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Coercion or consent Virtual realms of intimate partner abuse.

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1 Coercion or consent Virtual realms of intimate partner abuse

2 Your Relationship with Technology?

3 New tech New landscapes New social norms

4 Spoofing Caller ID Gives caller ability to change number shown on Caller ID, change voice, and record call.

5 Text Messaging Messages can be spoofed

6 Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Track person/object using satellite technology. Commonly found in: Cell phones Watches Vehicle Navigation Systems Small and easily hidden. Affordable and readily available.

7 Monitor Teen Drivers Know what time they left, what time they arrived, and see a map of the exact location where the car was / is parked. Alerts can notify you when your teen leaves school early, is speeding, or visits a friend who has been declared off limitsits. With a click of the mouse, you can disable the cars starter, turn on the dome light or flash the headlights.

8 Phone Location Services

9 Sexting exchanges of images between two romantic partners exchanges where at least one person would like to start a romantic relationship may be shared outside the relationship Blackmail Control Punishment Status among friends

10 Pew Research Center, 2009 4% of teens between the ages of 12 and 17 have sent images of themselves 15% have received such images from someone they know. The numbers double among 17 year olds.

11 National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, 2008 survey 20% of teens (ages 13 19) have sent/posted nude or semi nude pictures or video of themselves. 71% of teen girls and 67% of teen boys have shared these images with a boyfriend or girlfriend. 38% of teens say they have had sexually suggestive text messages or emails meant for someone else shared with them.

12 National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, 2008 survey 51% of teen girls believe that pressure from a guy is a reason girls send sexy messages or images, whereas only 18% of teen boys cite pressure from girls as a reason for sexting.

13 2009 Cox Teen Online & Wireless Safety Survey 20% of teens (13-18) has sent, received, or forwarded sexually suggestive nude/nearly nude photos Over 1/3 know a friend who has done so. 60% of teens who send such images send them to boyfriends/girlfriends 1 in 10 senders have sent images to people they do not know. 30% of friends of senders say the images were forwarded to someone other than the intended recipient.

14 Sexual and relationship coercion Partner Peer Group Society

15 Cyberspace and virtual communities Video Games: The fastest growing form of mass media today! Nintendo DS Virtual worlds, MMOGs, MUDs World of Warcraft Second Life Chat rooms with/without video Chat roulette

16 Flaming Griefing Cyber bullying Cyber mobbing Cyber stalking Virtual Rape

17 Power and Control Wheel The electronic leash

18 HERS and his too! Honesty Equity Respect Safety HERS is necessary for consent.

19 Review of formal limits Sexual abuse laws Assault laws Domestic abuse laws

20 Sexual abuse laws, §709 Sex act with someone 13 years and younger Sex act with someone 14 or 15, perp is 4 or more years older Sex act with someone under the influence, incapacitated, unable to give consent

21 Lascivious acts with a child §709.8 Anyone 16 or older (unless married) to touch the genitals of a minor or be touched by a minor or solicit a minor for a sex act to satisfy sexual desire.

22 Indecent exposure, §709.9 Exposing genitals to another to arouse sexual desire, knowing it would be offensive to the other person.

23 Invasion of privacy §709.21 Knowingly viewing, photographing, filming someone fully or partly nude who doesnt know about it, or consent to it, and had a reasonable expectation of privacy.

24 child pornography Sexual exploitation of a minor §728.12 Knowingly entice, coerce, persuade, (or attempt to) a minor into real or simulated prohibited sex act that is recorded/preserved Possession of the above Dissemination/exhibition of obscene material to a minor §728.2

25 Sex offender registry? The laws were not designed with adolescent sexting culture in mind. Reduced penalties for teens in NE, UT, VT, AZ, FL, IL, LA, MO, VT, TX, RI, ND, NJ, NV Considering legislation in AL, CA, HI, IN, SD, SC, PN, OK, NY

26 Assault §708 An act intended to cause injury, pain, or offensive physical contact The threat thereof Pointing or displaying weapon at someone in threatening manner

27 Domestic abuse laws §236 For criminal cases, domestic abuse defined by: Couple living together now or in the past year Have a child in common Married, separated, divorced No crime of dating violence in Iowa. Treated the same as a stranger assault.

28 SF 359 Dating Violence Bill Passed the Iowa Senate Died in committee on the House side Express your dismay!

29 Restraining orders §236 Dating violence qualifies for civil cases, currently or in intimate relationship in the past year Parent, guardian, or other adult must file on behalf of a minor.

30 Harassment §708.7 Communicate or personal contact, including visual proximity, without legitimate purpose in a manner likely to cause annoyance or harm Ordering merchandise or services in someone elses name without their knowledge or consent

31 Resources (healthy/unhealthy relationships) skills skills (take the online quiz!) (GLBT National Help Center, runs a youth hotline) (internet coercion and abuse)

32 Resources (National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women Special Collection on Technology Safety) (resources for coaches to teach respect and nonviolent relationships)

33 Resources National Network to End Domestic Violence Technology Safety Project


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