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A Whole School Response. Molly Voyles, Policy Manager Texas Council on Family Violence.

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1 A Whole School Response

2 Molly Voyles, Policy Manager Texas Council on Family Violence

3 Hilda Gutiérrez, Prevention Coordinator Texas Council on Family Violence

4 Mission – The Texas Council on Family Violence promotes safe and healthy relationships by supporting service providers, facilitating strategic prevention efforts, and creating opportunities for freedom from domestic violence. The National Council on Family Violence operates: The National Domestic Violence Hotline Love is respect- National Dating Abuse Helpline Texas Council on Family Violence

5 1. Counselor 2. Nurse / Health Worker 3. Administrator 4. Teacher 5. Affiliated Agency or Nonprofit 6. Other Professional

6 Dating and domestic violence are preventable. 1. Texas Policy Response to Dating Violence 2. Awareness & Prevention Education for students 3. Discuss your role in preventing dating violence.

7 What do you hope to get out of it?

8 According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Teen Dating Violence is defined as the physical, sexual, or psychological/ emotional violence within a dating relationship, as well as stalking. It can occur in person or electronically and may occur between a current or former dating partner.

9 One in three students report experiencing some form of abuse ¼ of high school girls have been victims of physical or sexual abuse 22.4 % of adult female victims and 15% of adult male victims first experienced some form of partner violence between the ages of 11 & 17 In a recent study, 75% of 7 th grade students were already dating and 37% reported being a victim of psychological dating violence

10 Teen dating violence victims are more likely to: Do poorly in school Become depressed Become pregnant Engage in other unhealthy behaviors like abusing drugs and alcohol Experience a higher rate of victimization in college

11 Patterns of dating violence behavior often start early and carry through into adult relationships. V.A. Forshee et Al, Health Education Research, 11(3), , (1996).




15 Awareness Campaigns




19 2001 Section of the Texas Family Code is amended to include a definition of dating violence Section is amended and Section is added to the Texas Family code allowing shelters to serve minors for up to 14 days in the event of an emergency constituting immediate danger to the physical health and safety… 2007 Section is added to the Texas Education Code requiring that all Texas schools adopt a policy on dating violence.

20 2011 Section of the Texas Education Code is amended and domestic violence programs are specifically listed as permissive members of School Health Advisory Councils (SHACs.) 2011 Section of the Texas Family Code is amended allowing minor victims of dating violence to apply for protective orders on their own behalf.

21 Section of the Texas Family Code (cont.) Shelter …may not be provided after the 15th day… UNLESS Minor is eligible: to receive financial assistance under Chapter 31, Human Resources Code (TANF) Under of the Family Code

22 Section of the Texas Family Code Continued shelter may be provided IF 16 years of age or older AND: (A) resides separate and apart from the minor's parent…regardless of whether the parent…consents to the residence and regardless of the duration of the residence; and(B) manages the minor's own financial affairs, regardless of the source of income OR (2) unmarried and is pregnant or is the parent of a child.

23 What if the minor needs medical treatment? The ability to consent to medical treatment is different for those under 16. Minors under 16 are limited in their ability to consent for treatment but can consent for testing for contagious disease, pregnancy, and substance abuse treatment. Minors over 16 can consent to medical, dental, psychological, and surgical treatment if they reside separately from their parent or conservator and is financially self-supporting

24 What if the minor needs counseling? Under Section of the Texas Family Code: A Child may consent to counseling for: (1) suicide prevention; (2) chemical addiction or dependency; or (3) sexual, physical, or emotional abuse. BUT it must be by a A licensed or certified physician, psychologist, counselor, or social worker AND you may not do so if consent is prohibited by a court order.

25 The tragic deaths of Ortralla Trella Mosley & Jennifer Ann Crecente spurred a call to action. Carolyn White-Mosley founded Trellas Foundation in 2005 in memory of her daughter. To learn more go to: Representative Dawnna Dukes championed a new approach in Texas response to teen dating violence in schools by passing HB 121.

26 HB 121 created Section of the Texas Education Code which requires: Every school district in Texas to adopt a dating violence policy.

27 The policy must include a definition of dating violence and address: Safety planning Enforcement of protective orders and school-based alternatives to protective orders Training for teachers and administrators Counseling for affected students Awareness education for students and parents

28 Great progress was made, but there is always more to do… SB 736 (82R) amended Secti0n of the Texas Education Code to support the involvement of family violence programs on SHACs by expressly listing representatives from these programs as potential members.

29 Secti0n : Is an important tool in assisting Texas school districts in complying with the awareness education requirements of Section of the Texas Education Code. Creates a natural pairing between dating violence education and health. Partners experts already serving on local SHACs with those knowledgeable in dating violence to enhance their capacity to shape the way education on this important issue occurs in their district.

30 Sec WHO MAY FILE APPLICATION. (b) With regard to family violence under Section (3), an application for a protective order to protect the applicant may be filed by a member of the dating relationship, regardless of whether the member is an adult or a child. (c) Any adult may apply for a protective order to protect a child from family violence. (d) In addition, an application may be filed for the protection of any person alleged to be a victim of family violence by: (1) a prosecuting attorney; or (2) the Department of Family and Protective Services.


32 Talk to your school district and SHAC and discuss ways to address dating violence as a public health issue in your schools. If you dont have a dating violence policy, look to the model policy produced by the Texas Dating Violence Prevention Team: lence%20Policy.pdf lence%20Policy.pdf Link up with your local family violence program. They can be found here: directory directory

33 Family violence programs provide safety planning and support Counselors can refer students who are being abused or abusing others Teachers can get guidance and support dealing with disclosures or crisis intervention

34 Many offer free educational programs and school- based curricula to prevent dating abuse They are a source of up-to-date materials and resources for distribution amongst your students They can support youth to be peer leaders and become voices for change in your school

35 Organize a poster campaign. Organize event and movie screenings! February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month Create bully-free zones! (GLSEN) Distribute the CAFÉ Guide to students! Distribute Love is Respect information. Talk about it!


37 Texas Council on Family Violence Love Is Respect Live chat with young advocates: text loveis to to chat with an advocate Hotline number: Print and order Love Is Respect materials here: Rape Abuse Incest National Network hotline (HOPE) Secure, online private chat: Futures Without Violence Florida Council Against Sexual Violence Posters:

38 Hilda Gutiérrez Molly Voyles

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