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Betty Yao 94933020 Amanda Horng 94933017 Taeyoung Im 95933070 Karri Aston 94933040 A match for the Taiwan market?

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1 Betty Yao 94933020 Amanda Horng 94933017 Taeyoung Im 95933070 Karri Aston 94933040 A match for the Taiwan market?

2 Love is Complicated, But is Easy video clip

3 Agenda Objectives On-line dating industry overview About Hypotheses, data & results Recommendations & learnings

4 Objectives 1. Assess size, scope and features of Taiwans on-line dating market 2. Discover segmentation and market positioning opportunities 3. Make recommendations to improve Match.coms marketing in Taiwan

5 On-line dating industry overview We are the eBay for human beings. Jeff Titterton,VP of Customer Services PlanetOut Partners

6 Online Dating Industry Grew out of popularity of cyber space, cyber cultures and cyber communities Popular in many countries Helps people with little time or opportunity to meet people Most sites are subscription-based US survey: 18-25 year olds have more opportunities to meet people, so dont depend on on-line dating as much as older customers for finding relationships

7 Worldwide: On-line Dating Providers Match.comYahoo!PersonalseHarmonyCompetitors Product Features Video Profiles Instant messaging Keyword searching Two-way matching Mobile Profiles searchable or shared with people one chose, Anonymous messaging Compatibility testing Customized approach Depth of personality survey User is presented with highly compatible profiles Niche Personal Sites( Networking & friend making sites Traditional/offline dating services Price 1 month -$29.99 3 month - $50.97 12 month - $77.94 1 month -$19.95 3 month - $42.95 12 month - $89.95 1 month -$50 3 month - $99 12 month - $250 Free – thousands of dollars Promotion Margo-an interactive cartoon match marker international division invested £3m in a UK offline marketing campaign in 2005 Big Ad. Mix in 2007 MindFindBind Yahoo and Starbucks align for personal incentives Keep out casual daters No. of members 15 Million8 Million5 Million No. of members include members in the US and other countries (As of July 2005,comScore Media Matrix )

8 Online Dating Industry - Taiwan 2006: 12 million internet users in Taiwan 53% are single, an increase from 44% in 2004, 40% in 2003 Taiwan market less developed than US, but more than China Taiwan has long history of online friend making 1998 NCCU survey: making friends on-line was already popular amongst university students, with 64% having made friends on-line Yahoo! Taiwan survey: only 33% of on-line dating users identify their purpose as finding a girlfriend, boyfriend or marriage partner

9 About is like Baskin-Robbins' 31 flavors: blondes, redheads, Egyptians and probably a set of Siamese twins if you were to search long enough --Glamour Magazine

10 Timeline 1996 Attract more than 60,000 members for 1st fiscal year 1995 Launched on the web in US April 1995 2001 Strategic Alliance with MSN to provide online personals in UK 2005 More than 60,000 new people register per day with revenue of 249.5MUSD 2004 The worlds largest online dating website (Guinness World Records) 2006 Affiliated businesses span six continents, operating more than 30 sites in 18 languages with 15M users 2002 launches 25 international local-language dating sites Part of Interactive Corp Headquarter: Dallas, USA

11 Brand Culture Customers/ Prospects Influencers Current Brand Strategy Reputation Value No 1 online dating services in some countries (i.e US, Australia), but its less well-known than Yahoo online dating in TWN Testimonial (success stories, mouth of word) Guinness world record Partner with MSN Be the #1 player by continuing to innovate in product and service Relationship Value Security, subscribers quality and ease of use are the most important factors for online dating services Word of mouth Affiliate marketing program Online dating magazine/ report and analysis Most strict IT infrastructure for information protection (Microsoft) Non-disclosure agreement Listening to customers Reviewing profile, approving photos and providing customer service Experiential Value Success stories Word of mouth from friends, colleagues Relationship Expert to provide advice (Dr. Phil) Free trial to experience the services Price incentives for longer subscriptions Symbolic Value logo Good looking/charming man and woman photo Red heart Create fun, user-friendly online services Brand Culture Brand Story

12 Easy to Get Started Instead of just looking at other singles, get them looking for you. MatchWords help you quickly find someone who shares your common interests. Think of them as "keywords" that describe who you are and what you're like. Who's viewed you? Find out. One of many services available on, but only if you are a subscriber. Let Love Find You!!

13 Taiwan powers online dating on MSN in Taiwan starting from Nov. of 2002 Over 75% of members are looking for a person that will change their life Weve inspired twice as many marriage as any other sites. Members in Taiwan: 650,000 Male vs. Female:65% vs. 35% (source: MSN Taiwan)

14 Leading internet portal in Taiwan after acquisition of Kimo on Nov. 2000 ($145 Million) Yahoo owned sites and services Attract younger and heavier internet users Yahoo! Personals Taiwan

15 Hypothesis, data & results Romance should never begin with sentiment. It should begin with science and end with a settlement. ---Oscar Wilde, (1854–1900)

16 Hypotheses H1 - is not well known in Taiwan. H2 - Age segments use on-line dating sites differently. –Younger segment (28 and under): fun and to meet new friends –mature segment (over 28): alternative way to find serious relationships. H3 - 3 most important factors: security of information, quality of subscribers, and subscription fees H4 - at least 10% of people in Taiwan have or would use on-line dating. Demographics can be predictors of whether or not someone will use on-line dating.

17 Data Collection 13 question survey Distributed in Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung Q1-7: demographic data - age, sex, marital status, education, income level, internet usage Q8-13: data to test our specific hypotheses Pre-test -> added question on marital status, more competitor sites, and changed format for important factors

18 Survey

19 Survey Sample Surveys collected: 85 Males/female: 33/52 Married/Single: 18/67 Age range: 18-43 years old Average age: 28.8 years old Avg time online/week: 18.5 hrs. Avg time online socializing/week: 2.8 hrs

20 H1 - Brand awareness 85% 35% 2% 4% 11% 6% 1% 0%

21 H2 – Age & Reasons for Use

22 A Little Statistics… Use 2x6 contingency table to determine if difference is significant 5 2 = 3.11 (p=0.68) So no significant difference between age group usage

23 H3 - Most Important Factors

24 H4 Users & Demographics

25 Logistic Regression Model Parametercoeff s.e.t p Const8.4928 3.9064 2.1741 0.0297 Sex -11.1175 4.6802 -2.3754 0.0175 Age -0.2446 0.1325 -1.8454 0.0650 Age:Sex 0.3279 0.1622 2.0220 0.0432 Education -1.7142 0.9083 -1.8873 0.0591 Sex:Education 1.9942 1.0899 1.8298 0.0673 Income 1.3774 0.7882 1.7476 0.0805 Sex:Income -2.0808 1.0507 -1.9803 0.0477

26 Predictions From the Model Sex: Men are more likely to use Age: As they age, women more likely to use, men less likely Education: With more education, women more likely to use, men less likely Income: With higher income, men are more likely to use, women less likely Internet usage: no effect

27 Kenji Wu Sex: Male Age: 27 Education: BA Income: 1M+ NT Chance of using on-line dating…. 94.9%

28 Lin Zhi Ling Sex: Female Age: 33 Education: BA Income: 1M+ NT Chance of using on-line dating…. 26.9%

29 Prof. Trappey Sex: Male Age: 35 (ish) Education: PhD Income: 1M+ NT Chance of using on-line dating…. 7.9%

30 Recommendations One should always be in love. That is the reason one should never marry. ---Oscar Wilde, (1854–1900)

31 Dr. Phil Would Say…. Know who you want to attract (segment) Make a big romantic gesture (offer great new service) Get yourself noticed (brand awareness) Know what she wants (listen to VOC)

32 Build Brand Awareness –Use more channels –Internet usage time is NOT a predictor of who uses online dating... –So dont neglect traditional forms of advertising Increase advertising & public relations –Only 35% of respondents aware of

33 PR Events Host special events for subscribers Draw media attention Build brand awareness & image

34 Target Marketing Use our model to target segments most likely to use on-line dating For Man : ~ 28 year old, lower education but high income. For Woman : 28 ~ 35 year old, lower income but high education

35 Listen to Consumers Improve services and features to satisfy consumer preferences.

36 Launch Mobile Be first to launch mobile romance in Taiwan Subscribers automatically receive a text message on a GPS-enabled phone when a match is nearby Corporate partnership opportunity Already launched in China

37 Key Lessons Learned International marketing success may not transfer to local success Culture makes a difference Taiwan online dating market has more potential than expected Co-branding with a known brand (MSN) is very effective Surveying is more problematic than expected – time, space, honesty

38 References (2006, May 10). launches new starter kit to help people discover what millions already know: Online dating works. PR Newswire US. (2006, May 23). FOCUS - China internet dating firms hunt for successful revenue model. AFX – Asia. (2006, July). Internet Broadband Usage in Taiwan. Taiwan Network Information Center (2006, October 25). Taiwan online dating market has potential: Yahoo Taiwan. Asia Pulse. (2006, September 25). Europeans Nearly Fifty Percent More Engaged in Online Dating Compared to North Americans. comScore Networks Press Release Holstein, William J. (2005, November 6). For some searches, Google won't do. New York Times (Late Edition (East Coast)), pp. 3.9. Low, Y.F. (2006, July 29). Financial status is Taiwanese womens top concern in mate: Poll. Central News Agency. Teng, Sue-feng. (1998, January). Love on-line. Sinorama, No 12, Vol 22,

39 Thank you!

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