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Christian Sexual Ethics

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1 Christian Sexual Ethics
Meghan Biba and Kaisa Newville

2 Outline History of Christian Sexual Beliefs General Views on Sex
Views on sex before marriage Views on sex positions Beliefs on chastity Views on contraceptives Abortion Homosexuality Current Christian Sex Ethics Comparison of Religious Ethics Religion and Politics

3 Early Christian Views on Sex
Christian sex views were established in the Middle Ages. Early Middle Ages- Priests were allowed to marry and have children. Adultery and fornication= death Prostitution= a necessary sin

4 Early Christian Views on Sex Before Marriage
Sex was not an option unless married. Punishment for sex before marriage or adultery ranged from penance to death. Certain sexual positions were even restricted after marriage.

5 Early Christian Views on Sex Positions
Christian Church listed which sexual positions were acceptable. Most acceptable to least acceptable Missionary (most natural) Side-by-side Sitting Standing A tegro (from behind) No position was a sin but all besides missionary were considered morally wrong. Anal and oral sex= sin because they were only used for pleasure.

6 Early Beliefs on Chastity
Celibacy was considered one of the ways to worship God. Believed women could become “born-again” virgins by confessing their sins, performing years of penance and spending the rest of their lives in a convent. Chastity Belt – worn over a woman’s vagina to prevent penetration.

7 Views on Contraceptives
Less concerned about contraceptive's than present day. Not a moral sin, but a moral issue. Early contraceptives Some reference of condom usage; early condoms made of animal bladders and reused many times Later were made of linen Most commonly people resorted to coitus interuptus (pulling out).

8 Views on Abortion Other religions of that time believed a mother could have an abortion and parents could even kill their newborns Before Christianity- belief that fetus had no soul until 40 days. Could have an abortion up until then. Ok if the baby didn’t have human like features. Murder

9 Views of Homosexuality
Act against nature Persecution Evidence of religious leaders being homosexual St. Thomas Aquinas- all acts other than vaginal intercourse is a sin

10 Current Christian Sexual Ethics
Pre-marital Sex Homosexuality Abortion Pornography Masturbation Contraception

11 Pre-Marital Sex Sex is only acceptable with a marriage
Before marriage, affection is restricted to intimate touches that don’t cause temptation. Sexual impurity can be forgiven through confession.

12 Homosexuality Views differ depending on denomination.
Judgmental, shunning anyone that struggles. Preach acceptance and support gay marriage and clergy. Love the sinner, hate the sin.

13 Abortion Most Christians believe it is murder.
Conception is when a baby comes to life. Pro-life vs. Pro-choice

14 Pornography 70% of American men admit to viewing porn once a month.
1/3 of viewers of online porn sites are women. 1 of every 6 women is struggling with addiction to porn. Different views within the church.

15 Masturbation “Masturbation is a nearly universal act for guys and a common one for girls.” Adultery Addiction Causes feelings of shame and confusion.

16 Contraception Why is this a controversial issue?
Sex is meant to create a baby. Contraceptives stops Gods intentions for sex. Becoming more acceptable.

17 Christian Sexual Ethics vs. Other Religions

18 Religion Vs. Politics 26% of churchgoers listed religion as a top priority when it came to their political views. Same Sex Marriage 35% of churchgoers say that religion is a priority when it comes to their views on same sex marriage. Abortion

19 Questions?

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