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Success And Failure Rates Of Online Dating

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1 Success And Failure Rates Of Online Dating

2 Success or failure? Success and failure of online dating can vary with every couple. Some may say they fell in love on their first date through online dating and others will have no such luck.

3 Failure Noted researcher reports, "Some reports estimate that 50% of online singles are unsatisfied with their online dating results. Others indicate as many as 97% of paying members cancel their online dating accounts within 3 months due mostly to a lack of response from other members. "

4 Failure- Why? Often, people ask why it is that Online Dating has a higher failure rate then success rate. The answer to that is because people share false information.

5 Failure Statistics About 52.6 percent of the men in the study lied about their height, as did 39 percent of the women. More Woman, on the other hand percent lied about their weight

6 Success In 2005, University of Bath researcher Jeff Gavin and his team proclaimed that Internet dating is "much more successful than thought." Researchers founds, “With a total number of 54 million single people in the U.S, 40 million people have tried online dating.”

7 Increase In Success? Although there are low expectations for Online Dating, to help increase the success they have even created sites that have certain criteria. Eharmony for example, is a Christian match making site to narrow down the range of people. They also have match which is a broad range of people.

8 Success Statistics Dr. Gavin found, “When couples who had built up a significant relationship by e- mailing or chatting online met for the first time, 94 percent went on to see each other again.”

9 Success- Online Dating Industry
Not only is there success in the actual relationships from online dating, but researchers found, “The online dating industry revenues $1.049 billion annually.”

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