1 – Enabling High Performance Monday Day1 – 6 th May 2013 Tuesday Day 2 – 7 th May 2013 Welcome and Expectation of the days session Reflection of previous summit, intersession application, review learning journey Knowing me as a leader – personal mastery Me, Myself, and I 08:30 – Welcome and Expectation of the days session Social Competence & Emotional Intelligence - Heidi Poulton 12:30-13:30 Lunch Developing self insight Million Maker Objectives and Outcomes Contributing within a team - Heidi Poulton 19:00 Casual Dinner19:00 Networking Dinner – in the Boma with guest speaker

10 Page 10 Summit 1 – Enabling High Performance Wednesday Day 3 – 8 th May 2013 Thursday Day 4 – 9 th May 2013 08:30 – Welcome and Expectation of the days session Trust & collaboration - Heidi Poulton 08:30 – Welcome and Expectation of the days session Living our values - Lindy McClymont -Understanding context & need for values Your role in the organization Networking mastery – building social capital 13:15-14:15 Lunch12:30-13:30 Lunch Conversations that matter Lindy McClymont Networking mastery – building social capital continued Lindy McClymont Coaching Session 19:00 A & B Themed Dinner19:00 Talent show and Dinner

11 Page 11 Summit 1 – Enabling High Performance Friday Day 5 – 10 th May 2013 Saturday Day 6 – 11 th May 2013 08:30 – Welcome and Expectation of the days session Buddy Mentoring Programme Million Maker - Application of Projects Coaching 06:30 – Breakfast 08:00 Group 1 to Jhb and Natal depart 09:00 Group 2 to Jhb depart 10:00 Group 3 to Jhb depart 11:00 Group 4 to Jhb depart 12:30-13:30 Lunch Graded Case Study Pulling it together: application back to business -Summit close

12 Tea Break 30 minutes 12

13 Our wheel of life reviewed: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow 13 Refer to your files, to find your wheel of life. With a colleague step outside for a one on one discussion and review. Answer the following: What aspects of my wheel have I been working on? How have they helped me in my career thus far? Which have I neglected? Did I find a mentor or coach for each facet of my wheel? What do I need to expand further in my wheel? Which aspects? What actions MUST I take? How will I measure myself? You have 45 minutes to reflect upon and prepare a 3 minute presentation to your syndicate members, of your enhanced wheel: illustrate what it was, where you are now and where you believe you need to be. What actions you will take… make the commitment to your colleagues

14 Lunch Insert location 14

15 Behaviours that foster high performance in individuals: 15 Co-founder of LinkedIN,more than 100 million members. Made over $ 1.7 Billion (age 33) Angel investor in 100 businesses Enemy of complacency… urgent action! Dont take your success for granted… it is very fragile. Dont become the Detroit Michigan of the US. A symbol of despair. Detroits are everywhere. Dont become one…

16 The new world of work 16 To adapt to the challenges of professional life today, we need to rediscover our entrepreneurial instincts and use them to forge new sorts of careers. Today, you need to think of yourself as an entrepreneur at the helm of at least one living, growing start-up, your career.

17 The escalator model… In the past, it was simple, you started at an IBM< Goldman Sachs or GE and moved up, got traned and groomed and moved up further… strong tailwinds… made space for others when you climbed off. Nowadays, its jam packed at the bottom with even the old folk re-entering the market at the bottom. Its hard for anyone over sixty to get off. Today, its hard for the young to even get on the escalator! And companies today, dont really want to invest in you… they expect you to start with the skillsets. Professional loyalty now flows to and from your network, horizontally, short term, performance based; no longer upward. Networking has been replaced by intelligent network building.

18 So, why the start-up of you? The amount of time you spend on any one job is shrinking. The world is changing, and fast! Some demographic insights… Baby boomers being replaced… consumer spending is shrinking daily. Markets propped up by central banks… the bubble will burst… are you placed to cope with this change? Are YOU adapting? Entrepreneurs build industry-wide relationships; they agressively seek break-out opportunities; they tap their network for business intelligence… today, YOU need to do the same. Operating models change rapidly; Blockbuster versus Netflix (30% of global online traffic in the week). $160 million profit in 2010… Blockbusters filed for bankrupcy!

19 Your mindset – Permanent beta: 19 Finished is an F-Word… great companies are always evolving. Amazon: Bezos – Its still Day 1 We are all works-in-progress; each day is an opportunity to learn more, do more, be more, grow more in our lives and careers. Stay in beta mode… realise you have bugs continuously develop yourself. Table chat: A company hires me over other professionals because… What are you offering that is both rare and valuable?

20 Develop your Skillset 20 1.Develop your competitive advantage – assets, aspirations, market realities 2.Use ABZ planning 3.Build real lasting relationships – professional network 4.Tap network intelligence

21 Your assets, aspirations and market realities: 21 Developing your competitive advantage What are you offering that is rare and valuable? Competitive advantage underpins all career strategy Your assets – what do you have right now? What are your strengths, interests and network? Soft assets are the things you know; hard assets, thecash and things you have to enable you to take on more risk. What matters are skills, connections and experiences. Your aspirations – deepest wishes, ideas, goals and vision of the future. It includes your core values of whats important to you in life; knowledge, money, autonomy, integrity, power… Google is clear on purpose… To organise the worlds information… top engineers are drawn to Google.

22 Market realities Smart entrepreneurs know a product wont make money if customers dont want it. Your skills must meet the needs of the paying market. The market is abstract… simply people who make decisions that affect you. David Neeleman: JetBlue airways… focus on the needs of your customers and stakeholders…its that simple. Put yourself in a osition to ride the waves of the market conditions. Table discussion: How can you combine these three ingredients (assets, aspirations, market conditions) to position yourself for career success? Update your LinkedIn profile: Beacause of my skillset, I can do…

23 To do: Go on LinkedIn or Twitter search for your company (and others) and follow and track them. Write down some of your key assets: I excel at public speaking on engineering matters Identify people with similar aspirations… benchmark yourself; subscribe to their tweets and blogs. How have you spent your last six saturdays… how do you spend your free time when theres nothing urgent to do? Your true aspirations? How are you adding value at work currently? What would not get done if you arent there? Whats your soft asset investment plan… areas for growth.

24 Plan to adapt… Planning a career for the next 10 years is okay in an unchanging environment.. You are in a chaotic ocean… career planning works in relative stability conditions… You need to be flexibly persistent…flexible to adapt. Adaptive start-ups win! Flickr… was Game Neverending – photosharing was an add-on to attract folk to the game just like messaging. Now 5 billion photos on Flickr. Actions: Make plans based on your competitive advantage. Prioritise learning. Sart-ups focus on learning above profitability. Learn by doing. Make reversible small bets. Pilot on the side… end of day trader etc. Establish an identity separate from your employer.

25 It takes a Network! You will fall short if you do things alone…if you go solo you will lose out to a team. Athletes need coaches and trainers. Steve Jobs needed Steve Wozniak. The team you build is the company you build. Mark Zuckerberg spends half his time recruiting! If you want to accelerate your career, you need the help and support of others. The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be LinkeIn is for professional networks… no one cares who you are dating on LinkedIn. Where are you spending your online time? LinkedIn or Facebook? Build genuine relationships – old school networkers are transactional. They only network when they need something. True relationship building is like dating. Have a long term perspective. Empathise and help first. Discover what people want. Fun factor – building relationships should be fun, not flossing! Table discussion: How do we help each other build out our networks? Whats the right number? Weak ties are not great. 150 is the most we can manage.. Surving tribes were 150.. Ref Dunbar.

26 How to strengthen and maintain your network Relationships are living, breathing things, neglect them and they die. Do something for another person. Help him or her. Small gifts: relevant information, articles, introductions and advice. Let yourself be helped… Be a bridge… introduce others…straddle divides. Remain in touch and top of mind… no emails once in three years hey remember me, Im looking for a job… One lunch is worth a dozen emails Social media – staying in touch passively Actions :Imagine you got retrenched today… who are the 10 people youd contact for advice…are you happy with your connection to them today? Reach out now…

27 Tea Break 30 minutes 27

28 Reviewing your MBTI – lessons learnt in application: At your tables, reflect on how understanding TYPE has helped you: Appreciate diversity in teams Realise the unique contribution of others Negiotiate a potential conflict situation successfully Manage your boss and peer relationships Where have you failed to use MBTI type effectively, How could using it, have improved the situation? Take 20 minutess at your tables to process the discussion points. We will take comments from the tables thereafter…

29 Reflections on the day 29 Turn to a colleague, share a key insight or two, about your day that is noteworthy Take 3 minutes to reflect in your Moleskins Tomorrow….

30 Address by Elegance Gozo (30 minutes) 30

31 Placeholder for citizen initiative (1 hour) 31

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