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Feedback from FCRC 2013 Conference Creswick – 11 th – 13 th September.

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1 Feedback from FCRC 2013 Conference Creswick – 11 th – 13 th September

2 120 financial counsellors attended 87 people completed a feedback survey Most respondents rated the conference sessions from very good to excellent Keynote speaker, from CHOICE received outstanding feedback The speed dating and programme format rated highly The conference venue and facilities attracted positive comments


4 The best conference I have attended in the last 20 years Well set out, interesting and informative Extremely professional

5 Comments from delegates It was enjoyable to hear the history and the relevance now Loved the CHOICE presentation, with the videos and straight to the point Motivational!

6 Being able to have a representative answer questions on the spot for us was valuable I really enjoyed the variety of speakers and formats June Smith – invigorating and inspiring, what a great speaker! Speed dating, by far the easiest, most effective and interesting way to obtain information

7 Love FCRC conferences!. Great venue! Very bright and had natural light and great food and spacious areas & not too far from Melbourne. Perfect. Novotel Creswick again next year please! The facilities and meals provided were top notch

8 One of the best conferences I have attended in my 18 years as a financial counsellor The speakers did a good job in their presentations, enabled by a fantastic MC. Well done. You kept it smart and relevant and I believe its the most worthy conference to attend



11 Jam packed sessions and programme, but also opportunities for networking at a great venue! Well done! Just talking with your peers is the best knowledge you can learn

12 Speed dating with the banks was really rushed, need more time. More time to network would be beneficial. I know people have to travel, but the conference could have gone longer on the last day. The dinner seemed to not have enough going on. Stalls, not enough information or information provision. Only one day for outside participants to attend is not enough for networking More time needs to be allocated for questions and answers. The same old sad wheeled out presenters and boring celeb types make up a large part of the conference as usual, oh those who are worshipped! We hear you and we are grateful for all feedback, we will use your comments and suggestions moving forward into 2013 to tailor a better more streamlined conference experience.

13 Meeting other people in the industry, especially putting names to faces Speed dating was a lot better and more useful than I expected it to be Was able to challenge credit providers about responsible lending and compliment helpful workers face to face. It was all very valuable and I learnt so very much indeed

14 This was the best conference Id attended in years! The speakers were relevant, informative and professional. I valued having time lines observed more closely and I particularly enjoyed Pauls MCing. The venue was fantastic I thought it was an incredibly professional and sleek conference, all speakers were excellent, I felt overwhelmed by the calibre of speakers and the amount of advice out there for financial counsellors. I felt welcomed. Great conference, good interactions, great ability to network, lots of new FCs present

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