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Global Service Jam Shanghai 7 th -9 th March 2014 Team Q-Bid.

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1 Global Service Jam Shanghai 7 th -9 th March 2014 Team Q-Bid

2 Initial Concept Theme = Box

3 Initial Concept CONCEPT: Inside/Outside. Personal/Impersonal PROBLEM: Difficult to meet compatible people in busy modern life. Current online dating gives a limited service. Profiles are similar. Information is fake. SOLUTION: People can put their 10 favorite things into a virtual box. People can understand each other by looking in their boxes.

4 LOVE + CUBE = CUBID TRADITIONAL DATING SITES Old photos Lies HEY, CUBID! Users put their favorite things in a virtual box Others can look in the box to find out what kind of person they are

5 Market Research 1

6 We interviewed 16 people and divided them into 3 age groups. Under 25: Curious about things that are new and fun. 25-40: Looking for something real. Real relationships, safety and privacy. Looking for something long-term. 40+: Prefer face-to-face communication. Have tried online dating and feel frustrated at the quality of service.

7 Define

8 PERSONA: 26 years old, female, single, no children. Masters degree, overseas education background.

9 Define SEES: Current dating options: Traditional dating market: friends, dating agencies, social activities, dating square, TV dating. Online dating: WeChat, online platforms. HEARS: She is unsure about fake information and safety. Her parents encourage her to go to dating markets or online dating. FEELS: A lack of communication in the city between strangers. Need more real communication. People need to trust each other. WANTS: A platform to make friends with common interests. SAYS: She needs to make friends, find a boyfriend. She refuses to make friends through the dating market, but she likes watching dating programs on TV. PAIN POINT: Instant dating. Lying between people.

10 Design

11 USER INTERACTION: We considered 3 different versions: Online: App available for all platforms (web, iOS, Android) Offline dedicated station (screen and standing machine Offline space (display of boxes with real objects in, in public or dedicated space such as cafes)

12 Design USER INTERACTION: Paper storyboard…

13 Design USER INTERACTION: Phone app mock-up…

14 Market Research 2

15 ADVANTAGES: People think its interesting to use images to express yourself and build trust, compared with other online dating products. DISADVANTAGES: How to make contents more attractive, visually and with storytelling? How to differentiate from other dating sites? How to engage people to use for the first time? SUGGESTION: Would like to use during free moments? Would like it to hook into social networks

16 Design 2

17 1) Content Development: building community In this community, three groups can share common interests Users can update their own interests We can share information users are interested in Business partners provide business information on related topics 2) Promotion Development: Shop advertising Central Business District advertising Using free time for promotion

18 Development



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