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Presentation BargetoBusiness & Riverdating 19-20 November 2014, Luxembourg.

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1 Presentation BargetoBusiness & Riverdating 19-20 November 2014, Luxembourg

2 Conference Peer2peer information & exchange Two-in-one 19-20 November 2014, Luxembourg B2B meetings Pre-scheduled meetings ca. 400 people +3,000 meetings

3 BARGE TO BUSINESS/RIVERDATING 2014 Mission Inland waterway transport is terra incognita for a lot of shippers and logistics professionals: how to get started, whom to contact to add waterway transport to the supply chain. This is why the event serves as a meeting platform for all the actors of multimodal transport interested in waterway transport: transport and terminal operators, shippers and logistics service providers, institutions. The objective is to develop dialogue, networking and business, and above all, continuously improve transport & logistics services in a multimodal context from origin to destination. The event organisers The European Logistics Advisory Network (ELAN) is a European project without commercial interest, that brings together waterway managers and promotion agencies from Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Austria and the Netherlands with the aim to increase the information about possibilities of adding inland waterways to multimodal supply chains. Who supports the event The event is hosted by the European Commission and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure of Luxembourg

4 The CONCEPT: two events back-to-back Business dating with experts from BE-DE-FR-LU-NL Tools Online registration platform Networking tool allowing to get in touch with the chosen companies Personalised meeting schedule FREE FOR SHIPPERS Debates and flash presentations Topics Innovative logistics solutions "Green" transport Good practice exchange on the integration of waterway transport in the multimodal chain European policy in this field Investment and finance solutions FREE Bargeto Business conference Bargeto Business conference Riverdating business meetings Riverdating business meetings Share Connect Explore Network Share Connect Explore Network

5 WHY ATTEND The event is a great meeting place for all sector stakeholders offering unique opportunities to make informal professional contacts, facilitated by exchanges, scheduled meetings and relaxed networking throughout the event. Flexible: Participants where the participate in. BARGETOBUSINESS CONFERENCE The exclusive event for logistics decision makers providing concrete and useful information about how to add inland waterway transport to all-in supply chains. Recent users present why and how they made the move to transport by water. By exploring new freight projects, new business opportunities are generated. Leading experts from all stages of the supply chain will be here sharing their inside knowledge and facilitating lively discussions which draw out shared knowledge and experience of the tools needed to make a success of moving freight by water as part of multimodal origin-destination solutions. RIVERDATING BUSINESS MEETINGS Shippers look for waterway transport options as part of all-in transport solutions but do not know what service offers are available. Logistics service providers show their expertise, explain services and build partnerships to provide integrated solutions. Riverdating facilitates on a large scale B2B meetings organised between logistics service providers and shippers. Shippers can select logistics providers on basis of detailed service profiles. Logistics providers can select shippers' representatives on basis of detailed market profiles & project offers.

6 Siim Kallas, Vice President, EUROPEAN COMMISSION Emmanuel Maes, General Manager, Group DE CLOEDT Tom Tillemans, Head Logistics Network Development, HEINZ Catherine Rivoallon, International Logistics Manager, Groupe MONOPRIX Edwin Wenink, Logistics Manager, FLORAHOLLAND Laurent Kamiel, Supply-Chain Director, FRANPRIX Frank Scholten, Transport Manager, AVIKO Jan Goyaerts, Logistics Manager, MARS Luc Malysse, Waterway Transport Manager, CARGILL Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for Regional Policy, EUROPEAN COMMISSION Doris Bures, Federal Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology, AUSTRIA Etienne Schouppe, State Secretary for Mobility, BELGIUM Karla Peijs, European Coordinator Priority Projects 18 & 30, EUROPEAN COMMISSION Jean-Eric Paquet, Director European Mobility Network - DG Transport & Mobility, EUROPEAN COMMISSION Corien Wortmann-Kool, Vice-President of the European People Party of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT Silvia-Adriana Ticau, Vice President of the Transport committee of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT Henirich Kerstgens, Managing Director, CONTARGO Wolfgang Hönemann, Managing Director Barge Business, RHENUS Stefan Meeusen, Managing Director, NPRC Alexandre Gallo, Vice-President Intermodal Group, CMA CGM Dennie Lockefeer, General manager, DP WORLD INTERMODAL A FEW SPEAKERS AT PREVIOUS CONFERENCES

7 EVENT VISITOR PROFILE in ROTTERDAM 2012 Gathering + 400 people Resulting in 3,700 formal business meetings and many more informal exchanges Participants country of origin Participants profile

8 VISITORS SATISFACTION SURVEY 2012 SHIPPERS About participation 65% very satisfied 35% satisfied Quality of B2B meetings 41% excellent 55% good 4% average 90% met new service providers 60% found a solution for their projects 82% will give further follow-up to their meetings 82% will come back next time SERVICE PROVIDERS About participation 48% very satisfied 44% satisfied 8% average Quality of B2B meetings 40% excellent 47% good 3% average 81% met new shippers 98% met new potential partners 82% will give further follow-up to their meetings 91% will come back next time

9 WHAT PARTICIPANTS SAY SHIPPERS For Mars, Barge to Business and Riverdating offer a great chance to learn from others and pick up and exchange new ideas. We have set ourselves important sustainability targets, and to reach these we seek to identify and investigate the best and most efficient opportunities within intermodal transport. We particularly value the way networking is organised as it provides the ideal platform to meet and talk to a very wide range of colleagues, all with useful ideas, in a very short and concentrated period of time. MARS "Meetings provide real added value, an efficient use of our time and excellent advice actors available, a maximum optimisation of our time and advice" CHEP France SERVICE PROVIDERS "This is THE event about river logistics showing how waterway transport business works across Europe. Thematic conference sessions are very informative and always helpful" LOGISEINE "Since 4 years we participate in Riverdating, 20% of our annual sales are being discussed in those two days" SOCIÉTÉ DE TRANSPORT FLUVIAL STF

10 CONTACT US for more information, partnerships & sponsoring opportunities For ELAN – European Logistics Advisory Network Karin De Schepper Inland Navigation Europe (INE) +32 2 553 14 80 ine_navigation bargetobusiness Rachid Yassa Voies navigables de France (VNF) +33 6 33 48 16 97

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